“Because I’m worth it”

~ L’Oreal’s catch phrase from the advertisement for the Preference hair colour.

Skin Care.  At my age (52), this has been a major concern for me for a while now.  Let’s face it….there are many unavoidable reasons why my skin is no longer firm and smooth, and without that youthful glow.

To counteract the unpleasant changes to my skin, I have tried numerous skin care products….I mean NUMEROUS!  Here’s a short list…..this should tell you how obsessed I am to find the “fountain of youth.”

1. Oil of Olay Regenerist  2. Bliss  3. Perricone MD  4. Obagi  5. Dr. Michelle Copeland.  6. Kinerase 7. Clarins  8. Boom by Cindy Joseph  9. La Mer  10. Laura Mercier.  Phew!….and these are just the ones I can remember!

Where am I going with this?

I was invited to review the  Phormula 3-9 Cream Discovery Set by a representative of Erno Lazlo.  As I was not familiar with this brand, I did some research and agreed to try it and post a review.

If you want to read about the history of Erno Lazlo and his famous clients, visit here & here!

Your skin is a miracle. Phormula 3-9 gives you the means to protect and repair it.

Now for my assessment of Phormula 3-9 Set, which includes a repair serum and a repair cream. I applied them to my face after cleansing twice a day for the past three weeks.  First, the serum.  It’s light in texture, non-greasy, goes on smooth as silk, and my skin absorbed it as if it had been starved for moisture…wow!  Then I followed with the cream which is oh so luxurious and velvety.  My skin is dry with uneven tones.  Within a week, I noticed improvements in both conditions.  At the end of three weeks, I’m a believer!  I’ve even asked hubby for his opinion, and he said that my wrinkles aren’t as noticeable!   Well, that’s all I needed to hear! 😀

I’m not a skin care expert, but I can definitely tell you that these are awesome products!  The only drawback is the cost ($325 for the set)….but, assuming this set lasts 2 months (probably longer since a small amount does the job), the cost to remedy & improve my skin is around $5.40 per day.  Indulgence?  Sure…but I think I’m worth it!  Actually, I need it! 😉

   I’d love to hear about your skin care regimen that is working for you.

Do you have a favorite brand?


To everyone affected by the catastrophic storm Sandy, I hope and pray for your safety and strength to recover from this devastation.

God bless,



67 thoughts on ““Because I’m worth it”

  1. I’m a big fan of the oil of olay products. They have had a great effect on my skin. I have gotten numerous comments on how young I look and how clear my skin is. I am curious to try the product you did the review on. Sounds amazing. 🙂

  2. I too am a skin care junkie…. I am so glad you found a brand that works! I can so relate to that happy feeling of yummy feeling skin… My favorite brand is a local house brand here in Oregon…. Oh, and food too. I am quite fond of using raw local honey or berries on my face as a mask and/or cleanser. Recently, I also went raw/vegan with my diet and everywhere I go people ask what I am doing because my skin is so glowing and radiant….. I am finding that for me personally, I can spend a bundle of cash on skin care products, but if I don’t embrace inner health first, the products don’t do much.

    Thanks for your post and have a great day,

  3. Definitely out of my price range, but I am building my own plan as well. One thing I do though which is a luxury, is I get a facial every five weeks now. It makes such a difference in my skin! I think the main reason why it makes such a difference is that I have made a commitment to pay for a facial every five weeks. This means that in order to make it worth it, I try to take much better care of my skin in the days between facials. Kind of an aha moment for me, but on the has worked very well.

  4. Good to know your experiences on this line but it is way out of my price range. I have to be on a budget for beauty and skincare items, that way I can have a few very nice accessories! Thanks for sending the hat picture, you looked gorgeous and it’s a treat to see your beautiful face without sunglasses! XO, Jill

    • Thanks Jill! You’re so sweet! Wanna know why I wear sunglasses? Too lazy! I can get away with less make up. Thanks for allowing me to join your “how to wear my hat.”
      I totally understand your need/want for nice accessories. 😀 I’m sure you have a great skin and don’t need as much as us older folks. 😉

  5. A couple of months back I switched to non toxic EVERYTHING…well as much as I could and with that have started making my own skincare. I also love love trying new products so I have been making and buying everything non toxic. So far I love my Clarisonic and sibu beauty bar. I use avocado oil with essential oils as my moisturizer and skinfood BB cream with sunscreen as my foundation or as a primer if I need extra coverage. You are gorgeous and so young looking. Must be the great attitude and loving heart.

