Twitter & Harem Pants

Hola a todos!

I hope your weekend was wonderful!

I had my eyes opened tonight about the dark side of social media, specifically twitter.  My twitter account was somehow hacked, and the hacker has sent out quite a few private messages telling them to open a link.  One of the messages said, “Hello this user is posting terrible rumors about you…”  The other message said, “rofl…omg I am laughing so hard at this pic of you my friend uploaded”  When you try to open the link, it asks you to sign into your twitter account.  Don’t do it!!  Now, I’ve gotten a few of these in the past, and have learned not to open the links…so, I’m not quite sure how my account was hacked?!

I’m sort of new to the twitter world, and I don’t tweet much…why would anyone do this?  What does this accomplish other than creating headaches for those affected?  It seems that this is a widespread problem.  If your account has been compromised, change your password asap!  I wanted to share this information just in case you’re techno-challenged like me.  I’m sorry if you received one of these twitter messages….it wasn’t me! I promise!  I also want to thank those of you who warned me before I even realized my account was hacked.

I’m not sure if harem pants are even in style anymore.  But, I know this…it SURE is comfortable!

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Thanks for dropping by, and have a wonderful week!

Sweater:  Ann Taylor     Pants:  Thread        Bag: Chanel

Shoes:  Boutique 9          Scarf & Shades:  Burberry


69 thoughts on “Twitter & Harem Pants

  1. Absolutely stunning outfit! So chic, and it puts me in mind a of a quintessential Parisien street style look! You have amazing fashion sense & great taste in clothes!!

    Ah, hackers are so cruel – it’s awful the things they do! A friend of mine had her personal Facebook account hacked once & the hacker posted horrible things on her profile which upset so many people! Glad you got things sorted though xoxo

    • You are so good for my ego! Thank you so much!
      I’ve heard of horror stories about Facebook, too….it’s sad that social media has turned into hacker’s paradise.

  2. Thumbs up to the cool harem pants (and the amazing shoes!) Thumbs down to the hacking. Sometimes I feel so exposed with the social media accounts. Thanks for the reminder to be careful, though!

  3. Oh wow! I wondered what that tweet from you was supposed to be about. Thanks for the heads up.
    BTW, I believe harem pants are in, but even if they weren’t, who cares? You look great.

    • Hi Sheila!
      Thanks! Glad to hear people still wear them. Remember MC Hammer’s ” Can’t Touch This” music video? Yeah, he’s wearing one! 🙂
      I hate that my account was hacked…I feel violated in a strange way.

  4. Jeannie! I LOVE harem pants! I don’t care if they are in style or not! And love your heels!

    That’s really stinky about the Twitter hack – I got the message and thought that might be the case. Otherwise, I hope you had a nice weekend! 🙂

    xo, sam

    • Haha Thanks Sam! If you had to grade a clothing piece for its comfort-ability, the pants would get an A+++! It’ll get worn a lot this summer with a t-shirt or as a bathing suite cover up.
      So glad you didn’t open the twitter message!

  5. i had the same thing happen to me about a month after i was on twitter, since changing my password (that was about a year ago) i haven’t had anymore problems
    love love love those shoes

  6. Great Outfit, it looks quite comfortable. I love love the shoes. Sorry to hear about your Twitter hacking. Truly uncalled/ridiculous. I, myself have experienced hacking once and it was used for marketing purposes. I was quite frustrated as it was beyond me why people would want to do this to somebody. Glad that you found out about the hacking go. Have a lovely week. God Bless = )

    • Hi Breana!
      I was very fortunate to get messages from a few experienced friends letting me know that my account had been hacked. It is crazy tho…I would just like to know why.
      I hope you have a wonderful week as well!! 🙂

  7. gracefully50. You look amazing. I love the pants. You seemed to have handled the tweeter hacking well. I showed my ignorance by writing a very rude note not realising I had written to a virus…that is until some IT wizard warned me to stop being weired. Ha ha ha. I hate hackers. So shameless.

  8. I’m with AsTimeGoesBuy — Pants? what pants? My eye went right to the shoes!

    Sorry about the Twitter problems. Is there any way for us to “see” what DMs have been sent by our account? Or did you only know because people told you? How annoying! Thanks for warning us all so quickly.

    • LOL! Thanks Anne!
      I was able to see just a few of the DMs that my account sent out, but not all of them. I know this because I’ve gotten messages from others that they got a message from me. I’m clueless. I know to never open suspicious links, especially if it asks for your twitter id & pw!

