Why did the orange go out with a prune?

Because he couldn’t find a date!  

Haha…I thought this was funny, but hubs rolled his eyes. I’m pretty dense when it comes to jokes…so this is perfect for me!

Hello folks!  Hope your week is going well!

In my continuing celebration of spring with bright & cheerful colors, I present to you ~ ORANGE! 

For someone my age, wearing brights can be somewhat challenging…although, that hasn’t stopped me so far. 🙂  So, I’m following a bit of advice, my own…one bright article per outfit, and pair it with neutrals.  That’s it!

Now, to share some cool ideas from some really creative people…

Pretty cool ~ yes?


Thank you so much for visiting!

Jeans: 7 for All Mankind      Blazer: Guess     T-shirt: Theory

Shoes: Michael Kors      Bag: Louis Vuitton


66 thoughts on “Why did the orange go out with a prune?

  1. I absolutely love looking at all your pics. Your bag collection is to die for!!!
    Can you tell me if the LV bag in this pic is the Saleya MM and if so, do you find the handles uncomfortable? I’m thinking about buying a pre-loved one and have heard people say they prefer the Totally instead. I’d love to hear your input!
    Thanks! 🙂

    • Thanks Connie! Yes, it is Saleya MM. I don’t find the handles too uncomfortable, but if I had a choice, I’d probably go with the Totally MM…just because of the flexible handles. I use mine mostly for travels because it holds SO much! You can’t go wrong with either one. Great bag for spring/summer!

  2. You give fantastic style advice Jeannie – tempering the vibrant brights with neutrals is super stylish, & your outfit is divine!! Love the orange jeans, they’re so gorgeous, and it is a shade that works so well for you! 🙂 xoxo

  3. you have got really chic color jeans and you look great in all of them. Very smsrt cjic outfit…looks fabulous as a weekend outfit yet appropriate for the weekends!


  4. Your age? 50-going-on-you-look-20-to-me? 🙂 I love those jeans. I am totally sneaking skinny jeans to work tomorrow since half the office jumped ship early for the Easter holidaze. I even found a big ol’ Ann Taylor blazer I’ve owned since the early 90s to help disguise ’em…lol.

  5. Thank you so much for joining all the colorblocking fun on my blog. It was great to have you and I’m happy to meet you! And these are great tips, I really like the one with the vacuum, we have a lot of Lego pieces around here and the small ones gets lost so easily. XO, Jill

  6. Corny joke, brilliant woman. Love the orange jeans- a variation on the ubiquitous blogger red jean uniform (which I want to wear!) and I swear you single handedly make me want to rock classic blazers.

    The cord and bread tabs pairing is again, like your jeans and you: brilliant. Happy Wednesday, lovely!

  7. What smart tips! Thank you for sharing. I think your joke is funny 🙂

    The pants are fantastic on you. Thank you for joining me and Jill for our “How I Wear My..” post today. xo

  8. Oh wow!! You have a great collection of colored jeans!! I’m jealous!

    And LOVE those creative ideas! That crazy owl made me LOL at the computer!

    Hope you are having a wonderful day!

    xo, sam

  9. You are such a good blogger! What a superb post, with the fashion, humour and FANTASTIC useful tips that I have never seen before. And, hey, who says women our age can’t wear brights?! Loving that orange.

  10. My hero!!! A lady, close in age, that knocks the socks off when it comes to fashion!!! And, a real sweetheart too! Not many Jeannies on the planet. Fab outfit and useful tidbits, can you do no wrong??? Nope!

    • Aww…Judy! You’ve made my day!!
      I appreciate your wonderful compliment so much!
      I’m afraid I’m not always so sweet, and I make tons of mistakes…just ask my hubby.
      But, I do thank you for thinking so!
      Have a great day!

    • Thanks daisyfae!
      I’m a fairly intelligent person, but when it comes to jokes, I’m as dense as they come. A punch line? Huh? Give me a few minutes and I’ll eventually get it…
      Have you ever seen a person just burst out laughing for no reason? That would be me after I finally get the joke! 🙂

    • Thanks sweetie!
      Photos can be deceiving…you should see me in my sweats, t-shirts, pony tail, and no make-up…not a pretty sight.
      I thought those tips were pretty cool, too!

  11. Hi Jeannie, as always, perfect. Gorgeous outfit, the combination of orange and black have always loved. The wrinkle in the waist remains in place. Today the wind was not attacking your hair, perfect as well. I like the change of sunglasses, are nice. The set is very successful shoe bag, a beautiful pastel touch. The pictures today are a bit far … Happy day!

    • Hi Heather
      Thank you! Mixing with neutrals is a safety net for me…keeps me from going overboard.;) Although, it would be more fun to go ALL out! Only if I were few years younger….

  12. Am I your only blogger friend who thinks “Vols” when you where orange? You wear it well! Also, I love your crazy tips…. the last one with the crazy owl is about me I think.


    • You and one other…she’s a Gator!
      I think it’s a southern thing…”we be crazy about football down here in the south!” Lol!
      You have no idea how happy I am that orange is in style!! “I be stylin at the games this year!”
      Why am I talking this way? 🙂

  13. You look amazing as usual! Just told hubby you are my hero, a woman my age that dresses youthfully and always looks chic, classy and gorgeous! You also have a huge and awesome collection of handbags….drooling.

  14. I should look so good in orange pants (color stops at my waist). My bottom half hasn’t worn anything but black in years. However, I could use your orange spike heels to brighten things up on the lower half!!! Also, great suggestions re: the last few pics!!! ~Sara

    • LOL!
      You mean the peep of orange?
      There’s nothing wrong with black…I have tons of black pants, skirts & jeans. It’s my all time favorite color! You could do a bright shirt, a scarf, OR like you said, orange heels!! 🙂

  15. LOL Thats cute. Let me be the second to tell you (i am sure your husband is first) wear whatever colors you want the brighter the better! You look great in them and wear it very well.

  16. Great tips, lady. The joke wasn’t so great but you made up for it with you cute outfit and the tips. ; ) ~~Bliss

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