Not so age-appropriate but you wear it well~

Hello everyone!

So….when hubby saw this outfit, he had that look on his face that I know so well.  “What?” I said, he just smiled and said “nothing!” Here we go again….”what’s wrong with this outfit?” Of course, he just grinned.

Usually, he clams up when it comes to commenting about my clothes…especially if he’s not too crazy about it.  I, on the other hand, won’t stop until he tells me what I want to know.  While out for dinner(in public), he finally confesses; “well, it’s not so age-appropriate – BUT, you wear it well!  AND, I’m a lucky man!”  How am I suppose to respond to that?

“So, you don’t like the outfit…but thank you?”

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My Tobi ~  photo work by son

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Dress: Thakoon    Vest: BCBGMaxAzria   Shoes: Kate Spade    Bag: Chanel


80 thoughts on “Not so age-appropriate but you wear it well~

  1. I am 52 and I love dressing classy but I could not pull off half the outfits you do. You look wonderful. My biggest problem is I have vericose veins, very obvious and I cannot wear high heels do to ankle injury. Do you wear flats at all and can you show us some fashion that works well this way. I am very grateful for the many stylish flats that are out there today

    • Hi Helen. Thanks for your comment. I’ve been away from blogging for a while now due to time constraints…not sure when I will be able to come back. As for your question about flats, I do wear them quite often. Currently, my favs are loafer style flats. Love them with men’s style slacks. Have a wonderful summer!!

  2. I am so glad my husband is now so into fashion (because I am and I talk to him about it, and he loves my enthusiasm) that he would never have thought that dress and those shoes age inappropriate for me at 49. He absolutely loves my style, including shoes I suspect you yourself would be appalled by. I have many pairs of super-current shoes including super-high ones with spike heels and platforms in all sorts of colours, combat boots, over-the-knee boots, etc). I do not show lots of skin, or dress in a trashy way (unless you think that high non-wedge heels are trashy irrespective of what else one is wearing). I do wear short skirts — usually with opaque black woolly tights, though I would go bare legged for dancing in a club on a hot summer night — there is absolutely nothing wrong with my legs — I have worked out with heavy weights most of my adult life. If your husband thinks that outfit is too young for you, he really needs to get out more. My husband would set him straight. Your outfit is totally tasteful and stylish. Conservative even.

    The only possible thing that might be worth checking is whether your underwear might show through the thin fabric. I see no evidence that it does, I hasten to add. I just could imagine that that would be worth carefully checking and correcting if necessary, given the appearance of the fabric of the dress. Could that be what was making your husband baulk a bit? (My husband did once tell me that the outline of my bra was visible under a soft, thin fabric dress — thank goodness he pointed it out so I could correct the problem before we went out, thus avoiding embarrassment!)

    What really outrages me is comments people make on the internet to the effect that women my age who are interested in fashion and dress accordingly are trying to pretend we are 20 instead of 50. What utter rubbish! Where do these stupid rules about who may wear what at which age come from, and why on earth do women feel any obligation to obey such rules? It is such hogwash. I have no problem with you preferring to dress conservatively (well, to my eye, your dress is conservative — and stylish — but conservative and most certainly not too young for a beautiful 50-year-old with a fantastic body like you have) but I personally can’t dress so conservatively without feeling as though I am pretending to be someone else. What is one to do if the ‘rules’ dictate that one should dress in a way that expresses one’s authentic self…. but also dictate that one should dress in a way that is most definitely nothing to do with me and my authentic self? Who exactly makes the rules about what older women should wear? Why exactly should we all conform to a sad stereotype? It is offensive!

