Hello Hilo!

Aloha again!

We’ve been off the cruise ship since Saturday and currently enjoying the sun & sand on Kohala Coast on the Big Island.  The cruise was a convenient way to visit the Hawaiian Islands, but I’m glad to be on land to relax a bit before heading back home.

Hilo, a city on the Big Island, was our second port-June 26th.  We had one day here…decided to go zip-lining.  I have acrophobia,  so this was a BIG deal for me.  Now that it’s OVER, I had a BLAST!

That would be me waiting….and praying!

Yes, my legs were shaking & my heart was in my throat!

There were 9 zip-lines!  Incredibly gorgeous views…when I had my eyes open.

My victory pose.  I came, I saw, and I conquered! 🙂

Wanna see the video of one of the ziplines?  I had a helmet cam, and what you see is what I saw.  The crazy person doing an upside down number is hubby…crazy!

As you can see, I didn’t quite make it to the landing….how embarrassing! 😦


We had a few hours before the zipline, so we visited Akaka Falls State Park.  Here are some photos courtesy of hubby.

Check out the mosquito on top of the Red Torch Ginger Flower!

Hubby clicking away!

Thanks for visiting!! 


44 thoughts on “Hello Hilo!

  1. What a blast! I have acrophobia, too – have managed one round of zipline, but it looks like you were swinging WAAAAY higher than i was – not sure i could do it!

    • Oh, I’m pretty sure you would have handled it better than I.
      I was scared out of my mind, but I’m so glad I did it!! This zipline was voted #1 in Hilo/Hawaii….so they say. A couple of runs were quite fast & high!! I can see why it’s so popular.

  2. looks like a fab vacation
    i think a cruise was the perfect way to see all of the islands
    never have to move rooms and not worry about how to get from place to place
    the zip line looks sooooo fun!

    • Hi Brett!
      For the first time visitor to Hawaii, I think the cruise is the way to go if you can live with the food on the ship…not good (in my opinion). But, having to fly to island to island, changing hotels would be time waisted. We have a good idea which island we would revisit after this trip. Good experience.
      The zipline was fun!! 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart was in my mouth watching you zip!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHH! I don’t think I could do it Jeannie! I freak when in a tall building, it is so hard to look down! You are brave! And you caught all of it on camera, WOW, I hope it goes viral!!!! 🙂 So the photos are just so amazing, there are no words. So gorgeous. Thank you for posting this! xo!

    • I have an extreme fear of heights, too! It wasn’t easy, but glad I did it! All nine of them!!
      The video will be a reminder of this wonderful vacation. Hawaii is just so beautiful!

  4. Really Nice Photographs ,I love the waterfall ones. Great Zipline video. Woo for overcoming your fear, that’s great = )

  5. That’s AMAZING! Such big respect to you on the zipwire, it looks petrifying! And your crazy husband upside down?!! Thanks for letting us scaredycats live it through your helmetcam

    • I know! Hubby IS crazy! It scared me to death to see him that way. The zipline was terrifying but so much fun! I can see why people do crazy things…adrenaline rush!
      Glad you enjoyed the video!

  6. Oh, did I enjoy this video! I don’t think I could ever do this, so it’s great to be able to see what it would be like. And I’m sure these rescues happen ALL the time, though it was good of you to leave a nice tip. (And hey, that guy was the star of the video. “You got my best side.” HA! Love it).

      • Thanks Anne!
        I’ll tell hubs that you like his photos….he’s really enjoying photography.
        As for the zipline, I didn’t think I could do it either….I needed a little push (ok, a big push), but I’m glad I did it. So much fun!
        He was a good sport about being taped from behind! It was quite funny. 🙂

  7. Your video really made my day, Ma’am! I didn’t realize I was holding my breath starting in 2:28 or 2:31 when you were hanging over the river until that guy in yellow came to your “rescue”. hahaha! What an experience!

  8. Wow, beautiful pictures! I especially loved the pic of the falls – breathtaking! Your husband is a very good photographer. I admire you for taking on the zipline challenge. I salute you! 🙂

  9. How brave of you to feel your fear and do it anyway! The photos are stunning and so are you in your zipl-line outfit. Proves the point that there’s an ensemble for every event.

    • Thank Judith!
      I figure it’s about time! What better way to face my fear than head on….right? I’m super glad I did it….didn’t cure the phobia, but at least I know I can handle it. 🙂

  10. Oh Jeannie – My palms were sweating watching you on the zip line! I did it once in Costa Rica but I missed the view because I was too afraid to open my eyes. You’re so brave! 🙂 Great photos! ~Patricia

  11. Beautiful!!!!! I would for sure take to the zipline!!!! Wha hoooooo…..You are so blessed to have this experience and a hubby who loves his beautiful wife! Thanks for sharing, enjoy for all of us. j/

  12. Some more great photos. It looks like a dream vacation. I am proud of you for conquering your fear and doing the zipline…I “think” I could do it, not sure. But I love the victory pose–great form and style.

    • Hi Jane! How are you? I hope you’re doing well. I’ll be sure to tell the photographer that you like his photos…it’ll make him smile! Please thank your mom for us for taking Matt on the trip. I enjoyed the photos!

      • I’m doing well in Korea~ Jeju was really great but it would have been better if you and Mr. West were there with us !! Also, my mom says it was the least she could do since I had such a great time with you guys… 🙂

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