Lemon-Lime & Anniversary

AnniversaryHubby & I celebrated our 29th Anniversary this weekend!  We are amazed at how fast the years have flown by, and that we’re still together! Haha 😆

Seriously, I could NOT imagine a life without my ‘golden retriever’ as he calls himself. 🙂

golden retriever

Reliable, Trustworthy, Kind, Confident, Intelligent!

As a good blogger (eh-hem) that I am, we even took a few minutes after our dinner outing to take a few photos.  Never miss an opportunity…right? 😉





‘Lemon-Lime’ Blazer: Rag & Bone  Pants & Top: Ann Taylor  Shoe: Kate Spade  Bag: Chanel

Joining Patti for Visible Monday.


rules for a happy marriage

Here’s my take on a happy marriage….

happy wife

mr. rightfunny marriage

Here’s hubby’s take on a happy marriage….

awesome husband



Yeah, he has a dry sense of humor…

 But actually, this is my husband…


Thank you for visiting and wishing you a wonderful week!



138 thoughts on “Lemon-Lime & Anniversary

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary. Will you have a big party next year? I love this look on you and of course the bag, for me, puts it over the top! Thank you for joining us for “How I Wear My: Florals” I really loved that striped and floral blouse on you, that is one of my favorite combinations. XO, Jill

  2. Happy Anniversary!! And, Congratulations on such an amazing milestone. The advice definitely helps. Wishing you 29 more years. You look beautiful and the outfit is so very chic! Love the sandals.

    • Hi Jayne!
      Haha, hubby says he’ll love me no matter what I look like. I don’t think I’ll test him on that front. 😉
      Thanks so much for stopping by. Don’t you just love Cavs?? They’re the BEST! 🙂

  3. Congratulations! Happy Anniversary! love the rules – they apply to a healthy relationship, married or ‘otherwise’! also love the lemon-lime jacket — such a summery thing! almost “Great Gatsby” material!

  4. Congratulations and I am very pleased you are still so happy with him (and the rest of your family). That is bliss.
    As always you look so stylish ! I hugely admire you. Now you would be a girl for Paris. You have that “je ne sais quoi”.

  5. Happy anniversary!! You look way too young for 29 years. Marriage must agree with you!! Love you’re outfit as always, especially the B&W sandals.

    • Hi Susan!
      I’m telling everyone that I was a child bride! 😀
      I do love being married…even thru the worst of times. I guess it DOES agree with me.
      Thank you so much!

  6. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Anniversary!
    Clearly the golden retriever married VERY well!!
    I have got to get a set of those pillows – fantastic and oh so accurate!
    I was offline all weekend – hope you had a ridiculously fabulously romantic celebration!

    • Thanks, Claire!
      I know how crazy it can be with little ones. If you’re like me, kids ALWAYS come first. It will be that way until they leave the nest AND beyond. Yes, do go out on dates with hubby when you can b/c in the end, it’s the two of you sitting in rocking chairs reminiscing about the last 60 yrs together. 🙂

  7. Congratulations and I wish you a happy belated Anniversary! Hope he knows how lucky he is … but I can see that you are romantically glowing and happy as a little ducky in water after nearly 30 years. THIRTY years! Yeaaaaayyyy, you guys go!

    • Haha! You funny, Jan!
      We’ve begun our 30th year as man and wife today…wowza! Pretty crazy!
      We’ll have to REALLY celebrate next year!
      Thanks for your sweet and funny comment!

  8. Happy, Happy anniversary, 29 years, WOW, you’ve beat me by four years, you must of been a baby when you got married. You are very blessed and I wish you 29 more years together. Cute outfit, and love, love, love that Chanel bag.

    • Hi Dez!
      Why yes I was! A baby, that is!
      Nah, not true…. just a wishful thinking. But I do appreciate your sweet words, thank you!
      I’m quite fond of Chanel bags, too! 🙂

  9. It’s always wonderful to see another couple that’s happily married after many years! Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, Jeannie. PS I’m in love with those Kate Spade shoes!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  10. Happy Anniversary!! I love all your funny jokes and your taking time for you blog on your Anniversary. You look so pretty as always and who would guess 29 years. I’m shocked! You must have married right out of Preschool.

  11. I love your blog, especially this entry. (Even got a laugh out of the video advertisement for rum at the end where they mention “a zero-K run” in the tropics!) Congratulations on a long, rich marriage.

  12. Aww, that last one brought a tear to my eye. You two seem like such a sweet and happy couple. Congratulations on your anniversary and many, many more! Love that Chanel bag.

  13. Dear Jeannie happy anniversary, looks like we can learn a lot from your marriage! Your outfit is stunning, love the jacket and the colour scheme, especially introducing a third colour into the ensemble!
    Have a wonderful day!

    • Hi Nicolene!
      You know, I would have worn this jacket with bf jeans ;), but the restaurant was a bit too nice. haha. I need to get off the bf jean train.
      Anyway, thank you so much!

  14. A nice outfit, Jeannie. I like to be a good blogger and take pictures. forever. The jacket is very beautiful and the pants are beautiful, you will feel great. The shoes are cute. The outfit looks good with this color combination.

  15. Happy anniversary, Jeannie! Your and your husband’s humourous takes on a happy marriage made me laugh 🙂 As always you look elegant. This kind of pants will not suit everybody but on you they look great.

  16. I love those “Mr Right and Mrs Always right” cushions 😉

    Jeannie, I am so happy for you! It is great to hear that a long lasting happy marriage still exists nowadays.
    You look gorgeous as always!

    Lady of Style
    follow me on Facebook

  17. Our anniversary was this week, as well, but since I married at age 47, it was only our 8th! Love your lists and cartoons…there’s some wisdom in them all! Your look is great, as usual…I’m loving all this white!

  18. Happy anniversary to both of you! You look so elegant and classy as always!
    Good humour and you have such an interesting blog, I enjoy my visits here!!!

    Have a fabulous week!
    Pura vida!!
    ❤ carmen

  19. Happy Anniversary, Jeannie! You are such a pretty date. 🙂 I bet your husband beams with pride and love every time he looks at you….even after 29 years. What a great blessing of life to be able to have such a lasting love and partnership.

    • Thank you, Alice!
      I always say, ‘when mama’s happy, everyone’s happy!’ The sooner the man learns this, smoother the marriage, right? haha
      He’s really good at nodding and that works, too! 😀

  20. Congratulations–29 years is an accomplishment! And you have such a great sense of humor. Makes me curious what my husband might say is the secret to a successful marriage.

    • Thank you, Paula!
      You’re too funny! I guess numbers kinda jumble together after a while…..29,30,31….all the same…a long long time!
      Yes, the description of the jacket is yellow but it looks more like a combination of lemon & lime.

  21. 29 year?! Wow, congratulations! It is tough when 2 people with different thinking, likes and dislikes try to co-exist in a space/live called marriage. There are days I want to send my husband on a one way ticket to the moon (LOL) and vice versa I bet but live would be so tasteless and empty without him. I am very happy for both of you and wish you many more years of happiness together. I bet he was a proud man having a gorgeous wife in his arm 🙂 Happy Anniversary!

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

    • Haha, I know what you mean about wanting to send the other to the moon! 😉
      “..for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health,..” it’s work, but SO worth it!
      Thank you for your well wishes, Mrs C! 🙂

  22. Happy anniversary!! You look awesome as always…but those shoes and Chanel bag?? Seriously, so jealous…they are gorgeous. You are one of my blogosphere style icons, Jeannie!!

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