Oh, Vanity….

Greetings from the land of sand & surf.  Arrived this evening and already feeling relaxed.  I’m looking at the full moon hanging over the glistening ocean, and listening to the melodic waves….I’m grateful!

These photos were taken this weekend before we left.  Both the jacket and the skirt are made of linen which is my all-time favorite material for spring & summer.  It does wrinkle, but I like that quality as well ~ go figure!  I like wrinkles!!

Please ignore my half dome in these photos ~ I think hubby’s trying to tell me something?!

I’d like to clarify my previous statement.  I like wrinkles on my linen, NOT on my face or any other parts of my body, not that I have any choice or a say so on that matter.  Nature takes its course no matter what…it’s part of life.  I would be lying if I said I never thought of options to turn back the clock… just being honest.

Which leads me to the question – have you ever or will considered plastic surgery?  Let me share some reasons why I’m just gonna age naturally.

Hang Mioku: the korean plastic surgery addict who injected cooking oil into her own face

Jocelyn Wildenstein: a US$4 million monster

Pete Burns: famous singer, spent almost all of his life savings on reconstructive surgery

Donatella Versace: a caricature of herself

Jackie Stallone: facelift, brow lift, cheek implants, nose job…

Dennis Avner: the Catman

Photos courtesy of oddee.com.

Soooo, have I sufficiently deterred you from going under the knife?  Okay, so these are extreme cases….but the fear of mistakes or even death is enough to keep me far away from the knife…for now. 😉

I’m linking up with Patti@ Visible Monday and Kristin@Monday Mingle, and . Time to check out the lovelies!


I wish you all a wonderful week!

Jacket & Skirt:Ralph Lauren   Shoes: Michael Kors   Bag: Louis Vuitton


85 thoughts on “Oh, Vanity….

  1. Looking so pretty in your pastels! I’m all for other people doing real plastic surgery, but it’s too scary for me. While I like the idea of aging naturally, I’m not opposed to lazering off pigmentation either. I do have lots wrinkles already in my mid-40s and that’s ok with me.

  2. Wow, I haven’t got enough words to say how incredibly beautiful, chic, & perfect this outfit is!! I just completely adore it – the way you’ve created such a gorgeous hourglass silhouette, the divine pastel tones, & of course the great quality of the linen (I’m also a huge fan of linen, always looks chic when you get the styling right 🙂 ) Everything about this outfit is just so gorgeous, elegant & superbly stylish!!

    Also – am with you on the plastic surgery. Unless there was some medical reason for it (like damage done to my body in an accident) then I would NEVER take the risk! Don’t think I could cope with the post-op pain either – especially from an unnecessary procedure!! Hope you’re having an amazing vacation 🙂 xoxo

    • Wowza! Thank you so much!!

      Well, I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to pain as well. Too many reasons not to go under the knife….I’ll wait till they invent a painless and mistake-free surgery! 🙂

  3. Oh those ate some really extreme examples! I’m considering doing something, but maybe not the knife just yet. There are lots of other, less invasive, options out there. Right now I. Just incorporating non prescription retinol.

    Anyway, love the pastels! I want some in my wardrobe this spring, but haven’t quite taken the leap yet.

  4. First off, you look beautiful and elegant as ever! I love the ‘organic’ and pure feeling of a linen piece! Specially in summer on a relaxed day!! Love the printed bag with solid hued outfit! And second – OMG!!!! what do people do their own face and body in the name of beauty! I’d rather have what God gave me, thanks you very much! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  5. I can’t tell you how much I love that outfit! The soft pink…the long skirt…the belt…and you look so lovely and graceful wearing it!

    I’ve never really considered plastic surgery, but any faint thought of it has been completely squelched by those pictures! Eeesh!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  6. I love the linen. It is so pretty.
    I used to think that I would never ever consider plastic surgery. As I get older I am warming up to the idea. As for you, Jeannie, I don’t think there is anything you need to worry about. Enjoy your holiday.

    • Thanks Amy! You’re sweet!
      I think most of us entertain the thought to some degree. It’s a personal decision. I really have no problem with it as long as it’s not too extreme like the photos. There’s something wrong with these folks…imo.

  7. Oh! I love linen too but I can’t pull it off this gracefully! You make it look elegant…I make it look frumpy. And no, I will not jump on the plastic surgery band wagon either unless it is medically necessary (unfortunately I see a brow lift in my future as I am witnessing my father’s brow/eyes drooping more with age and affecting his vision). I’m afraid I look a lot like him through this area of my face. Grrrr. ~~Bliss PS. oh yeah. Thanks for the horrific pictures that are sure to inspire nightmares while you enjoy your idyllic tranquility. Hmmmph. ; )

    • Lol! You’re making my sides hurt!
      I don’t see anything wrong with your eye brow? You have a beautiful face…DON’T touch it! 🙂

      Yes, I’m relaxing by the soothing sound of the ocean. No nightmares here!

  8. I love wrinkly linen, too, but it may be because it gives me an excuse to definitely not iron. So chic and classic, as always.

    The plastic surgery pics are so scary; it’s sad to think what some people do to themselves in pursuit of an odd idea of beauty that’s difficult for many of us to imagine.