  9. I don’t get it why they hacked somebodies twitter but you know people would just fish somebodies social network account just for the heck of it. Anyways, love your shoes!! You always look great! ^_^

    Kim, USA

  10. Very interesting about your Twitter being hacked. I got one of those messages from a politician’s Twitter saying someone was posting terrible rumours about me, and I was thinking, well, I am just not interesting enough for that, so something is very fishy. Now that I see this post I realize the politician’s Twitter account must have been hacked, and clearly it’s something to be vigilant of.
    Anyway, the shoes and vest “make” that outfit, for me. Great combo.

    • Thanks Patti!
      Hubby installed a few apps for added protection for my computer last night. Hopefully, I won’t have too many of these types of issues…especially with my personal computer. I’ll be very hesitant about opening any links, not even from someone I know. Sad!

  11. Looking good, girl! Very cute outfit. Thanks for the heads up about Twitter. The only reason I have a Twitter account is for blogging…when I post something it gets tweeted out there, I guess. I never tweet otherwise and I rarely go into my account. I truly don’t “get” tweeting…or much of the social networking hype. I miss landline, rotary dial telephones.

    • Thanks Bliss!
      Lol! Land-line & rotary? Remember how large the cell phones were when they first came out?
      I heart my iPhone! Don’t want to go back…Noooo! 🙂

      I signed up for twitter for the same reason as you….wonder if it was worth it?

  12. sometimes the hack is just to get hits to a particular website – people get paid per hit. other times? something more nasty. good that you caught the hack, though…

    those shoes! oh, my! with the harem pants, they are amazing!

    • I’m glad it wasn’t my bank account, or something with more dangerous like an identity theft. I’m just so clueless sometimes with these kinds of things. Hubby, on the other hand, is the total opposite. He had me install several apps on my computer for protection last night.

      Thanks for liking the outfit/shoes…wasn’t too sure about the pants. I think I could sleep in them tho…comfy & silky! (not the shoes!)
      Have a great day daisyfae!!

  13. You look great…very in style..and the shoes are incredible….I got the exact same messages, but I immediately got a warning of a phishing scheme so I got out of it quickly. It is annoying that you have to be so careful with all of it.

  14. you look great in these pants, so laid back and resort style.Very effortlessly chic! I like the shimmer on the scarf for a dressy look. The shoes are fabulous too, My twitter was also hacked and twice, I was so frustrated that I closed the account.


    • Good Monday Mongs!
      Thank you! 🙂
      I’m not very active on twitter…don’t know the ins and outs yet. I sure hope this doesn’t happen again, or I may just close the account as well.
      Have a wonderful day!

    • Hi Anne!
      Yes, it is creepy…knowing someone can actually get your pw and hack into your account. Dangerous cyber world out there if you think about it.

      Thank you for stopping by!
      Have a great day!

  15. Thanks for the Twitter info. I would have been one of those people that signed in. It is a horrible feeling to have someone do something like that. A few weeks back someone had been able to take the link from an article I wrote and made it go to some advertisement. The link was in a LinkedIn writer’s group and I was horrified. I have no idea how it was done, but I apologized for any inconvience to the group and thanked them for pointing it out to me. Basically, it sucked.

  16. Hi Jeannie. Sorry about Twitter, it’s very sad that people do these things. Become a useful tool in a problem. Today I have no clear your outfit. You know I like to combine white and black, but the pants are not my favorites. They are comfortable, but I do not like. The shoes and scarf are beautiful. Not everything is perfect every day … I hope not to bother, you know I always admire you.

    • Hi Josep!
      As for the twitter problem, I changed my password as soon as I found out it was hacked. I think that should take care of the problem…hopefully. Oh, don’t worry that you don’t care for the harem pants…I bought them for beach wear a few years ago but forgot about them. Comfy pants…maybe not too stylish. I always welcome your input. Thank you!

  17. Hacking is a serious pain. So many of my friends have had their email hijacked and used for either marketing or pornographic purposes. On a lighter note, the shoes are amazingly stunning as are you, always.

  18. You do the pants well!!! And I want those shoes!!!!!! I would be so proud to stand next you at any event, you are always a fashion plate. Don’t tweet, way to techo challenged for that.

  19. It seems to me that you took very prompt action to stop the spammer fast. I like your harem pants…and I have a few pair that I’ve never worn on the blog. Now that I think about it, I should have worn them to the pajama party. Are these made of silk?

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