koo koo for Kona!

Hi everyone!

I’m currently sitting on our hotel balcony, sipping coffee, watching the waves, feeling the ocean breeze….haha, do you get the picture?  If only I were a writer, I could paint a picture of a tropical paradise with just a few words, but since I’m not, here’s the view.

Yeah, it’s going to be hard to leave this….

Our 3rd port…Kona (The Big Island), June 27th.

Nothing special booked here as we would return to the island after the cruise.  Hubby ran out of clean boxers, so we decided to go shopping.  We were told the shopping area was close by, so we didn’t rent a car….a big mistake.  The shops close by didn’t have what we needed, so we decided to follow the directions on hub’s iPad to Macy’s….it didn’t look too far(on the iPad that is), so we started walking.

It was okay for a little while….

until a few blocks became over a mile….I’m ready to hitch hike!

Found Macy’s, got what we needed, called a CAB, and we were back close to the port for some much needed sustenance.

A shopping district by the port, Kailua-Kona.

Happy Independence Day!!


Next stop….Kauai


33 thoughts on “koo koo for Kona!

  1. Poor you for having to walk that far! But hey, wasn’t it a good workout? Nice to hear you’re on a cruise! I have been very busy lately so haven’t read any blogs for weeks! Catching up now 😉 Have fun on your trip!

    • Ah, it wasn’t so bad….just wasn’t expecting to be walking so far. I would have put on my walking shoes had I known. I definitely needed the exercise! I consumed waaay too much food on this vacation! 🙂

  2. wauuu, the view! and LOL that pic next to the big road! ahahahaa
    Hope you are enjoying the beautiful island and i love your shorts! 🙂

  3. You cannot be 50 or older, you have amazing legs! I hope you are enjoying your trip, it looks like you are, and, as usual, you are doing it in style. Still love that Louis Vuitton bag! I hope you will join us in August for the Chanel-Inspired post. I would love to see what you put together, and of course, I hope you will show a Chanel bag! Happy 4th of July! XO, Jill

    • Thanks Jill, you’re so sweet! Over 50 and hanging on! 🙂
      I will definitely join in for the Chanel-inspired…wouldn’t miss this one.
      Hope you had a very wonderful 4th with your family!

  4. Breathtaking………um, new man in your life?????…….funny, taking that little walk to find new underwear! You do look good in vacation wear!

    • Thanks Judy!
      Haha, I’ve always had a thing for sailors. 😉
      Leave it to the man to pack, and this is what happens. Could have used the ship’s laundry service but they’ve ruined one of his nice shirts in the past, and for the amount they charge, we could easily buy new ones.
      Have a happy 4th of July!

  5. Ummm…did you move there? What a looooong vacation! But it looks as though you are handling it all right. Cheerio, Hawaiian lady. : )

    • Haha, I wish!
      We took two weeks for this getaway…will be back home Friday. One week would not have been enough since this was our first visit to Hawaii. Just too much to see and do.
      Aloha Bliss!

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