Lavender bouquet

Happy Friday!!

What do you think of when you hear the word lavender?

This is what comes to mind for me…my inspiration for today’s outfit.

I’m joining Terri @RAGS against the MACHINE for virtual pajama party today.  Tobi looks sleepy…

You like my house shoes?  It’s April and I’ve got fur shoes on.  I’ve always been plagued by cold feet…no matter what time of the year.  Besides, hubby keeps the house so cold!


Some interesting facts that I came across a few days ago…

Eleven Worst Burgers in America:

11.  Worst Classic Fast-Food BurgerBurger King Whopper with Cheese: 760 calories, 47 g fat,  1410 mg sodium

10.  Worst Burger Kids’ Meal – McDonald’s McDouble Mighty Kids Meal with Fat-Free Chocolate Milk Jug: 765 calories, 30 g fat, 1215 mg sodium.

9.  Worst Basic Burger – Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburger: 920 calories, 62 g fat, 1310 mg sodium.

8. Worst Healthy Burger – Ruby Tuesday Avocado Turkey Burger: 968 calories, 61 g fat, 1601 mg sodium.

7. Worst Burger Melt – Red Robin All-American Patty Melt: 1254 calories, 94 g fat, 1951 mg sodium.

6. Worst BBQ Burger – Chili’s Shiner Bock BBQ Burger: 1300 calories, 74 g fat, 2840 mg sodium.

5.  Worst Sliders – Applebee’s Cheeseburger Sliders with Applewood Smoked Bacon: 1340 calories, 87 g fat, 2550 mg sodium.

4.  Worst Double Cheeseburger – Denny’s Double Cheeseburger: 1400 calories, 87 g fat, 2680 mg sodium.

3.  Worst Crazy Burger Creation – Friendly’s Grilled Cheese Burger: 1540 calories, 92 g fat, 2490 mg sodium.

2.  Worst Fast-Food Burger – Sonic Ring Leader Loaded Burger Double Patty: 1660 calories, 120 g fat, 1450 mg sodium.

1.  Worst Burger in America! – Chili’s Jalapeño Smokehouse Bacon Burger: 1910 calories, 126 g fat, 5290 mg sodium.

Information courtesy of David Zinczenko with Matt Goulding of Yahoo! Health.

Wow!  Now that I’m sufficiently salivating, what say you?  I’ve actually had #1, #6, #9, and #11.   And, let me tell you! #1 is so goooood!!!

Back to spinach salad with grilled chicken for me…blah!


For you…

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!! 

Shirt:  Guess      Jeans: AG Adriano Goldschmied

Shoes: Luiza Barcelos     Bag: Louis Vuitton   Sunnies: Gucci



61 thoughts on “Lavender bouquet

  1. LOVE that blouse – it’s so romantic! And those lavender pants are so fun! You and Tobi are so cute in that PJ picture!!! The mug is the perfect touch! 🙂

    xo, sam

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous outfit and pictures! Lavender always makes me think of peace and calm!! I also love the PJ picture you did for Terri’s party! You are so classy!! I hope you can stop by to see the Fiesta Fashion Show I covered yesterday!!

  3. gracefully50. You always bring beauty, sunshine and laughter to my soul. So many girls in Africa are called Lavender and looking at your pictures, I now understand why! The ugliest Hambugers made me laugh although I did lose appetite for Hamburgers at the moment. I do very simple meals. Regards to Tobi. Thanks.

  4. The lavendar pants are so feminine.
    My hubby keeps our house a little too cool for my liking also. I just bundle up in my sweater, or robe and blanky at night to watch tv. And we have several layers of blankets on our bed. You’re making me realize I really need to invest in some classier pajamas though. I have things along the lines of bright lime green and hot pink jammie pants with monkeys on them. haha

  5. I tried on two pairs of Lavender jeans last week but decided they were too much for me and bought white ones instead. Good for you for wearing lavender jeans! I love how you’ve pair them with a frilly white blouse. Beaituful!

  6. I am a new reader…..I find myself looking at your blog as one of the first that I read. It was a great blog this time…..from the lavender to the worst hamburgers.

  7. THANK YOU for that post–not only do I WANT that shirt right now, but promoting awareness of the dangers of that kind of food is such a needed thing to do. I think that abysmally unhealthy eating and excessive reliance on painkillers (both over-the-counter and prescription) are the most dangerous and destructive health threats in North America today. Drastic action and more dissemination of information on these matters is desperately needed. Can you tell you hit a nerve?

    There was a great article in one of the recent 2012 Vogue magazines outlining the terrible dangers of over-the-counter painkillers which I would encourage people to find and read.

    Here’s to health, the number one way to prevent aging.

    • You ARE passionate about this subject!…rightly so. I agree with you about the unhealthy eating habits and the drug abuse in this country. I just wish the fast-food chains would think about our children, and make the food healthier without using SO much preservatives that’s SO BAD! Fast-food has become a way of life, and I doubt that will change anytime soon. 😦

      • That is right; it won’t change. People need to be informed and responsible for their own health. And that means doing the tough things, asking doctors critical questions, reading LOTS of labels, and saying “no”–to themselves–a lot.
        People are dying off in droves because of painkillers and nobody is really doing a thing about it.

  8. Oh you are such a delight! How soft and pretty you look in this combo. Very girly, romantic. You even have nice pj’s!!! Didn’t see the JR Whopper on the count…..does that mean it doesn’t

    • Thanks Judy!
      Haha, JR Whopper maybe the 12th worst burger…who knows? I was in total shock when I saw the calorie count on those burgers…yeek!
      Have a great weekend Judy!! 🙂

  9. Hi Jeannie, few things are as nice as lavender. I love the smell and color. It is a valuable source of inspiration to make an outfit. Today you saw a beautiful blouse, with a very nice fabric. I love the way they have sleeves. And the pants, lavender, are gorgeous. The bag is spectacular in form and colors. As always, perfect. The outfit has a wonderful romantic touch. Congratulations.

  10. When i hear the word “lavender”, i IMMEDIATELY think “Lilac”. especially this time of year… great outfit! like the mods to the pajama party pic, too! you are completely and totally adorable! happy weekend to you! thanks for a much needed smile….

  11. I am only qualified to answer the very first question. What do I think of when I hear the word lavender?

    It is neutral. It is peaceful.

    I hope this does not seriously damage my image as a macho man.


  12. 1) lavender is one of my fav. Scents! So relaxing.
    2) you look amazing in that color!
    3) I eat lotsa burgers without the bun as my diet food 🙂 love low carb dieting ’cause I get to eat all sorts of yummy things and still lose weight

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