Bordeaux ~

When I hear the words bordeaux and burgundy, I’m imagining a nice glass of wine and a delicious plate of chateaubriand. 

But, it seems, bordeaux/burgundy is one of the “IT” colors for this fall.   I’m joining Jill and Adrienne for “How I Wear My: Burgundy and Bordeaux.”   I’m also joining Pattie for Visible Monday.

The weather here is in a state of transition….cooler in the mornings but nice and warm during the day.  I’m taking advantage of mixing the summer & fall pieces to accommodate the fickle October temperatures.

Thank you so much for joining me today!  Have a wonderful week!

First contact

Jeans: J Brand    Blazer: Ralph Lauren   Shirt: BCBGMaxAzria

Shoes: Jean-Michel Cazabat       Bag: Chanel



82 thoughts on “Bordeaux ~

  1. I’m a huge fan of printed pants like that and I love the casual chic/Jeannie-ness of this outfit. I’m also madly in love with this gorgeous wine color for Fall. We went to Amacolola Falls with our family last weekend; I thought of you!! Enjoy this spectacular weekend.

  2. Sigh Jeannie … you’re so incredibly amazingly fabulously stylish … if I came hung out at your house for a few weeks do you think some of it would rub off on me? That would be so neat. I almost forgot to say .. stunning outfit!

    • Thank you so much, Wendy! I would love for you to come hang out with me!
      Hey, I love your style! Actually, I think we’re a lot alike in that respect, and I KNOW you love shoes as much as I do!!! 😀

  3. Look at you in those fabulous print jeans! I’m so jealous, one for the weather you’re having and one for the fall printed jeans. The outfit is so great. It’s still hot as heck here and I’m trying to save money so ill just have to live vicariously through your blog.

    • Thank you Heather!
      When the weather gets coooold here and you’re warm and cozy, I’ll be living vicariously thru your blog while bundled up in my blanket/coat! 🙂 Well, maybe not as cold as some might face….after all, I live in one of the Southern States.

  4. What an awesome outfit! You know, I usually don’t care for burgundy, but your outfit is fabulous!! I’ll be paying more attention this season to see if it shows up in any other ways I might like.

    • Thank you Patti!
      You know, the word bordeaux conjures up richness and fullness of whatever it represents….color, wine or fashion. It’s truly a wonderful color for fall and winter.

  5. Jeannie you are like a fine bordeaux – a beautiful bouquet with a hint of vigor, bold, with considerable depth, sweet and lovely. 🙂

  6. Festive and fall! i am always vexed this time of year – wanting to keep wearing my sandals, but wearing sweatshirts with them to stay warm! not fashionable, but it sometimes makes sense!

  7. Bordeaux is not an easy color and you wear it with perfection and subtlety. I love the way you paired it with your blazer (dark green?). And the shirt gives a modern touch to the whole outlook. Superb as always !
    Will think about you when drinking my next glass of Bordeaux or Burgundy wine…
    Cheers / Santé !

    • Thank you, Anne!
      The jacket is actually black. My motto is “when it doubt, choose black!” I think a dark green jacket would have looked much better now that you mention it.
      Cheers! Enjoy your glass of wine! 🙂

  8. Those pants are gorgeous!
    When you get tired of them I will gladly take them off your hands…but then I am sure they won’t fit me…guess I’ll just have to drown my sorrows of not having them in a glass of bordeaux!

    • Haha. Laura, let me know and I’ll join you with a glass of wine to celebrate printed jeans and whatever we can think of…fashion or otherwise. I actually need a glass after a long day today!

      • That I can understand!
        I’m contemplating pouring one now but it is not yet 4pm!
        Probably should wait til the Fashion Mister gets home. 🙂
        Enjoy your glass, put your feet up and remember that you are fabulous!

  9. My mom and I were just at the mall adoring burgundy–leather bags, shoes, coats, everything. This colour is so new and looks good with everything.

  10. Love bordeaux…….I think it has more of a brown tint, burgandy more of a pink……….but I do love any of these colors! I’m not a fan of printed pants….errr, sorry! So, the pants for others, just not for me! Love you and YOU always look fab!!!!! Lookin’ hot over 50….ummm, I mean sexy, not like a hot flash…lol…… to quit while I’m ahead!!!

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