gotta get out more…

Warning: This is not a fashion post! 

Hubby & I were out this past weekend looking for this popular bridge a friend told us about.  Had to drive 3 miles on a narrow dirt road (4 wheel drive recommended), a long short walk down the trail and voila!  An old bridge built over a tranquil river!  What a gorgeous scenery!  The bridge was built in the 70’s – not terribly old,  but it did NOT look too sturdy to me….it squeaked and swayed as you walked across.  No, I didn’t like it very much and neither did Tobi ~ poor thing, his tail was between his legs all the while we were crossing the bridge.

You’d think after living in this town for almost 20 years, we would have known about this jewel of a place.  What a nice site to set up a tent and spend some time enjoying mother nature!

The point of this post?  There isn’t one 😉 ~ only a reminder (to self) to get to know your town and get out more! 😀

To my cyber friend Judy in Texas, Happy Birthday!  Wishing you a FANTABULOUS day!


A happy reunion!

Greg Cook hugs his dog Coco after finding her inside his destroyed home in Alabama following the Tornado in March, 2012.
Image by The Decatur Daily, Gary Cosby Jr / AP

Until next time, happy trails!

P.S. Could you contact me if you’re having problems commenting on my posts?  Apparently, for some of you, the WordPress is not allowing comments unless you have an account.  I have it set up so anyone can comment, but it must not be working correctly.  Btw, I did some research last night and found that if your email is linked to WordPress (even if you don’t have a blog anymore), it prompts you to sign in before you can comment. Not sure why they’re making this so difficult.  Anywho, let me know by using the Contact Me page. Thank you, thank you! 🙂


62 thoughts on “gotta get out more…

  1. You and Tobi are so cute together! Poor little scared Tobi.:-( What scenery… fantastic! Love your smile and the happy photos Jeannie. Cute, casual and for sure, stylish! xo

    • Thank you Heather!
      Hubby thought it would be a great spot, too. Due to the remote location, it’s not too practical…I would have to be a super dedicated blogger to go thru all that trouble for a fashion shoot. 😉

  2. Get to know your town! Great advice! So many folks complain ‘there’s nothing to do here in X-ville’ as an excuse to stay glued to the TV and computer. Get out and live! Looks like a great adventure!

  3. It looks like a beautiful place. I know what you mean too: I’ve lived in this city for six years and my friend showed me a park in the middle of it that had an old bunker from the Korean war in it (I live in Korea). I had no idea it was there. Gotta love finding new places. 🙂

    • Hi David!
      You live in Korea? My son worked in Seoul for the past 3 yrs and just returned home. He loved it there but this mama wanted him closer to home. I think he missed his family, too. Anyway, how do you like living in Korea? I was born there but have lived in the states most of my life. Our visit to Seoul 2 years ago was incredible…..reminded me of NYC!

      • Yeah, Seoul is a pretty big city. Our city in the south is much smaller, only about 650,000 people. This is my 8th year here, although I think we’ll move back after this year. It’s hard being so far from family for so long.

  4. It seems you both had a great time! You post reminded me of this wonderful movie, ‘The bridges of Madison county’….. 🙂
    Can I ask what type of camera you use? It makes GREAT pictures! Have a great weekend, discovering maybe more fantastic places near-by, Katherine

    • Hi Katherine!
      Clint Eastwood! Good movie! 🙂
      Hubby took these photos with a Canon T2I. He uses 50mm lens on most of the shots I post.
      Thank you and wishing you a terrific weekend as well!

    • Thanks Marie!
      As a dog lover, I pretty much melt when I see photos of dogs…big, small…all types, really. Just LOVE them! I know you do, too. 🙂
      Wishing you a fabulous weekend!

    • Hi Becky!
      Yeah, it is a gem of a place. Can’t wait to go back, it’s going to be very pretty in the fall.
      Thank you for your compliment but in reality, I wore the hat to protect my head from critters, jeans to protect my legs from bugs & poison ivy, and a long sleeve shirt to protect my arms from mosquitos. Fashion savvy? haha

  5. You are brave…..I don’t know that I could make it across that bridge. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.
    Thanks for posting that heartwarming reunion photo too! Great post.

    • Hi Lisa,
      You must have fear of heights? I do, too!
      It wasn’t too bad, really, maybe?
      Glad you liked the photo. Can’t you just feel how much Mr. Cook loves his dog? It made me cry…

  6. It’s amazing how sometimes there’s great stuff right under our noses! Even though it wasn’t a fashion post you stil looked great…but what’s new?

    • Thank you! You’re so sweet!
      So true! I forget to appreciate the beauty around us. I really do live in God’s country! Mountains, lakes, pastures, barnes, animals….I could go on…

  7. Not a fashion post, my foot! You can’t help but be fashionable especially in such gorgeous scenery. Don’t you love finding hidden gems like this? It is a walk I would love to take.

    • Haha. No, not too fashionable….but the scenery was gorgeous!
      The same friend gave us a map with many more places like this that we’ve not heard of.
      We’ve just been too busy with kids things….well, no more!

    • Hi Laura,
      Oh, Tobi did NOT like the bridge at all! He was moving very slow with his tail tucked in. I think it’s b/c he could see the water below between the boards. The bridge wasn’t too high but it swayed SO much! I thought hubby was doing it to scare me, but he promised it wasn’t him. Hmm….I think it WAS him!

      I’m not a hat girl, but you know how it is in the woods….don’t want any critters falling on my head!

  8. Wow, that looks almost EXACTLY like the river near where I grew up on Vancouver Island–my daughter just sent me a picture from the spot I’m thinking of when she was visiting my parents. Even living just up the road, we used to go visit it for the scenery, it was so beautiful.

  9. You are always a fashion post!! That is one beautiful place!!!! Am I special or what, a Birthday Wish and on Your Blog for All to See, Thanks You My Friend !!!!!!!!! hug and kiss the Tobs for me.

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