Happy weekend guys!

Yes, another pair of printed jeans….it’s my “thing” at the moment.  Please indulge me until I get it out of my system. 😉

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Meet my grandkids!

Maya – my son’s rescue dog. Isn’t she beautiful?

Hunter – my daughter’s rescue dog. He misses grandpa!


1.  Tail wagging is always a sign of a happy dog 
Dogs wag their tails to express happiness, but also to show excitement, stress, or even aggression. Pay attention to the overall body language of a dog to fully understand the intent behind a wagging tail.

2.  A warm or dry nose means a sick dog 
Regular fluctuations in the temperature and moisture of a dog’s nose are normal. Canine distemper used to be a prevalent virus which caused a thickening of the nose and footpads. A cold, wet nose indicated the dog didn’t have distemper. Today distemper is uncommon due to vaccinations.

3.  Eating Grass = A Sick Dog or an Upset Stomach 
It’s believed that grass is a normal part of a dog’s ancestral diet.  Many dogs eat grass because it tastes good, or because they crave certain nutrients missing from their food. While some dogs vomit after eating too much grass, this is generally a side effect, not an intended result on the part of the dog. If your dog regularly eats too much grass and vomits, you should probably discourage eating grass and look for ways to enhance their diet.

4.  You can’t teach an old dog new tricks 
You’ve heard it said a million times. But while this might be true for humans, it’s definitely not for dogs! Fifteen minutes a day is usually enough to teach the most stubborn dog to sit, stay and a few other fun tricks.

5.  An itchy dog is always a sign of fleas 
Allergies are the most common cause of itching and licking, and there are other skin irritants and diseases which need to be ruled out as well when tracking the source of the itch.

6.  Giving supplements to dogs is a painful & difficult process 
Not true! Many supplements come in powders, tasty chewables, or even treats – and pill pockets can work wonders.

7.  Dogs licking their wounds speeds up healing 
Licking a wound too much actually slows down the healing process. Speed up the healing process and ease irritation with all natural herbal ointments.

8.  MYTH: Dogs get stiff when they get old (FACT: They get old when they get stiff!) 
Just like humans, you’re not old till you feel old! Keep your dog playing like a puppy with joint health support.

9.  Changing foods is bad for your dog’s digestion 
Would you want to eat dry cereal 3x/day every day? And changing up foods means overall better nutrition too, as long as it’s healthy, high-quality foods.

10.  Weekly baths are best for a dog’s skin & coat 
Washing too frequently can actually irritate a dog’s sensitive skin. If your dog loves dirt and mud and frequent bathing is a must, be sure to use gentle shampoos formulated to protect his or her sensitive skin & coat.

Information courtesy of Only Natural Pet Store.

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Jacket: Ann Taylor    Jeans: AG     Top: BCBGMaxAzria

Shoes: Belle by Sigerson Morrison   Bag: Balenciaga



91 thoughts on “Printed

    • Thanks Alison!
      I totally got that one, too! I was under the impression you weren’t suppose to switch food, that it would upset their system. Can you imagine eating the same food day after day?

  1. Hi Jeannie,
    I think you are cheating about your age. You are in your thirties and you don’t want to tell…. You look phenomenal as always!
    About dogs: any point (reality or myth) about dogs who sleep in bed with their owners? And I meant IN bed and not ON bed…
    Our lab is interested to know and so am I. Thanks for the answer.. about dogs… not about your age (I definitely know you are at least twenty years younger than what you pretend…)

    • Oh, Anne! How I wish!!
      Being 30 seems so so long ago….oh gosh, it’s been over 20 years! That’s scary!
      I appreciate your wonderful comment! Thank you so much! ❤
      As for dogs sleeping IN your bed? Not a darn thing wrong with that!!
      I can't sleep without mine next to me! 😉

  2. someone else with grandchildren that wear flea-collars (we have a grandchihuahua)!!!! How cute are they!!! I also buy dresses for Noelle (I brought matching dresses for Noelle and our Diva KaeKae-she was NOT impressed at all)
    I’m with you with waiting for the human grandbabies-if I’m this goofy over a DOG?????

