Happy weekend everyone!

Just a quick post….hubby and I are in Hawaii! 🙂  We’ll be Island hopping from a cruise ship this week.  Will try to post when I can.  Until then, just wanted to share a few photos from the hotel.

Bon voyage!

Thank you for stopping by, and have a wonderful weekend!


26 thoughts on “Aloha!

  1. Thank you so much everyone for your well wishes! We’re having a wonderful time visiting the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Hottab, yes, it is the Hilton Hawaiian Village. We stayed there before sailing out on the cruise. It’s a lovely hotel.

  2. oh my gosh! lucky you! were those pictures taken in the hilton hawaiian village? sure looks like it, that’s where I stayed when I went to Waikiki beach almost 4 years ago with my family. Hope you have a fantastic time!

  3. Oh I am so JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!! oh well, ya’ll have fun anyway and do post pics for the rest of us weary souls! You look fab on the ship!

  4. Aloha Jeannie! How fabulous you are there, I can almost smell it now! Peace and tranquility are yours for the taking! 🙂

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