Am I wrong?

Let me just start by saying that this is a bit of a rant & rave post.

The intense discussion conversation started with an email link I got from a very sarcastic hubby with a subject “Ouch!”

The email linked to an article titled “Kris Jenner’s Inappropriate Outfit Copies Daughter Kim Kardashian” by Claudine Zap, Yahoo! TV

Here’s the meat of the article:

Most recently, the 56-year-old mother of Kim Kardashian wore an outfit that would be better suited for a 20-year-old (in fact, Kim and sister Khloe have worn similar outfits): hot-pink skinny jeans, black leather jacket, oversized silver handbag, and high-heeled, leopard print mules.

It’s an outfit that a teenager could probably pull off, but Jenner is pushing the fashion bounds in this overly trendy look for her age. The reality TV mom got low marks on the Web. One commenter at the Daily Mail opined the general feeling: “She is a garish attention-seeker. She dresses too young for her age.”

** I actually think she looks great!! Am I wrong?

Me: So, what are you trying to tell me here?

Hubs: Huh? What are you talking about?

Me: Why did you send me this email?

Hubs: Silence…

Me: Don’t give me that! What are you telling me? Do I dress inappropriate for my age? Is this what you’re trying to tell me?

Hubs: Silence….

Me: I’m gonna throw something at you if you don’t talk! (I actually had a remote in my hand when I threatened him).

Hubs: Grin…

Anyway, I got nowhere with him.  This actually got me thinking….

If Kris Jenner’s outfit garnered such negative reactions…then what of this?

Am I kidding myself into thinking that I can actually pull this off at my age without provoking the same response? Of course, you all are waaaay too nice to say otherwise, BUT, I’m guessing  the same sentiments are out there.

Sweet hubby sensing my dismay, sent me a another link: 10 things women over 40 shouldn’t wear.  That MAN!

Well, I disagree with 9 out of the 10 things! Guess which one I do agree with but wear anyway? 😉  I definitely have and will break most of the rules…for sure!

Hubby loves provoking challenging me! He can get me all riled up…got me writing about it!

So, where am I going with this? I haven’t a clue!

I guess I’ve got some thinking to do…

What’s important? Dressing my age? What does that mean? Should I care?

I certainly don’t want to embarrass my kids or hubby, or to be perceived as someone trying too hard to hold on to youth, or better yet, a “garish attention-seeker.”

OMGosh! I’m too old to stress about clothing & such…my brain is mush right now! 😦


On a happier note, today is my daughter’s 23rd Birthday.  Happy Birthday Sweetie!  We love you!!!

My dear daughter and somewhat dear hubby….oh why, oh why, are you hiding?

I will try to post some outfit pics sometime this weekend.  I’m sure I’ll be breaking more rules!

Thank you so much for coming by, and see you soon!



111 thoughts on “Am I wrong?

  1. OMG, your poor hubby 🙂
    This post made me chuckle, Jeannie, as I often wonder if I also dress a bit “young-ish”. I think our hubbies should stick to their health field and leave the fashion to us, LOL…

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  3. Actually, I know close to nothing about fashion; but I think I know when something looks right or wrong. Of all your pictures I’ve seen, there’s none I can pin-point as being awful or age inappropriate. I believe age shouldn’t deter you from looking presentable and classy, as long as you’re not exposing the ‘coverables’. I love your dress style, and I believe you always have and always will make an outstanding fashion statement wherever you go.
    You are an inspiration to many people, and I think that’s just SO ‘UN-WRONG’.
    Mucho love ma’am.
    Plus hope your girl had a swell birthday celebration.
    My warmest regards to her and the rest of your family.
    Happy weekend.:)

    • Aww…you are an absolute sweetie!!
      I appreciate this very much! You’ve made my day! 🙂
      My daughter DID have a good birthday…thanks for asking.

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and thank you again!

  4. The think is I haven’t made my mind yet. On the other hand I sometimes weat outfits suited for younger girls but fashion is about fun as well so it doesn’t matter if some days I’m not dressed appropriatelly for my age. The world won’t come tumbling down,right?