    • Hi Lila!
      Thank you! I would LOVE to know how your home made skincare products are working out. It’s so interesting to hear what other beautiful women are doing to stay young and healthy. Thanks for sharing your secrets! 😀

  6. Jeannie, you always look good. I have been very happy using the less is more theory. I wash with Sibu Beauty bar at night and follow with Paula’s Choice Antioxidant Serum…sometimes add Sibu night cream, sometimes don’t. In the morning I splash with cold water, use the serum again and SPF tinted moisturizer. I also love 100% almond oil on my skin–face and body. Once a week I use Paula’s Choice Resist Weekly Resurfacing. I am too lazy to do much more than this. : )

    • Heather, I would love to apply less is more theory for me but my skin is just SO dry, I’d look like a prune if I didn’t use cream morning and night. I’ve heard of almond & coconut oil being good natural alternatives. I’m definitely willing to try the oil. I do prefer “all natural.” Thanks for sharing your regimen.

  7. Jeannie,
    You are one hot 50-something, so keep on with what you’re doing. I’ve never tried the Erno Laszlo line and I’m like you — always willing to try something new. Thanks for the review. It sounds luxurious and like it delivers. Right now I’m doing argan oil on top of my daily & nighttime moisturizer. It’s so dry in Colorado, that I love the boost and sheen. I’m also completely faithful to Nude cleansing oil. It’s very gentle, hydrating and takes off everything without stinging my eyes. At this stage, I’m all about the oils (oh yeah, and fish oil too).
    x Laura

    • Aww….you are too sweet!
      How do women chose with SO many options? Oils must be working for you cuz you look like a co-ed! Have you heard of Krill Oil? It’s supposed to be better than fish oil. I’m considering taking them. Isn’t it amazing what we women go thru to stay young? And I want to know why my hubby’s skin is softer when he doesn’t use ANYTHING! I hear it’s the daily shaving…should we start shaving our faces? 😀

  8. Oh wow! That’s a lot of money, but if it really works it might be worth it. I use Paula begouin’s products and I’m very happy with them ,though I hate aging and have started thinking about surgical options. Now that’s expensive!

  9. Great product info, Jeannie! I have never tried Erno Lazlo products (probably one of the few lines I haven’t tried:-)). I use a Clarisonic brush and Dove soap to cleanse and follow up with moisturizing products from Amore Pacific, a line I fell in love with five years ago. I absolutely love their creams and masks! They are amazing and smell heavenly!

    • So many choices! I’ve not tried Amore Pacific….one of the few I haven’t tried. Haha
      I shall keep that in mind when I’m ready to try something new. Thanks for sharing your skin care regimen with us. 🙂

    • Thanks Becky!
      My daughter gave me a set of Origin products for Christmas last year and I really liked it. It had a tube of hand lotion that was awesome and the facial mask worked well, too! See? I told you I used tons of products! I’m a walking experiment! 😉

  10. omg don’t get me started on the wrinkles and skin care!!
    i have to say that i have noticed a great difference in my skin since i started using my clarisonic about 3 weeks ago
    i am loving this thing

  11. Review

    from Paula Begoun’s site at http://www.beautypedia.com/

    pHormula No. 3-9 is said to be Erno Laszlo’s prescription for perfect skin. Perfection sounds great, but this ends up being similar to most of the other ordinary emollient moisturizers this line offers. It contains mostly water, Vaseline, silicone, emu oil, silicone polymer, slip agent, wax, and vitamin E. The healing ingredient alluded to is Calophyllum tacamahaca seed oil. Also known as tamanu, this oil comes from the nut of the laurelwood tree. There is no substantiated research proving this oil can heal wounded skin (and, lest we forget, wrinkles are not wounds), though there is research showing that topical application can cause contact dermatitis (Source: Contact Dermatitis, October 2004, pages 216–217).

    • Hmm… thanks for this review. I thought I had researched this product pretty well before agreeing to try it. I don’t know much about ingredients and what they are and how they work, so this is definitely not a professional review.

      All I can say is that my skin feels and looks better after using it for three weeks. I’m not getting paid for the review….although, they did provide me with the set. I planned on giving my true opinion, good or bad. I’m glad it worked out b/c my skin loves it….that’s all! 🙂

  12. Thank you for this info. I had used Erno Laszlo years ago and had forgotten about it. Lately I have been using (don’t laugh) straight coconut oil out of the jar. I know! Who would have thought? I tested this idea around the house when I knew I wouldn’t be seeing anyone in case it didn’t work. I blotted with a tissue, and my skin was not oily and my makeup (Laura Mercier) did not run. (The reason I even tried this is b/c my skin was peeling and I didn’t know what else to try.) Keep us posted and good luck! ~Patricia

    • Yes, Erno Lazlo has been around a long time! I had never heard of it until now….how is that possible since I’m such a product hog!
      You know, I did read about coconut oil being one of the best natural remedy for your skin. How is it working out for you? I really want to try it myself since I love anything organic or natural. I’ll keep you posted about Phormula 3-9 if you keep me posted on coconut oil. 😀

      • Yes, let me know. So far so good – into it one week. BUT – I have been having coconut oil almost daily in my smoothie since April and I’ve noticed my hair and skin are softer from the inside out. My skin had been getting thinner but now I think it’s plumped out just a bit.

