A day and a half in Kauai

Hello everyone!

It’s Thursday, 7:30pm Hawaii time and Friday, 1:30am EST.

I’m currently sitting in an airport lounge in Honolulu waiting for our flight home.  I have a few hours to kill, so I’ve decided to tell you about the last island we visited while on the cruise.

The last cruise port on June 29-30, was Kauai, sometimes called the “Garden Isle“.  Hubby and I really loved everything about this island.  From lush green valleys to sharp mountain spires and jagged cliffs, the views were breathtakingly stunning.

Poipu Beach Park

Na Pali Coast

A little scuba diving to finish out the cruise….

Hubby is a okay!

We encountered a pair of whitetip sharks.

Sorry about the poor quality of the underwater photos…I was the photographer. 😦

Thank you for allowing me to share this experience with you.  Since the cruise, we spent some time on the Big Island, also known as Hawaii.  I will follow-up with some posts of resort wear & our #1 reason for visiting Hawaii.

Until then, Mahalo & Aloha!


25 thoughts on “A day and a half in Kauai

  1. The pictures are just beautiful and you guys look like you’re having a great time. You had the presence of mind to take the picture of the shark — brave soul! When I saw that first picture with the trees over the road, it brought back memories. We were driving down that same road and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody came on the radio. Seemed fitting in that moment with the towering trees and grandeur of the scene.
    x Laura

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures! Kauai is our absolute favorite island {actually it’s the ONLY island I’ve been to}!! Great pic of hubby in the water!! We’ve hiked part of the Na Pali coast twice! It’s such a beautiful place!

    xo, sam

  3. Great photos! Didn’t now you did SCUBA! i’ve been diving for a few years, and won’t mess with cameras yet – too busy trying not to drown! Really enjoyed your reporting on the vacation! Kauai seems like the place to be…

  4. Absolutely stunning. I certainly hope you have enjoyed yourselves while you have slowly killed off a certain reader (every time I have read one of your posts and see your pics, I think, “she’s killing me”). Safe journey home!

    • Haha! Glad you enjoyed the photos. It was a wonderful vacation.
      It’s laundry day today tho….brought home a suitcase full of dirties. “A woman’s work is never done.”
      Have a great weekend, Bliss!

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