    • Haha! You’re SO right!! No, the world won’t stop just because we didn’t dress our age! It’s so petty when you put it that way. 🙂
      Perspective…’s no biggie, it’s just clothes…
      Thanks Angie!

  5. Don’t care for either outfit (yours or hers), too sloppy and trying too hard to look young. But I love your outfits in the 2 newer posts, chic and classic.

      • Hi Heather! Thank you for your support! Not everyone has the same taste in style… and it’s a good thing. It would be quite boring if we all dressed alike, right? I think I was bored with slacks & blouse I’ve been wearing to the office…rebellion, I say! I use my weekends to dress fun…and this was fun! Thanks again!! 🙂

    • Hi Jane, I appreciate your honest opinion. I think hubby would agree with you…although he hasn’t admitted to it, yet. The differences in our views is what makes this world interesting…can you imagine how boring it would be if everyone dressed alike? I’m glad you liked the more recent outfits…I’m having fun mixing it up!

  6. The age-old question … grin. 🙂 Sorry. I couldn’t resist. I do think there are clothes that can either age a person or make them look ridiculous, but it’s more a question of fit or style, which is I guess what you were asking. Anyway. You always look great (I’m always worried about looking too young as well). I say don’t worry about it. And that’s my final answer.

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  8. What you can and cannot wear when you are older all depends on your personal style and personality. I think these clothes suit Chris Jenner fine as it just suits her personality so well. You yourself also have nothing to worry about as you have such a great sense of style that you will always put the outfit together in such a way that you look great.

  9. I think one should wear the clothes he/she feels comfortable in wearing and finds beautiful. For everyone (no matter what age) there are boundaries in what you can wear. My mother also dresses very trendy and I prefer that over her wearing ‘clothes for old people’ so to say. I wouldn’t know why advancing age should stop you from thinking about how you dress yourself or dress the way you really like. Some examples: Iris Apfel (age 89), Zelda Kaplan (died last month while sitting front row at a fashion show, aged 95), Anna Wintour (age 62), Carine Roitfeld (57)… Hope this makes you feel better.

  10. My dear friend Jeannie, you ALWAYS look classic, appropriate, yet with a twist of modern trends! Don’t worry about a thing! As for Chris, it’s not the best look for her, it looks like she’s “trying too hard” or something, maybe a longer jacket….
    Dress isn’t so much about age, some about body type, but I think mostly about one’s overall personality and lifestyle. There are some 52 yr olds that would not look right in your style…same for some 32 yr olds. Hubby is always on me about my dress,,,thinks I should look very “librarian” at my age, 49. He thought the same when I was 35! Sadly, at my age now, I feel more confident in trying various styles. When a youngster, lets say 30!, I was so fearing for my imperfections, that I was very conservative. I wore teal skinny jeans to work the other day, paired with a white, fitted french cuff blouse, lacey tank, and let the gold accessories make the statement ( necklace and wedge heels). Got ooddles of complements!!! I wore the blouse out, so it covered my tush a little more than Jenners is with the jacket. There are some items I won’t wear. If I don’t feel secure, then it’s not for me. Keep up your look! You’re doing just fine. Also, remember, you are a very beautiful woman with great figure and there are jealous women out there!!! Maybe a funny look comes your way from time to time…but look at the source!! You are loved, judy

    • Ah, Judy…my wise friend,
      I think you’ve got your stuff together!! I like what you said about “personality and lifestyle.”
      That’s funny about your hubby…dress like a librarian? Why? You don’t work at the library, right? Lol!
      Thanks for the pep talk! I appreciate you my friend. I’m counting on you to let me know if I’ve crossed that horrible line…you know, the appropriateness line. 🙂

  11. Anyone over the age of 30 shouldn’t be wearing that kind of clothing, according to those types of publications. While I’m not a fan of the Kardashians, I didn’t see how that particular outfit was inappropriate. I check up on your blog every couple of weeks, and I’ve never considered your attire inappropriate. From the perspective of this 25-year-old woman, you look fabulous.

