Oh, for love of Kate….

 Kate Middleton that is….love her classy and elegant style!   How about Kate Spade? ~ love her smart and comfortable shoes!  Anyone else a Kate fan?

Linen Jacket: Ralph Lauren     Skirt: BCBGMaxAzria

Shoes: Kate Spade      Bag: Dolce & Gabbana

I’m joining Visible Monday!


A dog named “Leao” sits for a second consecutive day at the grave of her owner, who died in the disastrous landslides near Rio de Janiero on January 15, 2011.
Image by Vanderlei Almeida / Getty Images

Speechless…. 😥

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87 thoughts on “Oh, for love of Kate….

  1. I’m more of Kate Moss fan – not for her lifestyle but her eclectic way of dressing. However I do appreciate Kate Middleton’s dress sense and I was already I love how she supports British high street such as LK Bennett and Reiss. Oh how can anyone not like Kate Spade???

  2. Love both Kates. Kate Spade…somehow I always end up choosing her frames (eyeglasses) without out even looking at the name. And my KS bag is my fave.

    KM…she is always right on target with her style….and so are you.

  3. I will agree with you about Kate Middleton. I am quite proud of the new generation of royals who will one day sit on the throne. I also love that Kate shops at Reiss, one of my favourites! Do you know Reiss because I think you might love the brand.
    This is a wonderfully chic outfit. I’m a huge fan of all things monochrome and I love the two colours in your shoes.


  4. I agree with you about the kates. Love The duchess of Cambridge’s style, thoug people often complain. How can I say anything bad about a woman wh has made goofy hats work for her? She always looks amazing. And Kate spades designs are so cute, though I don’t actually own anything of hers.

  5. Hey,

    It’s been a while, I have been productive doing things at work and church. Great outfit. The bag is really pretty, looks comfortable. The photo of the dog is so moving, unconditional love.

    Have a great week!

    • I appreciate Kate Middleton as she’s so young yet so classy. I’m sure as a Duchess, she has to dress appropriately. I wish I had her wardrobe budget. 🙂
      Did the dog photo make you hug yours? I about squeezed mine to death!

      • yes, I still cry over my dog that I lost over a year ago. I can only imagine how aweful it must be in reverse. I hugged my pooch very tight!

  6. Hi Jeannie, I’m ripping my hair out over skirt lengths and thinking of you and your age-appropriate fashion insights. I’m hemming a white, narrow skirt that would be good for transitional with the graphic black and white look as shown on Coco Rocha for White House Black Market for Fall, and Escada, etc. The best part of my leg (way thinner than the knees!) for a skirt to stop at is about four or five inches above the knee as you have it in this post. HOWEVER, Fall seems emphatically knee-length and also I am taller than most people and wear heels, so I tend to look really “out there” in short skirts at my age, whereas you look really appropriate. I’m not at all overweight, I just carry what weight I have on my legs and it will not leave them under any circumstances: (

    I’m torn between style and judgement on the one hand, and what suits my leg on the other. Your thoughts?? (Patina and Company you’re silly?)

    • Hmm…I think you’ve already answered your own question! Your reasons for keeping it longer seems stronger than your desire to take it up above the knees. For this time of the year as we transition into fall, I would leave it longer. If you still love the skirt come spring & summer, go shorter then. You’d probably feel better about wearing shorter skirts when the weather is hot.
      What is the fabric of this skirt? Send me a pic if you want…I’m curious now.

      • Your point about going shorter next spring if I want to was a good one. I hemmed it longer and have already really enjoyed wearing it once. How should I send you a picture–is there an email or some WordPress method I am unaware of?

  7. You are as classy and elegant as any Kate I know. Gorgeous shoes and the clutch is an interesting touch. Your photos are always perfection.

  8. I do not know much about Kate Middleton or Kate Spades style but I think you look very elegant/sophisticated. I love the suit jacket = )

  9. 🙂 My colleagues at work call me Kate (in fact, Lady Kate, but that’s another story)…..Oh well, you look absolutely stunning. I know I am repeating myself, but this is a classy, elegant look that suits you so well!

    • Thanks Tamera!
      I wonder if we know how to love unconditionally like dogs? Even when I’m mean or angry, my dog’s wagging his tail, so happy to see me…ALWAYS! Can’t say that about anyone I know….me including.

  10. Oh my goodness, that last photo of the dog at its owner’s grave breaks my heart! They are truly loyal to the end and beyond, aren’t they?

    As always Jeannie, you look amazing! A polished, classic look that you wear beautifully!

    Have a great day!

    • Thank you Marie!
      I think if you’re a dog owner, you can definitely relate to this heartbreaking photo. Even if you don’t own one, this is just so poignant…how can you not feel the pain & love for this beautiful dog?!
      Doesn’t this photo make you want to hug your dog? I about squeezed mine to death! 😀

  11. Go leggs go!!!! And those fine shoes, love them! You look great!!!!! Sweetie, you can wear anything and look classy, beautiful. You just have talent that way! Best of Monday to you. Sweet puppy, still by his persons side. I hope someone adopted him. Doggies are a special gift from God.

  12. Jeannie – what a beautiful suit! I love your coordination of the details. I have a beautiful black leather Kate Spade purse that I just love. btw – that street is so very pretty! It looks like a peaceful place I would like to visit. ~Patricia

  13. I do love Kate Blanchett and I believe she is a spokesperson for some very expensive cosmetics and skin care line. But I must confess I don’t own any of it! I swear by Curell skin cream. Does that count for anything? haha!
    You’re looking classy and fresh here Jeannie! Have a good week. 😉

    What a precious pup. I hope mine have loved me that much.

    • Hi Joni,
      Yes, Kate B. is beautiful & talented. Her skincare ad is for SK-II, not cheap…but she does have gorgeous skin. 😀
      I use Curel hand & foot cream. Love it!
      The photo of the dog broke my heart. I’m sure your pup DOES love you THAT much!!

  14. Hello Jeannie, This outfit is fantastic, lovely. It is of the most genuine style Jeannie, simple, elegant and with a sophisticated point. It loves me the pattern and the combination of colours. The shoes and the bag are a wonder. The Jeannie more authentic.

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