Is it spring yet?

Mother nature’s been quite fickle lately here in the South.  Snow a few days ago and today, sunny spring-like weather!  Not complaining, noooo…. 😀




IMG_9069Top: Juicy Couture  Pants: Theory   Shoes: via spaga  Bag & Sunnies: Chanel 

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You Don’t Have To Look Like Me, To Be My Friend….

dog & leopard

giraff & ostrich

mouse & bird

parrot & kitty

dog & doe

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127 thoughts on “Is it spring yet?

    • Hi Katherine!
      Sorry to hear your still very cold! I should not complain….even when it’s cold here, it’s mild compared to most of the other colder climates. Shame on me.
      Have a beautiful Sunday!

  1. Hi Jeannie … you’re sure you make Spring make a dashing appearance thanks to you fabulous outfit. You look so classy.

    Love the pictures of the animals – reminds me of the lion – tiger- dog we visited with in December when my dd was home.

    Have a stunning weekend

  2. Oh gosh Jeannie, I had a good look around your blog and read About me. Very funny About me and very recognisable to me. I always say I have no real talent either. But you are too modest. You have a lot going for you. Leaving the more important things in life aside like love and family and focussing on outfits, here is my opinion… You look gorgeous. A very feminine, classy woman. You can afford good brands… but all these things are no guarantee. The most important thing is, you have an excellent taste and know how to make a perfect outfit. I take my hat off and try not to get envious as that is a terrible emotion.
    As for this spring outfit…. So beautiful.

    • Hi Greetje!
      Very nice to meet you!
      I’m glad to hear that I’m not alone in the lack of talent department. 😆
      Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and for your thoughtful comment! I really appreciate your kind words. 🙂

  3. Snow in the south?!? WOW! We, in the north, are experiencing some very weird weather; mild, sunny, spring-like one day and winter is back the next day! I’ll be glad when spring wins. 🙂

    I love red shoes and plan to do a post someday. Your pretty, floral top is a reminder that we can start bringing out the summer clothes soon … YAY!!!

  4. Found you from your interview on 40+ Style and glad I did! I love your style and how you stay true to what works for you! I also live in my jeans and will be seeking inspiration 🙂
    kim @

    • Thanks, Kachet!
      Haha! You worked for JC? Yes, those velour suits…..never really got into them.
      I do think of Juicy Couture as a young brand but once in a while, I find things I like!

  5. You look beautiful. I’m thinking spring or winter, whatever you’re wearing…you’d look lovely. I think the red heel detail is my favorite…there’s just something about red heels (ruby slipper fantasy maybe). I also really enjoyed the friend pictures. Made me smile. Thanks (= Lynaea @

  6. It’s not just the JC blouse, it’s the way you wear it that is so Springy! I’m so enjoying the prints this season … they have an artful edge and an Asian sophistication that Liberty prints just don’t have. Beautiful …(need deep pink suede shoes! NOW!)
    And thanks so much for the pet pics … they really heal the little wounds of my day.

    • Thanks, Marlene!
      Haha, I wouldn’t doubt it. It probably will be extremely hot this summer, and we’ll all be wishing for cool days again! I’m as fickle as the weather! 😆

  7. This is a perfectly wonderful Spring attire. That blouse looks stunning on you (but doesn’t everything look stunning on you?). Hopefully Spring will soon arrive and decide to stay. By the way, I loved reding about you and getting to know you better on Syvlia’s blog today.

  8. Hi, I’m a new reader/follower after reading your feature on 40+ Style! I live in northern Norway, and I can tell you that we’re nowhere near spring here – we have like 20 inches of snow! Looking forward to start following your blog:)

  9. Hello Jeannie!
    What a wonderful start into spring with such a lovely blouse! I love the bright floral pattern.
    You always find such cute pics of our friends with 4 paws 🙂
    Lieben Gruß von Sabine

  10. Hi, I know, up and down weather all over the place. This is a great look for warm and cool and the floral print says, bring on spring, now. You always pick the best accessories too. Want them.
    x Laura

  11. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS. This look has one of my favorite effects: that you accidentally woke up just looking this beautiful. The fact that you look comfortable and chic gets my notice- what a great seasonless look- and perfect to transition into spring.