    • Yeah, I’m not a big fan of ironing either…only if I HAVE to.
      I wonder if they’re happy with the results? I’d love to know what goes on in the minds of people who go to this extreme.

  9. I love these pastel pink on you. Actually no matter what you wear you look great all the time. ^_^ I would never go facial surgery. First reason no matter to maintain, lol! Second, hubby always told me I am more beautiful without make up, geez!! Third, I would rather go along with nature and be happy about it. Remember going old or getting old accompanies wisdom….that quote is original comes from me, hehe ^_^.
    And like you I have friends who have “boob job”. I later found out they have to go check up every year? And spent money for the boob…..hmmmmm. wait a minute I have to think about it too, so far hubby is okey with what I have now hahahahahahahaha!! Happy Easter Monday!


  10. Love the look of this pastel pink and white linen for an early April Easter. You have made me rethink my no-linens-due-to-wrinkles rule. I guess some people feel they need cosmetic surgeries when they reach a certain age. However, you are an example of someone who always looks ageless and timeless and gorgeous!

    • Oh my! Thank you so much for such a sweet comment!
      I wish I knew your name so I could properly thank you.
      You should wear linen…I think it’s a wonderful fabric for spring/summer!

  11. I love the blazer, and I never understood drastic measures on ‘improvements’ the furthest i’d go is fixing all the ‘indents/pocks’ on my skin…

  12. Love the way you look in the linen, it beautiful and very springy! I however have never felt comfortable in it – maybe that’s a pacific northwest thing. You don’t see a lot of linen up here and what you do see tends to be more hippy’ish and less taylored 🙂

    • Thanks Laura!
      Linen is definitely a hot weather fabric. I can see why you wouldn’t see much of it in Oregon. I just have a fondness for anything that reminds me of the beach!

  13. gracefully50. Ha ha ha! You are gonna make me stop ironing. But really cute did not imagine crumpled clothes can actually look cute. Will try something like it but I even iron my clothes to bed. Otherwise smart, smarter, smartest! Enjoy the sand.

    • Thanks Omwa!
      You iron pajamas? Oh my! I can see how wrinkled linen would not go over too well with you! I knew a friend who used to iron jeans, and I thought that was crazy! 🙂

  14. Love pink and white!!! I like linen, but do worry about the wrinkles…but if Jeannie thinks it’s ok, then me too!! A favorite top is linen, a wrap around waist and turqouise! A very favorite color to wear. Paired with a tan colored linen skirt in past, plan on finding white now!!! You’re so pretty, you don’t need any surgery, nothing at all.

  15. I’ve never been a huge fan of cosmetic surgery and after getting third degree burns on my gums from a laser tooth-whiting fiasco, I know I’ll never succumb to the hype. If I ever need reminding, I’ll revisit this post.

    You, on the other hand, look lovely and feminine in your linen. I love natural fabrics as well!

    • Hi Jean!
      Thank you!
      Sorry to hear about your bad experience with tooth whitening. At least the gums heal, but the possibility of a permanent disfigurement scares the crap out of me!

  16. Woah that was pretty extreme alterations done!

    You never fail to wow me in your outfits. There is so much variations in they style but all are so classic and just simply beautiful!

  17. You never disappoint! I knew you would wear a lovely outfit for Easter….love the pink! And I’m with you sista on the aging naturally thing! Those pictures!!!

  18. I love the soft elegance of that outfit on you. I’ve avoided linen, but maybe the key is to choose somewhat fitted items, rather than loose, oversized ones, as you have done. Then the wrinkles don’t look sloppy, maybe?

    I can see why injectables are tempting, though I could never pay for them. I can’t imagine ever wanting actual surgery. Over time, some women seem to lose all the individuality in the face that way. Have you noticed how many actresses start to look the same, and less interesting?

      • Haha…thanks Anne!
        I actually like the wrinkles in linen….I have no idea why, except that it reminds me of vacations and beaches!
        What boggles my mind is that the celebrities with all their money still can’t find good surgeons. Kenny Rogers come to mind…he doesn’t even look like himself!

    • You hit it right on: eveyone is starting to look the same! I love the beauty in differences, myself. I love that models today look more different from one another than they did 20 or 30 years ago, and yet notice sadly that pop culture (actresses, etc.) seems to want us to all homogenize and become the same. Humans are easily pressured into conformity, I guess.

  19. Beautiful pics and lovely outfit!

    For all those horror cosmetic stories there’s many that went fine and it’s become very commonplace without being obvious, but I too wouldn’t want to have any, we live too toxically as it is without adding to the things our bodies have to cope with. I’d love to look how I did 13-14 years ago but it’s not worth that kind of sacrifice.

    • Thank you!
      Yes, I do have many friends who’s surgeries have improved their health and self esteem. I don’t have any problem with surgery in moderation. I’m just SO nervous about something going wrong…don’t want to have a permanent reminder of surgery gone wrong for the rest of my life!
      I’d love to turn back the clock about 10 yrs as well! 🙂

  20. You look so gorgeous in your soft linen pieces. I agree, it’s a wonderful summer fabric, if we just accept the wrinkling as part of its beauty. I’m not opposed to cosmetic procedures, if one can afford them, but they can have unintended consequences! : o

  21. Looking gorgeous as always Jeannie!! So shocking the plastic surgery pics, people still can’t apply the “everything in moderation” formula… And looove the kid with the cat pic:)!