    I was in Primark earlier today (which some would no doubt think is a teenage clothing shop, though it is full of women of all ages actually) and I saw this amazing-looking very slim woman in sky high heels (I want those ankle boots she was wearing!), skinny black jeans and a warm but light and fitted, belted outerwear jacket with a silk scarf at her neck. I had just noticed her fabulous outfit and amazing body when she turned her head in my direction and I saw that she was an older woman. I am useless at guessing ages but she might have been an unlucky 50 year old or a lucky 65 year old, judging from her face. My immediate reaction was not to stick my nose in the air and deem her to be age-inappropriately dressed. On the contrary, my reaction was to think, WOW! How COOL! She looks AMAZING! Yay! How marvellous to see a beautiful older woman who clearly has fun with fashion and is LIVING instead of GIVING UP and wearing the kind of clothes women her age are allegedly supposed to wear, which feel so very old and sad. For women like us who are not sad and tired of life and devoid of fun, why on earth should we dress as though we are? It is complete HOGWASH. WE SHOULD NOT ACCEPT THIS. Unless that appeals of course. In which case fine. But we are all different. We have different tastes, we have different preferences, different lifestyles, different everything. Why should we all suddenly at the age of 40 or 50 or whenever, all suddenly want to dress in The Approved Way? If you want to convey refinement above all else, great. But why should I share your preference? And in any case, often, one person’s ‘refined’/’mature’/’age-appropriate’ style is another person’s ‘lifeless and boring’/’might as well be dead’ style.

    • Sarah ..I think we are cut from the same cloth…going to be 50 this year but still love to rock distressed jeans too!..what other blogs do you frequent???

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  4. Hello…what a beautiful dress!
    Its so nice to have a husband who appreciates a lovely wife, isn’t it?

    Just found your blog and I love your style sense. I will be taking some style inspiration from you!

  5. This is an adorable post and you’ve made me smile with this one. I can see the exchange between you and your husband so well. I always know when my husband is not too keen on my choice of attire by his silence. But you clearly look fabulous, age appropriate or not (at least according to him!), but fortunately he is appreciative nevertheless. Sounds like you make a good pair 🙂

    • Hi Jean,
      We don’t even have to say a word….know what the other’s thinking before we even speak. I guess it’s the product of being married for so long!! He’s a good one!! I’m very blessed!

  6. I’m not sure what hubby was talking about. I think you look great! AND I asked my hubby, and he thinks you look fantastic also. He said, “Well maybe it’s not age appropriate because she doesn’t look fifty”! It’s a gorgeous dress {and you are too}!

    xo, sam

  7. Hahaha this made me laugh. You are very sexy on that simple dress. I know he does not want any eyes glaring at you hahahaha. I like that vest on that dress you are the only one that can pull that ensemble so well. ^_^ My hubby well only say…”if your happy with it go for it” hahaha! Thanks for the visit!


  8. It’s a very flattering dress on you – you do wear it well. And I don’t think it’s at all age inappropriate. That never would have occurred to me. I really like it with the vest!

    • Anne, I think he was just trying to salvage the night! Throwing compliments before I nag him about the age thing all night long….he’s not into that discussion. No sir!

  9. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment on your blog. Today I found just the place!! I don’t think your dress is too young for you at all. I think translated he most likely was trying to express that you looked so fantastic in it he was uncomfortable with all the looks you were going to get. ha! True though!

  10. Wow–if I looked as good as you do in that dress I’d be sporting it all over town, age-appropriate or not!!
    My husband peeked over my shoulder while i was reading this post and asked if your picture was a picture of our daughter Julie!!! i just realized how much she resembles you!! And if you are any indication of how she will look at a “mature” age—she’s gonna be FABULOUS!!!

    • OMGoodness! Did your hubby have his glasses on? Mistaken me for a 20 something? Tell him I said THANK YOU!!
      Well, your Julie is very pretty, and I have no doubt she’ll look fabulous at any age!

    • You think so?? I hadn’t looked at this dress that way but it sort of does have that vibe.
      If you only knew what I put hubby thru….poor guy, he gets in so much trouble. His motto towards me is “damned if I do, damned if I don’t.” 😀

      • I thought so because of the dropped waist, soft, fluid fabric; very flattering; plus I’ve been seeing a lot of that in the magazines. Well, sometimes husbands have other ideas about fashion, but the most important thing to me is they always think we look fabulous no matter what! And you do! 🙂

  11. You look just as good, if not better than any 21 year old could look wearing that dress! The orange espadrille wedges were just the right choice of shoe.
    Hubby is right….He IS a lucky man!

