What a beautiful fall day!

Enjoying the remnants of fall foliage….

Sweater Dress & Vest: BCBGMaxAzria  Boots: Costume National  Bag: Burberry

Sweet hubby forwarded this article to me ~ here’s the condensed version.

Are you a shopaholic? 

by  Published September 25, 2012

How do you know if your shopping habits are simply excessive or addictive? Experts say it boils down to why you and how you shop. If shopping is used to fill a void or to boost a bad mood, those are key signs you may have a problem.

According to Terrence Daryl Shulman, founder and director of The Shulman Center for Compulsive Theft, Spending & Hoarding, there are seven types of shopaholics.

1.The compulsive shopper that uses shopping as a distraction to their feelings.

2. The trophy shopper who shops to find the perfect accessory for an outfit.

3. The image shopper that buys highly visible things like expensive cars.

4. The bargain shopper that buys stuff they don’t need just because it was on sale.

5. The bulimic shopper that buys and returns over and over again.

6. The codependent shopper that buys for love or approval.

7. The collector shopper that  buys to complete many sets of objects or different colors of  the same clothing.

 Just like there are many types of shopaholics there’s also many signs you have a problem. Here’s a look at five of them.

1. Binge shopping. We’ve all splurged on an item that we really couldn’t afford. But it becomes a problem when the splurge shopping turns into binge shopping that happens all the time.

2.  Shopping Gives You a High.  Just like there are adrenaline junkies that seek out risky activities for a rush, for some shopaholics purchasing gives them a feeling of elation.

3.  Constant Online Shopping.  A telltale sign you may have a problem if you find yourself spending more time and money buying online, in catalogues or on TV shopping channels.

4.  Financial Woes Because of Shopping.  Credit card debt is common in today’s economic environment, but if your overspending is causing a financial burden to yourself or worse yet, your family, that could be a red flag that it’s time to get help. 

5.  Relationships Suffering.  With most addictions whether it’s alcohol or shopping, a sign that things are spiraling out of control is when it starts to strain your relationships with loves ones and at work.

If you feel there is a problem there are things you can do to curb the overspending. Shulman suggests avoiding people and places that will tempt you to spend, cutting up credit cards and closing charge accounts, making lists before shopping and sticking to them, asking yourself if you need it or just want it before making a purchase and finding fun things to fill the time that went to spending. If all of that fails, it may be time to seek professional help.

Interesting read?

Methinks hubby’s trying to tell me something?!   Me, a shopaholic?  Nah!

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86 thoughts on “Bichrome

  1. Sorry I am always late to your party. I apologize! Your outfits are always instructive … I especially appreciate the way your individual pieces reference each other. Your boots and vest; equestrian without being too literal. Then boots and bag; another message, more about design elements, but not literal, It’s then I note the dress, leading the eye around the elements and tying them together. I’ve been trying to define ‘good taste’ to understand the concept better and you offer as much information as anyone!
    BTW, I’d wonder about hubby agendas, too. Hmmm. The only time I’m compulsive about shopping is constant checking in at TJ Maxx … such great bargains and so often, but if you snooze you lose there. Other than that, I’m more a budget-trophy shopper with a quest in mind … bag, shoes, etc. to go with X item(s). Does it elevate mood? Well, YEAH!
    Have a great Thanksgiving !

    • Wow, Jan! Now, this is a comment!!
      You give me too much credit. My style is so here and there….usually, it depends on my mood at the time.
      I DO appreciate your thoughtful comment. Thank you!
      Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

  2. Hi Grace thanks for dropping by at my site I do appreciate it. Several time I came here I can’t get through thankfully this time the site is fine. Reading the signs of becoming a shopaholic thankfully I did not fall in one. When I shop I see to it I do not use credit card hehehe and never break the bank lol!
    But I confess there are times I get out and buy some stuff to make me feel better but one thing for sure it won’t even exceed to $100.00 hehehehehehe. Thanks for the space and greet you and your family Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  3. Retail therapy is a term in common usage that refers to the process of shopping as a way of making yourself feel better when challenged with difficult life events or emotions. The idea behind retail therapy is that you can get the same benefit from buying yourself something as you would from engaging in psychotherapy. Retail therapy is often used in a joking manner, as if the speaker recognizes the absurdity of the idea that spending money could help you solve your problems. Yet in reality, many shopaholics depend on retail therapy to cope with their day-to-day disappointments and emotional ups and downs.

  4. I often joke that I own enough clothing and accessories to last several lifetimes 🙂 Having said that, I have never purchased anything I couldn’t afford, try to stick with the classics, and rarely buy on impulse—seems to be a good formula 🙂

    Love your classic look, especially your bag! You always look so pretty and the setting is really lovely!


  5. Jeannie, as always you look amazing!! I love black and white, a classic. Your Costume National boots remind me of a pair I got in New York several years ago. They’re gorgeous. Enjoy the rest of autumn, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  6. I wish I was a bargain shopper! Sometimes I end up getting something at a bargain price, but I don’t go looking for them. I buy what I like if I can afford it. Love this outfit! It has a sporty feel to it:)

  7. hello jeannie,
    beautiful fall pictures and a beautiful dress you wear. i like the option to wear the dress with the vest.
    i think i’m a bargain shopper, but only on the fleamarket or in the charity shops. nevertheless i have more in my wardrobe than i really need.
    have a good time!

    • Thank you, Sabine!
      I love bargains, too! Yes, most of us probably have more than we need. In “moderation”….just gotta remember that word when the urge to shop creeps up.
      Thanks for visiting!