  12. Well, hard for me to be objective here because I truly loathe all things Kardashian. Not them in particular, but the whole exploit your family for money thing. So having said this, I’m not a fan of Kris’s outfit. I don’t like it on her, but I don’t know that I’d like it on anyone. I think dressing one’s age is a matter of attitude. My mom dressed wonderfully up until the time of her death when she was 56. It was usually jeans and a t-shirt that she wore as her “uniform”. But it worked for her, because it WAS her. She wasn’t trying to look young or sexy, which ironically made her look VERY youthful and sexy. The key to any look is owning it. And if you love it, because it reflects YOU then wear it, own it, and who cares what anyone thinks. But if we only wear something because of how we’re trying to appear, it just never works.

    I think this really transcends any particular age group. My college age daughter won’t wear some things she wore in middle school. It just doesn’t feel right to her anymore. I see some blogs with beautiful young girls dressed in ultra short (little girly type) dresses that strikes me sometimes like they’re trying to evoke little girl imagery. We have age issues all over the place with pre teens being named the face of major design houses (for example Marc Jacobs) and women over 40 being asked to just disappear! So maybe in the grand scheme of things, Kris Jenner’s pink skinny jeans really don’t amount to much! LOL

    YOU, by the way, always have a youthful look! And it suits you! I’ve never seen any of your outfits and thought, “No way! She’s too old to be wearing that!” Even your ripped jeans looked elegant with your heels and blazer. You put an elegant spin on a trend and made it your own! LOVE that! Whew! Sorry for writing a book here! Big hug to you girly! ~Serene

    • Hello my sweet Serene!!
      I want to thank you SO much for your passionate comment! I know what you mean about the ads featuring young girls who should be playing in the backyards. A bit much if you ask me.
      No…I don’t want to disappear…not yet anyway. 🙂
      I believe my style has evolved thru the years, and I find myself being more thoughtful to dressing now than when I was a super busy working mom. Although, I could live in jeans and t-shirts if it were acceptable for the office. 🙂

      My mom also passed away at an early age of 56…

  13. I refuse to dress like I’m an old lady just because I’ve reached a certain number. I think as we become older it becomes more important to dress in a way that flatters our figures, and there are certainly trends that I avoid even though I like them. (short-shorts)

    You looked great in those ripped jeans! You have the figure to carry it off then go for it! Really, you look great in everything you wear.

  14. First of all let me start off by saying that both yourself & Kris Jenner look good in your respective outfits. It is stylish, not trashy.
    For me, I think anyone can wear anything at any age as long as it is done with proper styling.
    There are a lot of ladies (and gents) over the age of 50 out there that are stylish in their own way without going overboard. Just ask Ari Seth Cohen at and he will show you a whole new world of style!
    But back to the post, like they say, age is nothing but a number. It doesn’t just apply to how you feel inside but also applies to how you style your outside.
    I think if you ask me, you’re doing a great job with your styling. Don’t take notice of your hubby, he’s just attention seeking.
    If I were you I’d be questioning why dear hubby was reading those types of articles. It might be his way of subtly asking styling advice from you 🙂

    • Haha..I think he just came upon the article via yahoo news feed, and thought it would be fun to get under my skin…which he succeeded!
      I’m trying to fight the dispassionate attitude that sometimes comes with aging. It’s not easy sometimes when you DO feel your true age.

      I thank you for your earnest comment…I appreciate it very much!! 🙂

  15. I think the photo of Kris Jenner is probably not the most flattering. The jeans have a sheen to them, making them look too tight. Your photo of a similar look is much classier because of the relaxed look of your jeans, although you have the figure for skinny jeans. I don’t think there are rules for dressing for a particular age, but I do think that people should dress for their body, adjusting trends to work for them. But ultimately, if a woman loves her outfit and conforms with the office dress code during work hours, wear what makes you happy.