  12. Hi Jeannie, I think you look absolutely stunning and Hubby dear, you are a lucky man and said it so well, you were it well … but I don’t feel it’s too young at all.

    • Wendy, hubby’s so transparent! He can’t hide his expression very well. I literally had to ask him to stop grinning while he was taking the photos.
      Thank you for your support! 😀

  13. Hi Jeannie, I find a beautiful dress, with a wonderful pattern. It has a special grace this gathering. It is a fun and stylish dress. You look great with it. I do not think that is not good for your age, this is always on and you can wear whatever you like, because everything looks good on you. I love shoes, they are fantastic. A wonderful outfit.

    • Thank you Josep!
      I DO love the dress…it’s very light and silky. I hope to keep it in my closet for at least a few more years. 🙂
      Thank you always for your wonderful comments!

  14. Hmm, I seriously do not see how this dress is not age-appropriate for you at all!
    You make it look so effortlessly and casually classy and elegant.
    On the whole, it is tastefully styled and the person wearing it is the one exuding all that – YOU!
    You would have a jaw-dropping experience when you come over to singapore, you will see very distastefully dress mothers in hot shorts and tight tops without caring that their kids are running amok screaming. Tsk Tsk TSK!

      • Am only saying what I honestly mean from the bottom of my heart.
        Love all your wedge shoes ~ I would definitely selected those same styles as well!
        AND NO, I don’t recommend you both to come ~ waste of ka-ching, hawaii or maldives or anywhere in the adriatic sea is my first choice! 😉

  15. That dress looks fab on you!!! There’s thirty year olds that couldn’t pull it off, but you can because you have a great figure and fine leggs holding it up! Hubby was probably unsure of the drape or colorful shoes……..those extra little tweets sure can scare a Keep wearing that dress, you CAN girlfriend!!

  16. I’ve got a couple of age-inappropriate items hanging in my closet that I simply couldn’t resist buying but I haven’t had the courage to wear them in public yet. I’d love it if I could pull them off as well as you do this outfit.

  17. I am in your age frame, so I know the old saying “after 40 cover your knees”, but you are in terrific shape. This casual outfit looks nice and fun for a summer day and you can pull it off beautifully!

    • Hi Cris!
      Thanks you so much! I’m quite fond of this dress!
      I don’t know all the “rules”, but I’m pretty sure I break them all the time. I also know there will be many who agree with hubby, and I understand that too. It’s only a dress. 🙂

  18. That dress is charming on you…..I can’t think of one reason why it wouldn’t be appropriate for women of our age! It’s not too short, no plunging neckline – maybe it’s your shoes….your toes are showing!!!

    • Elisa! Now, you’ve made me spit out my tea!
      Hubby thought the dress was a little too short, and the orange shoes kinda shocked him! He recovered very well right after by throwing compliments my way…yeah, yeah, too late! 😀

      • Oh no, I’ll have to wait until you’re done drinking your tea before I comment next time! I could tell your husband was proud of how you looked by what he said….men have a funny way of expressing themselves!

  19. Jeannie, you look very young so in my humble opinion, that dress is age appropriate! You also have very toned leggys, so that adds to the youthful factor. I love the look with the vest and the pearls and those orange shoes are YUM! Tobi looks amazing too, ready for the cover of Smith and Foster! 🙂

  20. Ha! So funny Jeannie. Yes, you do wear it well! I understand the undertone of his comment.. that’s our societal norms talking.. along with you have to have short hair, can’t wear heels, etc.. What NOT to wear is very personal. If you feel confident and comfortable in something.. go for it!


    • Hi Leslie! Thank you!
      I do like this silk dress and was hoping I could pull it off. I’m pretty sure I’ve broken quite a few rules on dressing age appropriately for many people out there….oh well.

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