  8. Hello. My name is Gabriala, and I’m a shopoholic.

    But don’t feel sorry for me everyone. I kicked the habit and this is how I did it:

    1. I UNSUBSCRIBED from every fashion portal, store or anything connected to a link that would show me something on sale. I was unsubscribing for days it seemed. I was being bombarded with emails for “sales” and they were working. When I got an email for a sale, and I would always find something I “needed”. But no emails = no sales = no spending.
    2. I told myself I could have the item, but I had to wait 24 hours to make sure I wanted it. Many times I didn’t want it when I waited 24 hours.
    3. I got real and looked at my closet. I separated the tops, bottoms, jackets, etc., to see how much was there. Seriously, do I need another silky blouse, even if it is on sale? No.
    4. I read or watched something that would benefit my soul instead of looking at more fashion. The thing about fashion is, it’s never enough. And I am a person who likes to get to the end of things, so I can move on to more important matters, so I had to stop looking to get to the end. When I stopped looking, there was no desire.
    5. I will still allow myself to get something when I really want it. I look at shopping like it’s a “sweet treat” now though, instead of the main course.

    Great post Jeannie!

  9. Always gorgeous! You have such fantastic style. I enjoyed the article … I’m a bit of a shopaholic … but mostly its about emotion … thankfully its not daily, but it could be if I was using someone elses cash 😉

  10. After all these years of shopping and sifting through the trends, I’ve decided Burberry is one of my favorite designers. I love your bag and your classic look!


  11. Gorgeous boots ! And the white color is so nice when the weather is getting cooler.
    Love the article. Very accurate!
    Anne (Playing with Scarves) AKA Trophy shopper

  12. Jeannie – you look so gorgeous! You know how to rock a sweater dress! I love the foliage background and how the colors of your outfit compliment it without competing. Hmm, not sure which person I am in the shopping article. I tend to spend a lot on classic items that last a long time and a little on accessories and fun stuff. I’m a balanced shopper!

  13. Gorgeous, my dear. Love black and white or black and cream together. And the bag gives great contrast…as does the fall backdrop. Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. I’m a little bit convicted by that article. Sigh.
    I just love beautiful clothes.
    Love your outfit, Jeannie and I have a dress that very similar to yours. I had been thinking about styling it with black boots.

    • Well, it got me thinking, too…..for a few minutes, that is. 😆
      I think most women (maybe some men) belong to one or more of the shopper category. As long as we don’t get into financial debt b/c of shopping, I don’t see any problem with loving beautiful clothes and buying a few…right? 😉

  15. You are just beeeeautiful!!!!! Probably could fit somewhere in most categories………Now, trophy shopper, still a bargain shopper, but wiser and disciplined! Funny, when I think of it, there’s nothing I really want…….how’d that happen???????? Maybe couple pairs of boots……….I think you live in Heaven, all is so breathtaking.

  16. You look smashing! It’s so beautiful where you live. I love the pattern in the Burberry bag against the very simple silhouettes in your outfit. I’m a bit of a shopaholic, I’ll admit, but I don’t go into debt. I do a lot of buying and returning, but it’s truly because I’m trying to be more discriminating. Really. 😉

    • Haha, I’ll use that reason, too! 😀
      Thank you! I’m very blessed to live in a gorgeous area….only negative would be that my favorite mall is two hours away. I do a lot of online shopping. 🙂

  17. Trophy and Bargain….in no particular order.

    Your look and photos are spot on (whoa, I just became English). I especially love the last pic. Stunning…, the look and your suroundings.


    P.S. Did you roll around in those leaves? I would have!

  18. Fabulous Fall Photos! The foilage, the lake in the background, the BANANAS good hair & outfit!!!

    As for the article, I think my best defense is a good offense….so I am going shopping!

    Happy Weekend!
    xo reversecommuter

  19. Hmmm…..I may be a “thriftaholic” but maybe it’s a case of different drug, same high! No matter how much money is spent, we could still be doing it for the same reasons. You always look gorgeous so whatever you’re doing, keep it up!! Hugs! Serene

  20. Beautiful Jeannie outfit. I’ve always liked the proposals in black and white, simple, elegant and chic. The pattern of the vest is very nice and your skirt too. The boots and bag are fantastic. A beautiful proposal, you are very stylish and attractive.

  21. Interesting! Balance and moderation in life.. I think it’s funny when I shop at sales and my husband reminds me I’d save MORE~Not going 🙂 He is correct and will only buy when he NEEDS something. When seem to go with trends and shop seasonally.

    As I’ve gotten older, I tend to spend a little more on select .. classic items and shop less frequently. Not sure if that’s good or not but that’s what seems to be happening.

    Have a great weekend!

    • Hi Leslie,
      Your hubs sounds like mine. I’m picky about my purchases, too. More classic and timeless pieces with a few trend pieces thrown in. My shopping habits are to support the economy….and that’s my story! 😀

  22. You look fabulous, Jeannie!! I love the carpet of leaves, makes a beautiful backdrop to showcase your outfit. I’m home again, but while in Seattle, Jean found a lovely spot to take photos in a forest with huge London Plane leaves (I will be posting soon).

    Re: shopaholic – I like to keep the economy going, my hubby says I don’t have to do it all by myself! 😉

    Have a great weekend!

    • Hi Carmen,
      I’m sure you had a wonderful time with Jean. Can’t wait to see your new photos.
      Haha, we all need to contribute to the growth of our economy….I’m right there with you! 😉

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