  22. Good grief, I’m so sorry to see that an advertiser has highlighted “diet” in my prior comment in order to hock their wares with a pop-up–NOT at all the kind of “D***” I meant by using the word. I meant actual, routine, good eating habits with anti-oxidants, red fish and tons of veggies. Sheesh.

  23. First, I LOVE the long, flowy line with that gorgeous skirt! Such a nice look. And what a sampling of the creepiest photos! There are so many OTHER options for slowing the aging process nowadays, though good diet is way under-rated. Finally, I really have to interject my own response to the “fatter looks younger” approach, since I would respectfully submit that I think people subconsciously associate slim with youth, and what a difference to how you feel! My knees were almost non-functioning before I lost a size and now they are nearly painless: that made me feel younger by itself. Some faces may look nice with a bit of extra, but I’m one of the ones where excess goes straight to the face, accents all the creases and lines and falls down into those pouches on either side of your chin! Guess I have always been “chin-heavy” too, as Judy calls it. There are face exercises that help a little (google . . . .) while waiting for that ship to come in.

    Have a lovely vacation,

      • Haha, we must do everything we can . . . to avoid that surgery! I do think those faces you posted are just a more extreme version of how a lot of “successful” surgeries can look, though. Never say never, but please, NOT YET!

  24. love the gorgous spring colors! and linen has always kept me away because of the wrinkles…

    the plastic surgery pics are a great reminder that it’s not without risk – medical and psychological! i have considered having a tummy tuck. i’ve lost over 75 pounds from my heaviest weight, not counting my pregnancies… my gut is a big ol’ lump of fat/skin.

    but i have always come back to – “is it worth risking death to get rid of it?”

    i may yet have it done, because it bothers me so much. i know it would help — had my breasts reduced after my lumpectomy, and before radiation, and have been very happy with the result…

    • Congratulations on your weight loss–wow! I’m certainly no advocate of surgery, but your excess tummy skin is one of the situations where surgery probably does make total sense to get your full enjoyment of the new body which you likely achieved through eating right.

      Best wishes.

    • Thanks daisyfae!
      My hairdresser just had a breast reduction procedure, and she is SO happy!! It was causing her medical issues. I DO understand the need for surgery in many cases, and I’m all for it. Another friend had a tummy tuck due to the same reason you described…she’s also very very happy.
      I’m glad your sx and radiation tx went well…I didn’t know.
      I’m sure you know of an excellent surgeon? I may aks you for his/her name! 😉

  25. Your outfit looks like the perfect Easter ensemble…so soft in color and style! I struggle with the wrinkles in linen and try to avoid wearing it, but this time of year it is everywhere. I guess if I had the money, I would do a little tightening up…but I do not think there will ever be extra money for that! have a great week!!

    • Hi Pam!
      I actually love the wrinkles in the linen….it reminds me of the beach!
      Finding an excellent & reputable surgeon would be on the top of my list if I ever thought of tightening up a bit…yes? 🙂

      Hope you have a wonderful week as well!

  26. You look so elegant in this outfit. I love it how you can look really rockchic one day, and stylish lady the next. Always with class and style. Those pictures are just so horrible! I too will never let any knifes near my face!

  27. I love the linen is perfect for the heat. It is a soft and cool. Your skirt is fabulous and I love wrinkles. In Spanish we have a slogan that says “Wrinkles are beautiful”, which can be applied to clothing and our bodies too. Maturing is naturally beautiful. My English is not very good and I do not understand your phrase “Please ignore my half dome In These photos”, sorry. I like the pink color of your jacket.

  28. very pretty, I like this pastel outfit, looks delicate and stylish. Pink and white looks fabulous together. Thank you for showing us these “after” pictures, they make me appreciate my naturally aged looks better. Yea, I think I would rather age gracefully with wrinkle and all.


  29. Yikes! I’ll have bad dreams tonight now!! I love the soft color of the blazer and the cut of the skirt. I’m another who intends to age naturally, but as gracefully as possible. One of my challenges is that I’m slim…and that actually shows the age more I believe.

  30. When my ship comes in I want lipo and tightening under my chin!! I’ve always been chin heavy, inherited. I consulted with a surgeon, he said “fatter looks younger” ………but I would love a better chin line. So many friends and relatives have had plastic surgery, breast implants, face lifts, eye lids, tummy tucks, lipo on thighs, tush, excess skin removed…the list goes on. I’ve not done these things and never have felt the need to. However, with so many ladies signing on for all the upkeeps, I’m feeling left out, maybe even less than. If I had the means………probably not major surgery, but a chin job, absolutly!

    • Good morning Judy!
      I have friends who’s had a few improvements done as well…very common theses days I suppose. I’m supportive if the procedures do make them happier & healthier…I’m just a wimp. You are a beautiful lady…I wouldn’t change a thing!
      Have a wonderful day!

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