Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

Hunter & Tobi

If you only knew what we had to do to snap this photo.

Hunter is my daughter’s rescue dog….love of her life.  Tobi, of course, is my baby.

My first contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge.


51 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

  1. Hey lady! Sorry I’ve been out of touch. The end of the school year is always so hectic, I was having trouble focusing on anything else. I love this picture, it’s so sweet. Our two dogs are always in funny photographic poses until you actually bring out the camera. Then they lie down and go to sleep and won’t do ANYTHING! I wish I could have seen you trying to get this shot! Fun!


  2. The dogs are so cute! I wanted to stop by and ask you if you want to join Adrienne and me for our next roundup, “Chic Traveling Outfit”. We’d love to have join us again. You can send me a picture and oh, pretty please, for me, include one of your gorgeous bags (you know I am a big Chanel and Louis Vuitton fan!)! XO, Jill

  3. They are adorable, especially their back view – it always makes you feel contemplative and like they are too.
    I am just guessing, someone had to jump into the lake to attract both their attention to look in the same direction in sync?
    Pray tell! We are all curious!

    • Hi Jeannie! Love your name!! 🙂
      My daughter placed treats in front of them and told them to “hold”. They just sat there watching the treat with one eye and the other on my daughter for the command to “get it”. It’s a good thing they both knew this trick!

      • AHHhhh! So I see – very very disciplined pets to have hold just for even a few seconds 😮 Our cats would already vacuumed up all the treats! Thank you for loving my name 😀 My mom named me after the drama sitcom ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ in 1965 😉

    • Hi Jessie!
      Well, lets just say we went thru lots of treats first, then my daughter finally figured out that if we placed the treats in front of them and tell them to “hold” (they both knew this trick), they’ll sit there until she gives the command to “get it” giving me time to take a few photos!

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