  13. I love a woman who proudly says her age (and then looks half that old LOL). And I don’t know if it’s the cream or not – or maybe just really good genes – but you are definitely doing something right!

  14. I am still seeking the perfect face care regime…but I just would not be able to spend this much…though it sounds fabulous. It will take more convincing for me to dive that far into the pocketbook!! I like the ROC products I currently use, but confess that I would like to get more help in the wrinkles around the mouth area!! Good review and you always look amazing!

    • Yes, it’s not cheap. I wish I knew more about skin care ingredients to review the product from a professional point of view.
      All I can refer to is how it made my skin feel after using if for about three weeks.
      I don’t wear foundation but use bareMinerals Veil powder for smooth finish. But, for the past week, I’ve been going without anything on my skin except for the serum & cream. Who knows? It could be my wishful imagination, but I do like how my face feels. 🙂

  15. I think you look fabulous even before you tried this stuff. Being unemployed, it’s out of my price range. I just use Yardley Oatmeal soap to wash my face and nothing else. My wrinkles are fairly minimum for my age–60–so I can’t complain!!! A lot of that is genes, of course. I have a friend who, like you, has tried many products (not sure of her success rate) so I might pass this information on to her. She’s 63. ~Sara

    • Well, I say your oatmeal soap must be working! If you are happy with your wrinkle-less skin at 60, you must be doing something right! Thank goodness for good genes, right? I’m also thankful b/c my mom always looked like my sister. I hope I have some of her genes.

  16. A. You are worth it.
    B. You look everyday of your 18. Shush now with your 52, lies, lies, lies!

    In all seriousness, I take care of my skin on a daily basis. Thalgo is my fave brand for serums, Sisley for day cream and Helvance for night cream. For scrub I use my local Spa brand but I can also say good things about Clarins, though it is a retail store brand.

    For face masks – a must on a weekly basis – I simply use the ye old cheap mud mask – and it works. Cucumbers on eyes work too.

    Also, at my age it’s a good idea to use day creams with SPF. It protects the skin from bad beams, though it does add to the fact that my face is naturally very very white-pale. But I try to save myself with a bit of bronzer here and there 🙂


    • Haha! You crack me up!
      No wonder you’re so gorgeous! Your skin is flawless! I would never be able to post such a close up shots like you do…although, you’re just a babe compared to this old lady.
      I’m glad to hear, at your young age, that you take such good care of your skin. I’m trying to offer my wisdom to my daughter about starting early and protecting her skin from the rays…not sure it’s working. Maybe she’ll listen to you! 🙂

      • It’s very important to start early – I have been taking pedantic care of my skin from age 20 and I regret it wasn’t 18 🙂 make sure your darling daughter starts taking care of her skin – though with genes from you, I am sure she has nothing to worry about!!!

    • Thank you, Alice!
      It sounds like Cetaphil is a winner here! I do like the cleanser, too.
      Nothing can stop the time or the aging process, but we can sure give it good fight! It sounds like your regimen is working very well for you! 🙂

  17. Wrinkles…where ? I didn’t see any in your pictures. I think your skin looks great. Plus, I don’t think wrinkles are bad at all ( but maybe I’m just saying that now because I have not got there yet ). Hmmm I don’t have to worry about wrinkles…buut I have pretty bad acne and I have tried many things ( not everything because I am not paying ) but yeah ;p. I gotten so tired of using products that now…( though my mother does not know )…I just use water and a cloth. -sighs-….I think I just have to accept the skin I am in…at least I have skin : )

    • The wrinkle are here, there, everywhere! 😦
      No, they’re not bad…it’s part of life. They tell stories…all the happy moments & many painful ones, too. I complain about them but I’m proud to own mine b/c it’s my life story.

      Bre, you’re still very young. Just like your life, your skin will go thru stages and you’ll be free of acne soon. My advise to you, listen to your mom….she knows best! 😀 Just ask my daughter! haha

    • Wow! Terri! You don’t use anything on your face? I think that’s incredible!
      I mean, if I could get away without having to put gobs of lotion for dryness, that would be wonderful. You’re probably doing it the right way….from inside out.

