Lovely Luau

Happy Friday!

Ready for some food & entertainment?  How about a Luau?  I’ve never been to one so when hubby said “we can’t leave Hawaii without going to a Luau,” I happily agreed!

 According to Hawaiian traditions, wear a flower behind the left ear, the side closest to your heart, to indicate you are in a relationship. Wear a flower behind the right ear to show that you are single and looking for someone.

Uncovering of Kalua pigs.



Give me food, Mai Tais and some dancing….I’m a happy ol’ gal!

Have a terrific weekend!


40 thoughts on “Lovely Luau

  1. I can’t think of anything lovelier than this, with the dancers, Mai Tais, right there in tropical Paradise, and the placement of the flower for advertising purposes (or not) is interesting! A good rule not to forget!

    • Haha, I think wearing the flower to attract a mate sounds better than a bar scene…don’t you? Kinda like wearing a sign that says, “I’m single, looking for love” or “don’t bother, I’m taken!”

  2. I can almost feel the ocean breeze and hear the music playing in the background – such a beautiful
    Luau scene, including you and your beautiful red dress!

    • I felt like an islander!
      The food was delish, but there were things that I’ve never eaten before….some, I didn’t try…picked leech?! Umm…no thanks but hubby said it was good! 😕

    • Thanks Laura!
      I thought about you tonight while I was making risotto (out of a box) for dinner. 😀
      Hubby said he would try your recipe but haven’t had the time yet.

      So you went to Kauai? Don’t you love that island? And, I love Queen! Went to his concert back in the late 70’s…Freddie was soooo talented!

      • Hi,
        I wish I had seen Queen live during their hey-day. That would have been something!
        It’s been over 10 years since I’ve been to Kauai and I absolutely loved it. We snorkeled in Poipu, hiked, did a heli-tour, and were in awe of its natural beauty and laid-back style. I’ll never forget that stretch of trees that you featured. It’s just gorgeous and fairytale like. Thanks for bringing me back to that moment.

        Oh, I’ve got a shortcut for the risotto: tell your hubby to just cook the carrots per the recipe and then add them to your box of risotto with a splash of white wine. It’ll still be amazing and less time consuming. Cheers!
        x Laura

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