Inspirations & Awards

Inspiration can come from anywhere; nature, pinterest….well, okay ~ I tried.

I would like to thank couple of blogger friends for wonderful awards they’ve passed on to me recently.

First, The Blogger Appreciation Award from Jean @dross into gold.  Jean is a beautiful woman “of a certain age” as she calls it, whose love for her family is quite evident from her “about me” page.  She’s one of the most creative person I know.  She can create a fabulous one of a kind, stylish ensemble from thrifted finds.  So talented!  Thank you for thinking of me for this award.

In order to accept the award, I must:

1.  Thank the person who nominated me by linking his/her blog.

2.  Answer the four questions below

3.  Award the Blogger Appreciation Award to fellow bloggers

4.  Let the Bloggers know that you have nominated them.
 1.  How long have you been blogging?
      I started blogging since August 25, 2011. 
 2.  Why did you start blogging?
      I needed to find a way to cope with being an empty nester.
 3.  What type of blogs do you like to follow/read?
      I like all types of blogs…fashion, humor, inspirational, photography & travel.
 4. What is the one thing you’d like to improve on as a blogger?
      Just one?  
      Hmm…probably writing.  I’ve never been a good writer.  I’d love to write humorous posts and make you smile.
Now to the second award…
Don’t you just love the name of this award?  Living Passionately Award.
My gratitude for this award goes to Laura @astimegoesbuy.  Laura is a lover of all things fashionable.  She’s also a young 40ish, creative, vintage loving, beautiful lady living the life she dreamed of in Australia.  I’d say she’s definitely living her life passionately.  Thank you Laura for this award!
Now for the rules:
 1.  Take a deep breath.
 2. Think about who you’d like to pass this on to.
        Done!  I’ll post them at the end of this page.
 3. Do something weird and out of the ordinary today.
        Done!  Ha, wouldn’t you like to know…
 4. Post the award someplace conspicuous…the underside of the hamper lid, inside of the lav door, at the bottom of the bird-cage.
       How about as a screen saver on my lap top!  Conspicuous enough?
       Note: I’m not sure about this one because I think conspicuous is opposite of “inside of the lav door?”
       ***Okay, Laura tells me this is a “tongue in cheek” statement…. I’m so dense! 🙂
Now, I’d like to pass these two awards to following bloggers:
1. Barbara @Mighty Inspiration.  Her inspirational blog lifts my spirits.
2. Bliss @stepping my way to bliss. A doll of a lady who loves her family & a rescued pup name Rockefeller.  Her sense of humor can be felt in her writings.
3.  SzaboInSlowMo @She Can’t Be Serious.  A wife and a mom to two teenage girls ~”desperately seeking humor in everyday life.”  Yes, she’s funny!
4. Mary Claire @mary claire studios.  She’s a mom and an artist from Orchard Park, NY.  So very talented!
5.  Tamera @Tamera Beardsley.  This is one stylish, elegant lady with an incredible talent for creating beautiful fashion accessories. Her photos are gorgeous, too!
Thank you folks for stopping by!
Jacket & Pants:  BCBGMaxAzria      Top: Ralph Lauren
Bag: Balenciaga         Shoes:  Michael Kors

42 thoughts on “Inspirations & Awards

  1. YOU, milady, are a sweetie! Thank you for the mention and the awards…I do appreciate it. And you look as fantastic as always…love the color of the jeans/pants. Gorgeous.

  2. Jeannie thanks for the shout out you forever stylish one you! I stopped by to tell you that you inspired a shoe purchase yesterday! I bought a great pair of shoe booty/sandal heels, …. while trying them on, I realized they would elevate many of my outfits…then I realized they reminded me of your stylish self…thank you for the inspiration my dear!

  3. Your outfits never disappoint (even if you used the model as your inspiration) that’s ok! You pulled it together! Love it!

    • Haha..yes, the photos are too far. I did not have good photos of the close ups. The red is very difficult to capture in the photos for some reason.
      I could never look good as the model….I just like the color combination of the outfit.

  4. Thanks for calling me a young 40ish person! 🙂
    Especially since I am looking down the barrel of my last year in the 40s!!
    I think the conspicuously thing is a little bit of a tongue in cheek / sarcasm thing…although I see the inside of the clothing hamper a fair bit (forever doing laundry!)

  5. Congratulations on the awards! You have such a great blog. Love reading and the mother’s day post made me tear up!
    Also, I might take some inspiration from this outfit 😉

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