Pinstripes & Sunscreen

Jacket: Ralph Lauren   Pants & T-shirt: Theory   Shoe: Stuart Weitzman  Bag: Chanel


I came across this article a few days ago, and it’s had me in a state of panic since then.  I’m aware of the adverse effects the sun/UVA rays have on your skin, but this photo?….it elevated my fears to new heights.

Can you say, “a picture is worth a thousand words?”| Posted: 06/05/2012

The sun has turned truck driver Bill McElligott into the man with two faces.

The right side of his face looks like a healthy 69-year-old’s. The left side, the one exposed to the sun for 28 years, looks 20 years older.

McElligott drove a unairconditioned milk delivery truck to stores and gas stations in Chicago for 28 years on a nine-hour route during the day.

It wasn’t until his grandchildren a few years ago started asking why part of grandpa’s face was creased and full of bumps and broken veins that he went to a dermatologist.

Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays transmit through window glass, penetrating the top layers of the skin, dermatologist Dr. Jennifer R.S. Gordon wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine.  She had treated McElligott three years ago and discovered he had a dramatic case of unilateral dermatoheliosis: One side of his face was ravaged by the sun, the other wasn’t.

Yikes!  Pass me the sunscreen!!

Does this mean no more of this??  Say it ain’t so!


Have a wonderful weekend folks!!


56 thoughts on “Pinstripes & Sunscreen

  1. Some combinations just always look fresh: black pants, white jacket, pinstripes and the perfect pale tan accents! I have missed keeping up with your inspiring style postings. I was just noticing how great your hair looks before I saw these comments about your hair–well, it looks great now, just sayin’.
    How’s the French going? Are you still learning it?

    • Haha…French? juste un peu…
      I think I’m too old to learn a new language…you know, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” My brain is not as receptive anymore….it’s hard enough to remember what I did yesterday!

  2. Jeannie, I keep “accidentally” coveting when I come to your blog! 🙂 That jacket is gorgeous and I almost fainted when I saw the Chanel bag. 🙂 That snakeskin on the logo and your shoes, LOVE IT! And the sun… I grew up in So California and lived to go to the beach. After baking my body for years, I quit the sun cold turkey when I was in my mid 20’s. A little bit of sun daily though, on bare skin, during the early morning or late afternoon hours is very beneficial for balancing hormones. If you can put the soles of your feet in the rays, all the better. Women need vitamin D and so many are deficient because of all the slathering of sunscreen in our day. Yummy bracelets! 🙂

    • Rachel! You’re too funny!
      You were wise to stay out of the sun in your 20’s…I wasn’t too smart. I did not know about exposing the soles of your feet, good to know! Thanks for the info!! 🙂

  3. Jeannie, you are rocking this stylish look to perfection!! The Ralph Lauren blazer is fabulous, such a chic piece – I want to steal it for myself 😉 Absolutely gorgeous relaxed-glam look, and the accessories complement it perfectly – I’m particularly taken with the necklace, it’s so beautiful. Also, I’ve gone all mushy over that pic of you & your gorgeous dog – so adorable!! xoxo

  4. I love the way you take “serious” pieces that could be quite conservative, but in a nonchalant way you push up the sleeves, untuck a bit of the tank, and wear Chanel and snakeskin heels so easily. You make it look casual, sexy, and glamorous all at once.

  5. Love love your outfit. All if it! So classy yet looks so comfy. Oh I remember the baby oil days. My moisturizer has SPF 15 but when outdoors I use 70 on my face (neutrogena) and spray on my body. I still tan but have the protection (I hope I do)

    Have a great weekend!!

    • Thanks Glenda!
      You too? Guess baby oil was quite popular back then.
      I haven’t been very consistent about using sunscreen b/c I rarely burn, but that’s no excuse.
      I just can’t get over the difference on this man’s face!

  6. Congratulations for the new layout of your blog!Those Theory pants seem very comfortable and the fit looks great! I will keep my suncream always with me!

  7. Hello girlfriend! I look forward to your outfits but really enjoy the add ons…………..when did we start loving a tan so much!!!!! Back in the day, I’d lay out, covered in baby oil, but didn’t do any of the other. After I started working at 16, never had much time for sun worship. Thankfully, from what everyone says, my skin is holding out pretty good. I do want to remind everyone to apply ss to arms, neck, cleavage etc. when out walking. I appreciate my very fair skin now!!!! Loving that Tobi!

    • Hi Judy!
      Well, I guess it was a good thing you had to work at an early age 16. It saved your skin from sun damage!! I, on the other hand, went overboard with sun worship. No turning back the clock now. 😦
      Hope you have a terrific weekend!

  8. First, let me say how much I love you in this outfit. Second, I noticed your comment about the baby oil. We did that too but for some reason we added idodine…what? Another brilliant idea was to line our album covers with aluminum foil and hold them under our faces, like an open book, to get a magnified reflection of the sun. How we survived all this I will never understand!!

    • Haha! I remember the iodine & the reflectors!!! Some of my friends added iodine…can’t remember why?! Maybe for a little color? I remember the silver mat, too! It’s so scary to think about what all we did back then!! Shhhh, we won’t tell our kids. 😉

  9. Love the photo of you and your baby! So, so cute. Very nice outfit too. Thank you for the reminder about sunscreen. Too bad about this man….having the unairconditioned truck all those years. I believe there is UV protection on glass and windshields so if he could have at least had air with the windows up he might have had a different outcome. Powerful thing the sun.

    • Merci Bliss! Tobi is such a cutie! He’s very photogenic, too!
      I was so shocked to see the difference in his face, if this doesn’t scare us/me vein/old women, I don’t know what could!
      I just picked up SPF45 sunscreen for face today!! 🙂

  10. I love your outfit today! The pinstripes make it feel so crisp and counter the drapey tee. You are so lovely, with such great taste. I’m always inspired. The picture of the guy is really telling. Kids, wear your sunscreen everyday. You’ll thank all us “old ladies” for that advice! 🙂

    • How sweet are you? Thank you so much, Laura!
      I’m constantly telling my daughter to use sunscreen…hope she’s listening.
      It’s hard for me to stay out of the sun b/c I love the water and the outdoors, so, bring on the sunscreen! 🙂

    • Thanks Anne!
      Same here. I remember putting on baby oil and baking on the roof of my dorm building with all my girlfriends in college…how bad was that? I’m preaching to my kids…hope they’re listening.

  11. Hi Jeannie, it’s beautiful the outfit that you show us today. The jacket and bag are fantastic. And the combination of black, gray and white is perfect. I like the change in your hair in recent posts. I love the landscape of your photos.

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