    • Haha…me, too!
      At least your daughter is married! Both of my kids are SO NOT ready! That could be my fault b/c 1. Told son that he’d better be able to support a wife if he wants to get married. 2. Told daughter that she’d better be able to take care of herself before she gets married. How’s that for a double standard? 😉

  3. First of all – look at you! Looking amazing. i think you are lying about your age – you are 18, right???? I KNEW IT!

    Second of all – it’s a shame that these myth busters aren’t known even more widely! A lot of people really believe them – I saw a pooch once, clearly in pain, and a family saying, oh look it’s wagging its tail, therefore it’s happy.
    It was very sad 😦

    • First, I AM 18! IN my dreams! 😀 You, my dear Edita, is about the sweetest thing ever! Thanks for making my day!
      Second, that’s such an awful story about the dog! How do you not know if your dog is in pain?

      • Some people just don’t care, Jeannie.

        Perhaps in your dreams you are 18, but I assure you, you also are in your appearance! Do you do any particular sports, is it because of your genes? Because honest, you look tremendously amazing!

  4. Pretty outfit and pretty setting. I like how Maya is color coordinated to match your clothes. She is just the cutest little thing…I can see how easy it was to fall in love with her!

    • Hi Elisa!
      Are you enjoying the colors? It’s so gorgeous here in the mountains!
      Maya is a sweetie! Son & Maya came up for a visit past weekend. Spent Saturday at an Arts Festival nearby, had lunch outside with our dogs…it was wonderful! I wish I had your talent for photography b/c there were many “moments” I wish I could have captured.

  5. I LOVE !!! how you’ve styled “our” pants!! The colors and the jacket/shoes/bag are absolutely perfect. I don’t think I’d ever take that jacket off. I wish my pants were a little more jeans-like; I’d probably wear them more often. ENJOY!!!!

    • I told you I had one like yours! Great minds!
      Thank you! I grabbed this jacket from Ann Taylor last year on sale, and it’s been a work horse since then. I love pieces that are relevant year after year.
      Have a great week!

  6. I’m so jealous of your printed jean collection! I’m still on the prowl for the perfect fall/winter version. I find the printed ones tend to have a lower rise, which is difficult on my figure. Sigh. Love your black and white ones!

  7. OMG Mama J! You are really rocking this look!! Better than any 20yo’er, seriously!
    As I always believe, wine just gets better as they age 😀 😀 😀
    Hunter is looking so adorable with that expression and thought of him missing grandpa – melts the heart!
    And Maya looks just like my Storm!! Very sweet!

    • Haha! You’re too sweet!
      Better with age? That what I used to say to old people when I was young. 😀
      I love my grand fur-kids! I think I’ll be an awesome grandma when my kids ever decide to get married and start a family!
      Can’t wait to receive your goodies!

  8. I just posted today about jumping on the printed pants (jeans) band wagon. I love these on you! Tres chic. And thank you for the dog myths. I wonder if there is an herbal ointment I could put on Rockefeller’s wound as it heals???

  9. Jeannie, the whole outfit is beautiful, but this bag is great, very nice. You may not see it that way, but it is of my taste, my style. Lately much combine the elegant outfits with very youthful outfits. You’re a woman unorthodox, that’s great. I love the pants and jacket. As always, I love dressed in the shirt style of Jeannie.

    • Thank you, Paula!
      I’m afraid you will be seeing more printed jeans from me….I’ve been wearing them instead of my regular jeans lately and loving them. Hopefully, this obsession will end soon?! 😉

  10. Wow, you look great in those printed pants. I wouldn’t dare put on a pair until I get the last 50 lbs off!!! Black in the only color I put on this body from the waist down!!! Love the pics of the “grandkids,” too!!! (Bless them for getting “rescue” dogs!!!).

  11. those grandbabies are dolls…i want a rescue dog! oscar is helping me type…….you look fab in printed jeans…….i have an out there personality and the look might be too much of me… the color combo. does nana shop for the grandbabies too?

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