Honey sweet ~

Life is the flower for which love is the honey.  ~ Victor Hugo

In appreciation for hubby’s tedious & difficult job of taking photos of my outfits, I’ve decided to feature some of his photos to share with you.  He’s a novice ~ “point & shoot” was the extent of his photo skills until I bribed him into taking photos for this blog.  He’s a perfectionist by trade, so I wasn’t surprised when he started to peruse the internet on photography.  I’m proud of his progress, and I’m also glad he’s found a new hobby. 🙂

I’m shocked that he was able to capture the bee without frightening him off….must have been really hungry, that bee!

If you ask hubby who was the more cooperative subject?  The bee wins! No doubt! 🙂

The dress is actually quite casual. The top half of the dress is like a t-shirt, but by adding a cropped jacket, it gave it a more structured look…just a bit dressier.  And yes, it’s short…it’s the rebel in me. 😉

Btw, I’ve linked up with Tammy@Silver Style: Trending thru the decades: Brights. Check out the bright ladies!!


I do sincerely thank you for coming by and for your response…good or bad. I appreciate it! Really.

Dress: BCBGMaxAzria      Jacket: Ralph Lauren

Bag: Balenciaga           Shoes: BCBGMaxAzria


54 thoughts on “Honey sweet ~

  1. Yeah for rebellion! I was shocked to realize what I had taken for a skirt, and a fun one at that, was actually a dress. Your photographer is doing a wonderful job. We keep bees ourselves, but they don’t generally pose for us. He must have a good zoom on his camera.

  2. I think your husband is more than just point and shoot, he has a talent, you will know what I mean when you see how my husband takes my photos…haha..it’s really point and shoot. Great outfit there, and enhanced by the location


    • Hi Mongs,
      Hubby’s getting better…he’s reading up on how-to’s on the internet about photography. I’m glad he’s found a new hobby…safer than off road jeeping.

      I think your hubby’s doing a great job!! 🙂

  3. Your husband’s photos are great! I think we’re going to have to all get together and dedicate a post day to our photographers (our hubbies for most of us I think!).

  4. The bee photos are pretty awesome! Love that short, sassy look. You’re right – structured jacket makes it a bit more formal! i like it! curious to see you assemble an outfit around the same dress that is pure casual…

  5. You look amazing as always Jeannie!! Love this outfit, it has a real urban chic feel to it, with lots of feminine elements, & the structure added by the cropped jacket really makes the best of your fab figure!! Divine! xoxo

  6. Those legs!!! Very few ladies, even teens have great legs! You are blessed! Great outfit too, love those shoes. Also love that you’re an animal…er…fur baby….lover! Do post of the hubby one day……just tell him all the ladies want to know him better, we think he’s a fine man!

  7. Love that dress alright, and it really looks great with those shoes. Another knockout outfit, and–good grief, what do you do to get those calves! Having legs like those really helps the clothes!

    • Thanks!! 🙂
      So funny…I think it’s the heels that make my calves look muscular than they really are. I do exercise some but nothing to brag about. 😉
      I sure do appreciate your compliment.

  8. Jeannie!! I LOVE this dress – I actually thought it was just a skirt at first!! And it’s not too short!

    And hubby has a great subject to work with!! But he is very skilled! Those are beautiful bee pictures! 🙂

    xo, sam

    • Thanks Sam!
      You would never know it was a dress…I wish I’d taken a pic of the dress without the jacket. It has a totally different vibe…very casual.
      Hubby’s getting a big head now…

  9. Hi Jeannie, you have such stunning legs and I’m so glad to see you showing them off ;-). Do you run? Love the shoes …. oh my goodness, they totally rock and hubby is doing a truly awesome job photographing you.

  10. Loved the bee and the dog photos and you look stunning in the photos of you in your outfit, too. I must admit I’m jealous of the high heels!!! (Only because I can’t wear them that high anymore after my foot surgery in 1998. I can wear 2″ but no higher without killing my feet to walk on them, but 2″ is better then none!) Kudos to the photographer! 😉

    • Hi Sara!
      Thank you very much!
      Sorry about the foot surgery….what a bummer! I think 2″ heels are good, definitely more comfy! At least you’d be able to walk around for more than a few minutes, right? 🙂
      Hubby thanks you!

  11. Hi gracefully50. This is perfect. Hubby becoming professional photographer and you so fashionable. And to sum it all a bee without a sting and Doggie sleeping on his food. Really nice and funny. You always make my day!

  12. Hi Jeannie. Beautiful scenery and you do it nicer. The skirt is amazing, I love the asymmetrical cut and color. The shoes, sandals, are great. As always, I suffer for your heels so high. Wonderful outfit. I like the rebel point. The photos are very good, congratulated the artist.

    • Hi Josep!
      I love your phrase “I suffer for your heels so high”…I know what you mean, but I love how you express it. I’ll tell hubs you liked his photos! 🙂
      Thank you Josep!

  13. Glad to find you! Love the outfit! And the shoes are wonderful. Seeing your blog has actually inspired me to do one of my own at some point. I have an online fashion website but don’t get to really do the “outfit” thing and so want to get back into that. I’m always the one behind the camera or dressed cute from the waist up. You’ll have to follow us when we go to fashion week. It’s a total riot!!

  14. You have a honey bee of a husband!!

    I love your outfit, but I adore those shoes….not that I could walk in those gracefully anymore!! You look wonderful!


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