For the love of spring & bf jeans….

Hello everyone!

Spring’s in the air!  Ahh choo! Gesundheit! 😉






Jacket: Theory  Jeans & Top: Joe’s Jeans  Bag: Chanel  Shoes: Delman

Joining Patti for Visible Monday and Kristin for Monday Mingle!


Makin’ Cupcakes….






“Until one has loved an animal, part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France

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124 thoughts on “For the love of spring & bf jeans….

  1. I just love your look so much! I’m not sure I could wear my bf jeans like that but you’re an inspiration! So funny I had scheduled a post with my Chanel Reissue as well for today. Yours is gorgeous!

  2. So many comments !!! Well I will add mine too. Yes you are right, we share the same style. That jacket is to die for. Theory is such a lovely brand. A bit pricy for me, but sometimes I reach out and buy something. The colour and cut is perfect. What a clever idea to combine it with a black T-shirt. Would not have thought of that, but it sets off the jacket beautifully.
    And the combination of a stylish jacket with torn jeans and high heels is of course classic. Very Ines de la Fressange…

    • Thank you, Greetje! What a compliment!
      You know, as I get older, I find myself investing in a well made clothing items rather than having a lot of this and that. Hopefully they’ll last a long time and still be suitable when I’m 60. 😀

  3. Even with scruffy jeans, you look feminine and fashionable! I think it’s because of your beautiful long, dark hair, your lovely jacket, your elegant shoes and teenage figure!! Your jacket is sooooo cute and a lovely shade of green!

    ❤ carmen

    • Oh my goodness! “blush”
      No teenage figure here….I just know how to hide the bumps, really! 😀
      Gosh, if you only knew the problems I have with thinning hair, wrinkles all over, droopy parts here and there… 😦
      I really do appreciate your sweet sweet words! Thank you, Carmen! Have a GREAT trip!

  4. I had to show my husband those puppy photos. So funny! I have a little beagle who would love to climb in that bowl even at age 8! My favorite part of your outfint is the jacket. I love that color.

  5. What a sweet little jacket … so spring grass, tender green baby leaves … fresh! Great accessories, the best being Tobi, of course. So cute pictures, but I feel for his little puppy tummy a little later on!

    • Haha, my hubby said the same thing! He wondered if the cupcake batter was safe for dogs…he surprises me sometimes.
      I really like this jacket, too. Happy spring color… for sure!

  6. A wonderful springlike outfit, Jeannie! You look great in your boyfriend jeans, I wish i could wear such jeans.
    The doggy makes me smile, it’s so a sweetie!

  7. Love the juxtaposition of the casual boyfriend jeans and the classic jacket. What a great look for you to be rockin’ this spring!
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  8. Hi Jeannie … everything is so gorgeous in this post that I almost don’t know what to gush about first! The jacket – oh my oh my and the shoes … they look very similar to my grey and black ones that have only had a single outing out each. Love the smart-casual look of this outfit. Oh my and that little snuggled buggle in the cupcake batter – too too too precious.

    Hope your have a wonderfully blessed week

    • You’re too kind, Wendy! Thank you so much!
      I know we have similar taste and love for shoes! Right? haha
      I had a long awwww – moment when I saw these puppy photos. Even put a big aww smile on hubby’s face. 😀
      Hope you have a GREAT week, too!

  9. The jacket is amazing: its cut, its colour, its texture! You look gorgeous!
    Looking at those photos of a puppy I thought that it would be same with my cats, they always are so keen to help me in everything including cooking 🙂

    • Aw- shucks……thanks so much, Trina!
      I give credit to hubs for the photos. I just stand there and TRY to look natural…posing is still SO uncomfortable for me. It helps when the background is striking. 😆

  10. That jacket is absolutely perfect, Jeannie! I love it and it’s nice to see you wearing a little color 😉
    That puppy is sweeter than any cupcake could ever be!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  11. Oh, Jeannie…the “makin’ cupcake” photos are adorable.
    I love your simple outfit. I just bought some boyfriend jeans and they are so comfortable. Now I have to figure out how to style them!

    • Hi Laura! You are so sweet! Thank you!
      I wanted to get in touch with you while in Breck, but guess what happened to me!? Altitude sickness got the best of me this time and my eyes were SO painfully dry, I could barely stay outside for any length of time. The humidifier was my best friend. A few days of skiing was all I could muster. I was so sick about it! I’m guessing this has to do with my aging?!! Boo 😦

      • Ohh that would have been so fun. But the altitude sickness has nothing to do with your age. Even youngsters get affected. It’s just so incredibly dry here and all that skiing/exercising + altitude can play havoc with anyone. I’m sorry you were miserable.

  12. Darling pictures of the puppy! Great look 🙂 I have a pair also and wear them a lot. I always feel that I’m a bit sloppy .. and they were NOT inexpensive jeans .. yet I find it difficult to dress them up. You’ve done a wonderful job here!


  13. I cannot have enough of ripped jeans. One day as I went to visit my orthopedic he said to my husband like I was not there, pointing to the ripped part of my jeans “She has a hole in her pants, buy her a new one!” It made me laugh out loud! Anyway, I LOVE your Chanel.. the aged look of the leather is priceless!


    • Too funny! 😆
      Yeah, I’m afraid I have waaaay too many jeans in my closet, too. BF are my fav. cuz they’re so comfy! Ripped ones make me feel daring! haha
      Thank you! The leather is quite delicious on this bag!

  14. Fabulous outfit and photos, Jeannie! The surrounding reminds me of my home.
    You styled those ripped jeans (thank you for your lovely comment on my style interview!) in such an elegant and classy way! Gorgeous Chanel type jacket and your shoes are amazing.

    Lady of Style

    • Thank you, Annette!
      I know that wearing ripped jeans at my age is a bit controversial, but I really like them. 😉
      You’re welcome! I enjoyed reading and learning about you!

  15. Been having a blast, finding several new clothing items for spring. For all the time I’ve been to Anne Taylor in the last month, I might as well live there! I wasn’t sure about the BF jeans in general, but they certainly do look good on you, Jeannie!

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