The tale of the traveling tutu

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful queen named Devorah Rachel.  She ruled her kingdom with humor and style.  One day, she wanted to share her inspiration with her citizens so an idea was conceived.  “I want to have some fun!  Let my tutu travel around the kingdoms!” said the queen.  Her wish is my command. 😀

The Queen & her tutu.


 First stop ~ the kingdom of the mountains and the lakes.

My turn to style her majesty’s tutu.  Crazy difficult! 😉

Tutu as a dress.

Thanks Devorah Rachel!  This was challenging but fun!

How did I do?  Be honest! 😆

Her majesty’s tutu is on its way to Heather@The Style Confessions.

I am linking up with Patti for Visible Monday.

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106 thoughts on “The tale of the traveling tutu

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  2. Hi my dear! I got the tutu this week. So sorry I didn’t e-mail you. I sent a message to Rachel but forgot to add you to it. Sorry! It barely fits me – you and Rachel have tiny waists!!!!! But I’m looking forward to styling it and wearing it this weekend for some photos. Hopefully I’ll get a post up this week.


  3. Wow Jeannie. What a fun exercize. I think you did an amazing job with it. I especially like the tutu worn as a dress. But you are wearing it with the most amazing accessories there. Fabulous belt and jacket. And oh my gosh those shoes!!! Can’t wait to see how Heather styles it.

  4. It is kind of see-through, right? I only can imagine that it was difficult to come up with styling/outfit ideas, but you did it! I love both versions, but since I am more on the elegant side, I like the 2nd version, worn as a dress, better! I will check out the next stop of the tutu as well 🙂

    • Thanks Kate!
      It does have a shorter built-in slip that helped. My problem was that it was quite bulky.
      I think it turned out okay. Yes, do check out Heather to see how she styles it.

  5. Clever idea, and great use of the tutu as a dress! i think you did very well! my daughter was always very good at re-purposing skirts as dresses! You rocked the challenge!

  6. jeannie, both options are beautiful. my favourite is the tutu with the denim jacket and the comfy plaid blouse. but in both you look marvellous as you always do.
    lieben gruß! sabine

    • Thank you, Sabine!
      It’s interesting how some like it with denim and some as a dress. It was difficult coming up with both styles….I was just hoping they would look decent enough. I’ve never owned a tutu but it was fun!

  7. Jeannie, you are brilliant!! I know you frequently say you’re not creative, but I MUST disagree!!! I love what you did with the tutu, in both outfits. It’s not easy, but you make it look amazing. This is a great fashion exercise, one we should all try. How do I join in the fun?

    • Awww…thank you so much, Jean!
      Well, this was a challenge for me…..I spent hours trying to come up with decent looks. Glad you like them!
      I think you SHOULD join the fun! Deborah is looking for more bloggers. Give her a shout….really. I would LOVE to see your creativity shine on this challenge!

  8. JEANNIE!!!!! I was busting up the entire post!!! OMG, you totally pulled it off! I can’t believe it! I like it as a dress, looks really cute on your petite frame. And the plaid, CLASSIC!! So much Jeannie, you are the best and such a TROOPER! Jeannie for president! 🙂

  9. You did a fabulous job! The first style is fun and the second one is chic and elegant. Bravo madame!
    Anne (Playing With Scarves)

    • Thanks Paula!
      Ooh I’m sure you’d be able to style it with a pizazz! You should contact Devorah. I’m sure she’d love for you to join in the fun. The tutu is on its way to Los Angeles as we speak. Your part of the world! I’m serious, you should!

  10. I LOVE it! Okay realistically the dress option is probably the best but I’m kind of loving it long. Maybe it’s due to years of ballet but I have soft spot for tutus of any kind! (and as a bonus those heels are pure awesomeness!)

  11. I love the first outfit, the contrast between the plaid & denim, versus the delicate tutu is gorgeous. I’m not as crazy about the tutu as a dress, but you make anything look great. Those beautiful heels deserve a post of their own! 🙂

    I’ve ordered a black tulle skirt, hoping it will work for every day work, and the Tulle and a Teacup series some of the style bloggers are doing. Ever since I’ve seen tulle skirts at Already Pretty and Wardrobe Oxygen, I am smitten!

  12. I think you did a WONDERFUL job. I love it as a dress. You look beautiful in everything you wear. I really enjoy all or your stylings; it looks very pretty the socks and boots too. A gorgeous piece. I’m going to have to try and follow its travels!

  13. I absolutely LOVE the tutu with the denim, flannel plaid, boots and heavy socks! I have saved that photo and am so going to copy it someday. I don’t have a tutu, but I’ve got a cream colored skirt. I need some good, heavy socks though. Seems like a weird thing NOT to have. I hear Target calling. 🙂

  14. You look fabulous Jeannie, in both looks! I love the boots look especially… never the less, the sandals in the other look are absolutely “to die for”! I think that in the future you may have to write a post which is entirely dedicated to all the amazing shoes you have…

  15. What a great concept of the traveling tutu. Love it! First off I loved how you put the plaid flannel shirt with it peeking below the denim. This shows the “real” side of you which I love. The knocked down version, the honest comfy side of you. And that’s what I like. Well, both sides really, but this casual side of you is my fav.

  16. Love both looks. Maybe the skirt, boots, and jean jacket better, only because I’d be able to wear that. I told you the heels, while I love that look, are hard for me to do. But you sure do them great!

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