  12. Beautiful outfit, love the print of the shirt and bright pumps!! I am traveling to India currently and it is spring, almost whispers of summers here, but back home in NY it was snowy I heard!! I think by the time I come back from vacation, Spring might finally arrive:-) Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

  13. I wish winter would stick around a bit longer. I have so many things I would like to wear before spring arrives but I think it’s too late…that ship has sailed. It will be 80 on Wednesday.
    I guess I will just have to drag out my shorts and sandals and embrace warm weather,
    Loving your colorful blouse. You’re sporting my favorite shirt tuck 🙂

  14. Hi, Jeannie! I’m actually not ready for spring. There are so many things that I never got to wear because it never got that cold here. But the colors in your top are gorgeous, so maybe I could be persuaded to ease into spring…

    I noticed a comment that you left on Tamera’s blog that said your daughter would have loved her red and black outfit. Does your daughter go to UGA? My daughter is a senior there.

    • Thanks, Diane!
      Haha, you’re the first person I know who’s not ready for spring. My daughter graduated from UGA a few years ago. She’s a huge fan of black & red….still. I hope your daughter’s enjoying UGA so far? Athens is a great college town!

      On Sun, Mar 10, 2013 at 10:37 PM, gracefully50

  15. Hi Jeannie!! We went to Amacolola Falls today! I thought of you. It was gorgeous here and I think the weather is supposed to be good later this week too. I love your Spring-y outfit!! I think what I love the most about your style is the way you make sexy staples look just casual enough. You know, the perfect un-tucked shirt, the pumps with the perfect slim pants or jeans, etc. You get it right every time, no exceptions. Love this.

    • That IS crazy!
      Me, too! I’m ready to pack up my coats! Oh wait, I’m going to CO in a few weeks….gosh, now I wish we’d booked a trip to the beach instead!
      Have a fabulous week, daisyfae!!

  16. You look very fresh and Springy no matter the weather. I love the top and the handbag…very classy, ma chere.

    • Thanks, Amanda!
      When does your weather warm up in your neck of woods? We almost booked a ski trip to Whistler….going to Colorado instead. Hubby wants to visit Vancouver one of these days. I hear it’s gorgeous!

      • Vancouver never gets really cold but apparently it rains a lot. It’s still beautiful I hear. We could have snow up this way until end of April. It’s likely starting to fade away now though. It’ll take a while for the snow piles to melt.

  17. Heavens Jeannie, I love this stamping blouse. It’s beautiful, it’s all the blouse. I love the outfit, with these beautiful red shoes and black bag. I think this blouse will inspire one of my post.

  18. The weather has been crazy here in NC as well.
    This weekend it looks like spring might actually be coming around, hopefully it will stay
    Love the print of this shirt and how flowy and comfortable it looks

    • Thank you, Brett!
      I guess it’s been crazy all over US. At least we don’t have to deal with snow storms like some states. I feel for them.
      Yes, let’s hope the warm & sunny weather will stick around!

  19. The bright colors in this blouse are so pretty. It really pops with the black backdrop. Love those pumps! You look perfectly springy! Your animal photos always bring a smile to my face.

    • San Antonio, here I come! 😉
      You know, I think I could live in a warm climate year round. As I get older, I find myself not adapting to cold very well. Is this why people retire to Florida? 😆

  20. Beautiful!!! I love the bright colors in the blouse and the black pants really set them off (black pants are my favorite!). But I have to admit that I love the shoes the best. I’ve been looking for a pair of red heels exactly like those you have on. You look fabulous!!! And love the animal pics at the bottom, too! ~Sara

  21. You always have amazing photos in here. Of course I include you in with all these adorable critters! We’ve been having spring like days just recently in Seattle too. I almost made it into the yard.

  22. I love the pumps!! YES.. I am ready for spring and we had a gorgeous day her in Seattle today. It was 55 degrees and clear 🙂 Usually it’s grey until July so this is a treat! I am so ready for some sunshine!!


  23. What a fantastic outfit! I love that top, it’s so on trend. Great bag, too, of course. The temps are bouncing up and down here in Nashville, too. I’m ready to put away the heavy coats!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  24. Believe me, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I returned home after two months in sunny Florida. Way too much snow up this way, so remember, it always could be worse 🙂 Love your look—beautiful! And your animal image are wonderful!

  25. Just about to shut down my computer for the night when I saw your new post. You’re right, the weather’s warmed up but I wish the sun would come out and stay for a while. So gloomy, I’m going to have to get one of those lights that they use in Norway to fend off depression from so much darkness! I love your outfit, and the animal lovies always make me smile!

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