Rich & Spicy

Hi everyone!

Printed jeans #?  Yes, I’m a wee bit obsessed with them right now.  

rich & spicy 1

rich & spicy 2

rich & spicy 4

rich & spicy 5

Jeans: 7 for All Mankind   Sweater: Vivienne Tam  Booties: Burberry  Bag: Chanel

Joining Patti for Visible Monday!


Last weekend, we attended Cirque de Soleil – Totem in Atlanta.  Our kids were able join us and enjoy an amazing production of visual and acrobatic performances.  If you get the chance, it’s a must see.


Totem 1

totem 3

Totem 4

totem 5


My babies…Jordan & Matt

Goofing off before the show...

Goofing off before the show…

Sorry about the poor quality of the last two photos…my iPhone.  Unlike some people (Elisa) who can take amazing photos with their iPhones – unfortunately, I’m not one of them.


For Laura and Mary….


Thank you for visiting!


93 thoughts on “Rich & Spicy

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  2. You’re inspiring me with your printed jeans! This pair is so unique and looks great with your sweater. So good to meet your beautiful family.

  3. you look fantastic in your printed jeans! the perfect look for you.
    we visited circe de soleil last year in munich for the “alegria” show, it was so a firework of art and ideas, we were enchanted. how wonderful that you could share this experience with your kids.

  4. After seeing this earlier this week, I made a mental promise that I would actually try on some of the print jeans I’ve been looking at longingly. I hate the schlep in and out of dressing rooms, and the fear of failure with jeans … but may be worth it. I love your look, as usual. I don’t think you can put a bad-looking outfit together. I always come away from your posts inspired.

  5. Oh, you are grace embodied. You surprised and touched me with your dog in heaven quote. I thought I had most of my tears under control, but they sprang out at your kindness. Thank you for all your comforting words. So sweet.
    And you are looking as gorgeous as ever. I love the detail on the open-weave sweeter and of course the richly printed pant. Fabulous!
    x Laura

  6. Love those jeans–so autumn-y!!! such a cute outfit!!
    Your “babies’ (they will always be our babies) are adroable. your Jordan and my Julie could be sisters-they look so much alike. !!

  7. Jeannie! No one on WordPress makes me smile as much as you do! You look fabulous in this outfit and I have to say that you’re figure looks so great (tiny) that it made me push the bowl of goldfish away. Wine only, no treats for me! Love the Cirque pictures, they are awesome – and thanks for the link! My daughter taught me (and you probably know this already) that if you tap the screen first on the item or people you want to shoot, a square will pop up and the iphone camera will focus on your subject! Hooray! Although I don’t always remember to do this, especially in the heat of the moment. 😉

    Have a wonderful and wet – where did this rain come from? weekend!


    • I’m really not a funny person but so glad I make you smile! I’m far from tiny but thank you!
      I did NOT know about tapping the screen to focus! THANK YOU! No wonder my pics are so awful!
      You got rain? We didn’t get any this weekend….good thing cuz my kids came up with their dogs and we had a great, dry weekend! 🙂
      Now hubby & I are in need of a nap! 😀

  8. Oh wow, you look fab! I love looking at your blog and dreaming of Burberry and Chanel! I am obsessed with printed jeans too, but mine have to come from Target!

  9. You look great in those jeans! I looked at a pair the other day but, I think I’m a tad to “curvy” (I guess that’s what we call it now) to pull them off! Looks like you guys had a great time. I have had to rely on my iphone for pics lately and have gotten a lot better with it. Practice makes perfect!!!!!

    • Hi Tammy!
      You can wear them! They make “curvy” fit in some brands now. My daughter is curvaceous so she has to shop for that fit.
      I’ve seen some incredible photos taken with the iPhones….haven’t figured out how yet….yes, need to practice. 🙂

    • I love the deep, rich colors of the jeans, too…kinda disappears into the background of leaves the greens.
      Thank you! The bag looks even better in person….not your usual Chanel finish.

  10. You might as well have an obsession with the printed jeans because you always look great in them. I have yet to attend a Cirque du Soleil performance…but it is on the bucket list. : ) Good to see you back!

    • Thanks, Heather!
      Oooh, the shows are always SO entertaining! We saw “KA” in Vegas, “Cavalia” in Atlanta and “Totem” last weekend. Excellent! We enjoy musicals, too. The Fox theatre in Atlanta is well known for great shows. A trip to NYC to catch a play is also a treat! Can you tell we LOVE to be entertained?? 😉

  11. Many days without seeing your proposals, I we longed. Back with a gorgeous outfit: the sweater, pants and shoes, all great. The sweater is great, if a little cold, no? 🙂 The pants are beautiful, I love the stamping and the pattern, you are perfect. And loszapatos? Wonderful, are very nice and fantastic stay with them. Great post, great outfit. Jeannie returned even more precious.

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