Happy weekend!

We’re back in Tennessee again for another football game.  It’s a gorgeous Saturday with mild temperatures and a lot of sunshine.  I wore this trench dress as a long jacket over a skin tight black dress…it helps to hide unflattering bumps here and there.

Hubby said the trench dress reminded him of The Matrix.

What do you think? 😉

This is what it looks like as a dress.

Linking up with Patti for Visible Monday!

Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic weekend!

Black dress: BCBGMaxAzria  Trench Dress:  Gryphon  Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti  


106 thoughts on “Matrix

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  2. That trench dress rocks! Your husband’s comment made me laugh, men, huh? You look utterly gorgeous and your cur=te spaniel is the ultimate in cool accessories! xxx
    Ps Thank you for your kind words, I adore Cher! x

  3. Wow, what a fabulously sophisticated and stylish outfit! Love that idea to use the dress as a duster. Hey, thanks for coming to visit me at my blog!

  4. you look great, as you always do! although i like the movies i do not see you in a matrix style, for me it looks more like you are going to safari, anyway it’s marvellous. and tobi is a sweety! lieben gruß von sabine

  5. I love it Jeanie! I’d forgotten about they movie! So we are Seattle Seahawks fans and our daughter is on the cheer team. Hasselback snd Locker are local to our area and just moved to play for Tennessee. Hope they play well for your team. We just played Dallas amend won!

    • Oh, how fun would it be to be part of a cheer team for the Seahawks! I’ll have to watch the game on TV to find your daughter. We’re big fans of Univ of TN Football…but we pull for the Atlanta Falcons when it comes to the pro-team.

  6. Beautiful… maybe there is hope for me yet…LOL. I’m a jeans person cuz I’m so tall, but I love the look you have put together here. 😀

  7. Ooo! You have given me an idea! I have a similar dress hanging in my closet (even the colour is the same) that I haven’t worn in ages. It never occurred to me to wear it unbuttoned over something else but I might have to give that a try.

  8. Hello ma’am! It’s been a while. Stunning, so-on-point pictures as usual, and Toby looks cute on there too.

    I had me some fun time when I met with some online writers this Saturday, and it was fun all the way.
    Trust you’ve been having a good weekend.

    Take care ma’am. Cheerios.

  9. Well, the only thing I see with bumps are the ones that are suppose to be there! LOL Really, you have knock out legs! Very creative of you to layer two dresses and what a cute purse too.

  10. I love your outfit, especially the trench coat. Your style is amazing ! I first noticed the shoes but then I saw the trench and loved it ! Hope you have a wonderful and safe rest of the week. God Bless

  11. This is such a great look…I love it. But, I do not know how you do those shoes at a football game. It usually involves a lot of walking…you are SUPER WOMAN! We often see woman dressed this well at football games in Texas!!

    • Thanks Pam!
      No, I’m not a super woman b/c I could not wear these heels to a football game. I had these photos taken Friday when we arrived in TN. I, too, have seen fashionably decked out ladies and gents at the football games….I prefer comfy! 🙂

  12. I think its a gorgeous look! Its funny, isn’t it the way our husbands see things related to fashion and style. If my hubby had said something like that I might have changed…because I would think he really was trying to tell me it didn’t look good. I’m glad you stuck didn’t change because it is a fabulous outfit.

  13. Hi Jeannie !
    Love you Matrix (!) look. The contrast long dress / short skirt is perfect. And I would steal your scarf if I could – the perfect final touch !

  14. Love your fashion sense! Question (I am a VOLS fan too): do you wear those heels to the games? We always have quite a hike to our seats. Just curious!

    • Yay! Go Vols!
      Too bad they didn’t win tonight. 😦 Were you at the game?

      No, I don’t wear heels to the game. Normally, I wear jeans and comfy shoes/boots. We usually park at the Ruth’s Chris Steak House and walk to the stadium. I could never do that in heels!

  15. You have the most fabulous shoes. Enjoy wearing those high heels as long as you can, I can’t do over 2-3 inches anymore. Is there such a thing as Gracefully 61? 🙂 And Arlene is right, take something warm along too. I recently went to Florida to visit our son and thought, hmmm this time I’m going to outsmart the Air Conditioning and take sweaters and layer a lot. I still got cold.

    • Hi Kathy!
      Of course you are graceful at 61! As for shoes, I don’t do well with heels over 4″, and yes, I’m gonna wear them until I can’t. 😉 I didn’t wear this outfit to the game. I normally wear jeans and comfy shoes. It was a night game tonight, and my son went to the game with hubby while I visited the mall. 😀

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