Taking a break….

Hi everyone!  

time for a break


Just wanted to let you know that I’ll be taking a break from blogging for a bit.  My time and energy are required elsewhere at the moment.

As I’m writing this, I feel a bit presumptuous in thinking that you’ll actually miss this blog ~ aren’t I just full of myself?

Anyhow, I’ll leave you with these funny pics.

You Know It’s Hot When….






Until next time, take good care of yourselves!!



90 thoughts on “Taking a break….

  1.  Miss you….COME BACK!!!!! I know the house will be fab!

    gracefully50 posted: “Hi everyone!  

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ll be taking a break from blogging for a bit.  My time and energy is required elsewhere at the moment.
    As I’m writing this, I feel a bit presumptuous thinking that you’ll actually miss this blog ~ ar”

  2. OK, I’m a bit slow. I must have read this last spring but had forgotten and this morning thought “hmm, I haven’t received notification of a new post from Jeannie…” Hurry back!

  3. Jeannie, I have missed you – that is why I randomly stopped by today. 🙂 We get to know each other just a little bit through our posts and I have certainly enjoyed yours! That horse in the trough… CRACK UP!!!!! 🙂 Take care. xo

  4. Hi Jeannie,

    We DO miss you. I hope you are doing okay. I finally have a chance to “kind of” catch up on everyone’s elses blog and now you’re on a break! At least it gives me some time to go through the posts that I’ve missed.

    Happy 4th of July. Hope all is well.

    xo, sam

  5. Jeannie! I hope you are well and that your break is just a break, and nothing more. I look forward to your return. Blessings to you and your family.
    Take care,

  6. Hoping that everything is well with you and yours….enjoy your break if you can and get back to us when the time is right. You ARE missed. But I am sure your real life misses you more.


  7. I miss you already, Jeannie!! I always enjoy your posts and you have been so kind to comment on mine since the beginning of when I started my blog! I was hoping you would be part of my all-white collection that I’ll be posting “Women in White” – would that still be possible? No pressure. Any pic from the past will be fine!

    Enjoy your break and see you when you get back!!
    Have some pura vida!!
    Love and blessings!!
    ❤ carmen

  8. But i DO enjoy your posts, dear lady! I also understand the need for a break sometimes – life happens, and we must attend! i’ve taken a few breaks over the years, and have been fortunate to find my bloggy-buddies on the other side! take care, and i hope all is well for you and your family! xoxo

  9. Me too … I’ll miss you, but will be here when you get back. Please check in when you can … otherwise, I’m sure we all wish you whatever you need to make happen what you need to happen, or the means to keep whatever from happening that you don’t want to happen … I’m so confused! You get the drift, though … we all think you’re the best thing since retinol (!!!) and we wish you a happy hiatus.

  10. Good luck with wherever you need to be right now! Am looking forward to when you are picking up blogging again. Keep up the good work! Liefs, Iris

  11. Hi Jeannie- You will be missed; I hope all is okay for you and your family. If you just need break, then I get it. I haven’t been on much myself lately. Have a blessed summer. Hugs, Becky

  12. Well, I can’t “like” that, now, can I? You are the one fashion blogger whose posts I make sure that I NEVER miss. I don’t know what is taking you away, but I hope it won’t be for too long. I can definitely relate to the need to put it on the back burner at times, when other things call and priorities are battling each other.

    All the best with whatever is calling you, and fingers crossed that you’ll be back soon.


  13. Of course we will miss you. You are one of the styliest women I know! But I recognize the feeling to take a break.
    Always a shame when a good blogger disappears from the internet, but such is life. Panta rhei.

  14. Not presumptuous at all, Jeannie. You’re a bright spot in my blog feed and I’ll miss you. But I applaud you for knowing how to prioritize. This whole blogging thing can make one very out of balance if one is not careful. I’ve been trying to get my routine down to a reasonable schedule that allows me to live a full life, without slighting the important things. Kudos to you for setting a good example! I’ll eagerly anticipate your return. Hope all is well.

  15. I write from Italy, I “know you” since a very short time but as soon as i found you I enjoyed visiting your blog. I’ll miss you too and will be here when you return. Thanks and wish you the best

  16. Aww, Jeannie! I’ve thought about you a few times this week, don’t ever think you aren’t missed! I will miss you but certainly understand that there are seasons in life that call our attention to other places. I pray that all will be well with you.

  17. Jeannie,
    We will all miss you but I understand that we have priorities in our lives. Looking forward to your return!
    All the best for you.

  18. Jeannie, of course we will miss you, in fact I have been thinking of you the past few weeks. Hope all is well in your life. May your time and energy be well spent on those you love and on yourself.

  19. Make no mistake about it, Jeannie, you will be missed! But I know only too well that sometimes you simply have to take a break because life is pulling you in another direction. I’ll certainly look forward to your return. God Bless!

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