A gorgeous sunny day!  Perfect for a little outing with my little boy. 🙂

IMG_8822Nana Nana Boo Boo! 😆  Would ya look at his tongue?

IMG_8830A quick stop at his favorite store for some treats….



IMG_8900After a nice al fresco dinner by a roaring fire pit, chilly evening air called for another layer.  Yep, I was prepared!




Sweater & vest: Ralph Lauren  Shirt: Marc Jacobs  Jeans: 7 FAM  Boots: Kors Michael Kors  Bag: LV

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For those of you in the Northeast dealing with aftermath of the snow storm….praying for your safety.

Stay warm!


Some sweet photos….

ElephantsMom, Dad, Uncle Jim ~~~~ DON’T MOVE YET!!!

gorillaHmmm….I know you think you understand what you thought I said, but I’m not sure that what you heard is what I actually meant!

lionsWe gotta get a bigger bed!

tiger mom & babeI promise I won’t do it again, Momma!


“A smile is the light in the window of your face that tells people you’re at home.”  

~ Author unknown

Start each day with a smile! 🙂

Thank you for visiting!



56 thoughts on “Layering

  1. Hi Jeannie … hope you’re doing grand … your little Tobi is just too precious. When I was young we had a maltese named Toby and he was just a precious little thing.

    haven’t visited in ages and its such a treat – you always look so fabulous. I have to admit that often when I’m debating whether a certain look is too young I check your blog and if you’ve worn it, then I know its hot ‘n happening and I can wear it – so thank you for being an inspiration.

    Hope all is well on your side.

    Hugz ‘n blessings

  2. You look really comfortable and chic! Blue and camel is one of my favourite cominations and the cream Aran cardigan is just a perfect cover up. I love wearing boots and a bag cross body too!

  3. Happy Birthday, Jeannie!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!
    You look fabulous and I love the layering, casual but soooo stylish!!!
    The animals are sweet–did you write the captions? So funny!!

  4. Wonderful pictures, dear Jeannie! I like to stroll with you and your little sweatie trough your nice surroundings. You look fantastic as you always do. I love your casual elegant style so much!
    Lieben Gruß von Sabine

  5. First of all, I just want to jump through the computer and give that little boy (dog) a hug, such a beautiful friend. Second, quite jealous of the sunny day but so glad you were able to enjoy it to the fullest. Third, you look stunning as always. Can’t get over how you take casual to such a high degree.
    I did leave another comment from my blog, but I seriously need some fun valentine ideas to send to son at college.

  6. Jeannie…you are the queen of layering. I really struggle with it sometimes.
    Thank you for the posting the animal pictures….I always look forward to the belly laughs at the end of your posts!

  7. Love the RL tweed vest with the denim shirt. Looks great together! Wish we could layer all of the time here, but the weather gets a little too warm. Thanks for sharing the adorable animal pictures.
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  8. Ha ha! I love the animals and captions : )

    It is nice to see your weather. We now have just over a foot of snow from the storm. Blech.

    Your boots match your sweet puppy!


  9. You look gorgeous, as always! Your little dog…is he a cocker spaniel? He looks like such a sweetheart. What a lucky dog to have you as a best friend!

  10. NICE!!! We don’t have to do much layering here in Florida (well, Central and South, that is). I think we just had one of the warmest January’s on record going right on into February! Guess that’s why they call Florida “Paradise” in the winter. Love the animal pics, too! ~Sara

  11. A King Charles Cavalier spaniel deserves nothing less than an elegant companion! Lookin’ good…both of you!

    Down here in Atlanta, we also had a beautiful sunny day yesterday. No doggy to walk, though. Hugs to you and a little scratch behind the ear for Little Boy!


  12. I love the pictures of the animals:) They are so sweet.

    Layering.. I do it daily living here in Seattle. Your sweater is gorgeous and I’ll have to check out the RL link!!


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