A man’s perspective?

Good Monday to you!

A quick post to start your week with a little laughter.  I’m assuming this is a divorced man’s perspective?!  Nothing funny about a divorce, but I thought these pictures were hilarious!





My mother-in-law sent this to me…she’s been married for 54 years to one man!  

Have a great week everyone!


43 thoughts on “A man’s perspective?

  1. Hey Jeannie- I nominated you for the beautiful blogger award. I know you’ve already been a recepient, so no worries going through the motions again at this point. Just wanted other bloggers to know how much I enjoy your blog!

    • Hi Becky! Thank you so much!
      I’m always surprised when I’m mentioned for these awards…I don’t really feel that I’m contributing in a meaningful way….but I’m very grateful. Thanks again!

    • Hi Judith!
      I have no clue where she got this….very unusual. She must have thought it important or funny enough to send it to me & hubby. Maybe it was a warning to hubby? Haha
      We both thought the pics were hilarious!

  2. Jeannie, being that I keep EIGHT chickens, you just have no idea how funny this looks to me!!! The last one of the man looks like he is definitely ready for the roaster, CRACK UP! 😀

  3. Hehehehehehe! Thanks for the laugh! If you look at the “married” pictures for both, it doesn’t say a lot of good things about marriage, does it? Think I’m glad I’ve been single all these years . . . I know there are good marriages out there, but the odds go against it most of the time.

  4. OMG Jeannie!! This is so funny that I’m sending this to friends!! For those of us that are over 50.. that have been through “life” and seen “lots” … this is what it comes down to, right? Lol!!

    Enjoy the start to a new week.


    • Hi Leslie,
      I can relate to this very well. I know of too many people/friends/family that fit into one of these categories. Divorce is not pleasant but I figure laughing is better than the alternative?

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