  18. Whoa, that’s a high price for smooooothness. But whatever makes us feel good and carry out a ritual is a good thing. I only use Cetaphil cream on my face and a cleanser purchased at the health food store. My skin is super dry and I hate that tight feeling from dryness but I’ve never experienced any cream that works as well as Cetaphil. And it’s cheap!

    • Yeah, it is quite expensive. I was happy they provided me the set to try. It was like a gift! I’m actually very glad that I liked the serum & cream b/c I wanted to be honest about it.
      Cetaphil is a great product! I use the body wash and have tried the face wash, too. Very gentle.
      I think many Dermatologists recommend it.

  19. Always looking for that fountain of youth!! They chose a great person to review the product!! The name has been around for a long time and is highly respected. Glad to know it’s more than just hype. They should hire you for their spokes-model.

    • Jean, you just made my day!
      I have no clue how and why they asked but I’m glad they did. They only asked that I try it and review it. I went in with a very critical eye but it really surprised me how my skin feels right now.
      Yes, they should hire me! 😉 Maybe I can get a lifetime supply? Wouldn’t that be nice?!!

  20. Yes 🙂 YOU are worth it! I’ve tried almost all of these products. Great picks Jeannie! I am 53 .. I think (if one is able) spending on ourselves is good. If not now, then when?!!

    • Thanks Leslie!
      I love trying new products…..there’s always that hope of finding something that would turn back the clock a bit. I regret not taking care of my skin early on. Too much sun and not enough pampering. I guess I’m trying to make up for that now. 🙂

    • Hi Daisy!
      Thanks for sharing your love! Oil of Olay was my mom’s favorite, too! Her skin was beautiful so there must be something to Oil of Olay! 😀 And, you look SO young, too!

  21. Well, whatever you’ve been doing your whole life has worked!!!!! You look fabulous and beyond fab!!!! Like you, I’ve tried many products. Right now, using a Clinique washable cleanser or Basis Soap for sensitive skin. Daytime, oil free moisture, SP30, nightly, Roc Serum with Oil Olay night cream. Planning on an acid peel around Xmas. My only concern is the upper lip and smile lines. Really, I think a younger appearance is part good genes and a lot of attitude. A great hair stylist helps too! Anger or ill will can age a gal quickly, so, seeking peace of mind and soul is also helpful with the beauty routine. If you keep up the faith in the product, I may need to make the investment as a gift to myself. Love you girlfriend.

    • Hi Judy!
      You are too kind and sweet! Oh, forgot to mention Clinique…I’ve used it, too. 😀
      You said it, girlfriend! I agree with you with everything you said!
      All I can say about this product is that it is working for my dry skin. 🙂

  22. Hi Jeannie, that was a very interesting review and I’m wondering if those products contain retinol or Retin-A.

    My best friend is red fish. When I increase my intake I definitely see improvement and I believe the science behind it. I can’t keep up the 3 times a week schedule that is recommended but as often as possible works . . . then, I apply vitamin E cream directly under my eyes (patting and not pulling, of course). And if retinol comes from vitamin A, then bring on the yellow vegetables, I say! I have a lengthy and boring list of products and rules besides those, and then I really HOPE hard!

    Now WHAT is the solution for those jowly things? Anyone?

    • I whole heartily agree with you about providing your body with vitamins and nutrients via healthy food! I try to eat right and drink plenty of water but not so easy with my busy schedule. I need a lot of help with my dry skin and this product really seem to work for me….my skin feels wonderful right now!

  23. If you have wrinkles I’m sure not seeing them! The products sound wonderful though.

    As far as my regimen, it’s pretty simple. I started seeing a dermatologist a few years back when my skin went crazy. Perimenopause will do that to you! She prescribed me a very simple three step program, cleanse with Cetaphil antibacterial bar, apply Retin-A nightly and moisturize with a high SPF every day. My skin has stayed clear, fine lines have reduced and I’ve been a happy camper ever since!


    • Well, there’s a reason why I don’t post a close up of my face! 😀

      Sounds like you found a perfect regimen that works for you b/c you look like a college student!
      I’m afraid I’m always trying new products.
      I do, however, use Cetaphil body wash and really love it! Thanks for sharing your skin care secret!

  24. Jeannie~I worked for a skin care spa for about 2 years and learned lots! One thing, I stay away from most retail store brands and buy only professional. Right now I am in love with this serum by Skin Science–its about $60.00 and I couldnt live without it!

  25. Shut the front door…..52? No way! All those skin care systems have worked beautiful lady…..seriously…….wow! I am currently using Obagi but have driven the product trolley too. Always looking for something to lift, nip, tuck, suck, shrink, plump and pamper.
    stylist & face product maven

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