Denim & Dentist

大家好! (Hello everyone!)

“The world’s favorite season is the spring.   All things seem possible in May.”   ~Edwin Way Teale

Can you believe it’s already May?  At this rate, I’ll have to change my blog title to “gracefully 60.”  Soon!

Denim Skirt & Sweater:  Ann Taylor        Denim Bag:  Louis Vuitton

Shoes:  Christian Lacroix    Shades:  Ray-Ban


I recently came across this article which left me…speechless.  For those of you not familiar with the story…

Ultimate revenge? Recently dumped dentist removes all of her ex’s teeth.

A recently dumped Polish dentist got revenge on her former boyfriend by removing all of his teeth – causing his new girlfriend to give him the boot as well, the New York Daily News reported.

Anna Mackowiak, 34, agreed to treat a toothache for her ex-boyfriend, Marek Olszewski, 45, just a few days after he had broken up with her.  According to the New York Daily News, Mackowiak initially tried to be professional about the process but had a sudden change of heart when she saw him lying in her chair.

That’s when Mackowiak allegedly gave Olszweski a massive dose of anesthetic and took out every single one of his teeth.  After the procedure, she wrapped his jaw in bandages to keep him from opening his mouth – and then she left.

According to the New York Daily News, Olszewski knew something was wrong as soon as he woke up, but he didn’t realize the full horror until he got home and looked in his mirror.

Olszewski said he plans to get implants, but his new girlfriend was so unnerved by his toothless mouth that she left him.

Mackowiak is currently being investigated for medical malpractice and could face up to three years in jail.

I’m not sure who gets the prize for Bonehead Of The Year,  the ex-boyfriend for seeking  dental treatment from the ex-girlfriend, or the ex-girlfriend, the dentist, who actually pulled this off….get it? Pulled teeth off?  LOL!  She must have been really pissed!!!!

Do you love your dentist? 🙂

Some tortures are physical
And some are mental,
But the one that is both
Is dental.  

~Ogden Nash

Btw, I love my dentist!  Thanks for stopping by!


43 thoughts on “Denim & Dentist

  1. My lovely Jeannie, you are rocking this outfit to perfection!! Yet another gorgeous, supremely chic look from you – love how you’ve worked the neon trend into this outfit with the skinny belt! Subtle and incredibly stylish!! I get so inspired by your style & blog posts!! xoxo

    • Hi Kachet!
      Don’t laugh, but I had to google what you meant by “fly”. Lol! This should tell you how old I am!
      I used words like “rad”, “cool”, “awesome”, “groovy”….long ago, that is. I like “fly”, thank you! 🙂
      If you think this story is bad, you should google Lorena Bobbit (1993). Yikes!

  2. That story cracks me up! That is something people say that they would like to do, but stop themselves from doing.
    Anyway, super cute outfit.

  3. Grace, first of all…love that skirt! Aren’t pencil skirts the most wonderful things?!? And when I read that story, I was absolutely horrified!!!! I can’t even believe she would do that….I guess I have just never been THAT angry. I think I get my feelings hurt more than I get mad….I can’t imagine what the poor guy is going to do. Kind of surprised that he went to his exgirlfriend though, you know? Hugs pretty girl! ~Serene

    • Hi Serene!
      Yes, I love pencil skirts! I think they’re flattering for most women.
      It was very STUPID if him to go to his EX for dental treatment…maybe he thought he would get a discount? She, on the other hand, has a major psychological (anger management) issues! Made for TV movie in the making? 🙂

    • Thank you sweetie!
      Oh, how I wish to do 30’s over again! Just to have my kids at home.
      I’m ready for the next phase…grandkids! Too bad neither of my kids are ready for marriage & kids. 😦

  4. love the flash of green at the belt! you rock!

    and that guy probably should have known better than to go to an ex-girlfriend for dental work. although she really does need to be punished for that… what happened to just throwing a slushee on an ex?

  5. Oh my goodness…you will never be 60–thanks for the chuckle. Love the green belt with this outfit.

  6. I love that sweater and the pop of green. Yes, 60 is way far away, and even then you’ll still look thirty-something!


  7. nice outfit! casual, comfy and i could wear to work! i want all of your purses…
    that dude must of really messed with that ladies heart ( and mind) big ego to go to her for dental care.

    • Thanks Judy!
      I’d love to know the whole story…maybe they’ll make it into a movie. What happened to just throwing his stuff out into the street or bashing his car? Lol!

  8. Beautiful outfit and very balanced in form and color. The shirt is gorgeous, I like the color scheme is nice. I like also the broad shape of the shirt and sleeves. The bag and shoes are very pretty. I think the 60 are still far …

    • Thanks Terri!
      I’d love to know the whole story! He must have done something MAJOR for her to be this angry, even so, this is waaaay out of line. They weren’t even married!

    • Hi Janel!
      I was absolutely speechless after I read the story. I’m still shaking my head…I’m sure he deserved some kind of retribution ;), but pulling all his teeth? Yikes!

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