    • You sound just like my hubby! He said the same thing about Kris’s jeans. He doesn’t usually comment on women’s clothing, but I guess this one caught his attention? Not in a good way.
      Well, there’s been some healthy discussions around here for the last few days…well, one sided discussion. My mouth moving and his just grinning… men!

    • I agree 100%! You are not kidding yourself, you look great in that outfit and pull it off better than many 20 year olds. One’s age is in their spirit. Of course u shouldn’t wear super short tight minis when you’re 80 or something but as long as you look good, one should really dress up the way they feel. I love Kris Jenner and even if the shiny tight part is off she looks so great for her age and more women should be inspired by her… Continue as you are Jeannie!!!!

  16. I saw that picture a few days ago and the first thought that came to mind was, I hope I look that fabulous when I’m her age! She looked perfectly together and stylish. Style has no age. There is a fine line between classy and trashy and personally, I don’t think she blurred that line at all. Nor do I think you do. I became a follower of your blog because of your classic style and recently, on my own blog, gave your blog a shout out, because of how you carry and dress yourself. If you’d like to check it out, it’s on

    You look fab! xoxo,

  17. I think women should wear what they look good in whatever their age! I am concerned with the outfits some little girls are wearing these days though.

    • Hi Yolanda!
      So true! I can’t really tell the age of young girls anymore…they dress and act so much older these days! Nothing like when I was young….no sir, not even close!!!

  18. You look absolutely great and so does Kris Jenner. Just because a woman hits a certain age or has children does NOT mean she needs to hide from the world that she is a woman with a sense of style.
    Piniel S.
    PS Love your blog

  19. I think you can trust the comments; you always look stunning!. I’m 70 and because I’m so petite often buy in the girls department; talk about age appropriate and trendy. I think I pull it off. I would be interested in feedback also. And if someone disagrees, I welcome the input. I think confidence and poise in what I wear trumps age inappropriate. I think both Kris and you should keep wearing what you like, what pleases your eye and feels comfortable. I think having appropriately fitting clothing is more important; being the right body type for the style being worn.

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  21. I can’t say anything more than all the other ladies that have commented have said….. But I do love your blog and I forward it to my friends a lot so they can see how cute you look. (Cute in a good way.) When you start getting out of line or looking goofy, I bet we will all let you know. Until then, Keep up the awesome outfits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Traci!
      What a sweetie you are!! Thank you so much!
      I don’t mind cute…you can call me that anytime! 😉
      I’ll hold you to that promise. If I cross that line, you’d better let me know! 🙂
      Thanks for loving this little blog, I appreciate it so much!!!

    • Aww, thanks Bella!
      I LOVE “classic with a bit of trend!” I do love classic & elegant look, but I’m also fascinated by the new trends as well. My goal was to experiment without losing myself in the process.
      So, thank you! This is what I needed to hear! 🙂

  22. I’m really surprised at the response of Kris Jenner’s outfit. I think she looks fab!! I would NEVER have thought “age inappropriate”. And the same for your outfit! NOT age inappropriate. I really like both outfits and it inspires me to recreate it. I can promise you the same feeling wouldn’t exist if I felt like the outfits were inappropriate. I think you have to go with what you feel comfortable in – and I ALWAYS love your style. Hubbies can be super critical sometimes!

    I think that MORE SKIN translates to age inappropriate for me. But that’s just my opinion! 🙂

    • Hi Sam!
      Thank you so much! Glad you’re back!
      I think, as bloggers, we might be more open and forgiving than maybe the rest of the population? I admire fashion bloggers (esp the older ones), because I know it takes a lot of gumption to put themselves out there for who knows what kind of response.
      Yes, we do have to be careful about too much skin…I’ll leave that to the much younger & firmer gals!
      Happy Weekend doll!

  23. I’ve been following you blog for a couple of months and am over 50.I love your style and get inspiration from your outfits. But sometimes to be on the safe side I run my choices by my 27 year old daughter, she will always tell me the truth 🙂 I sent her the link to your white skirt and black jacket article….she thinks you’re cute and sassy and her momma could pull it off! I say the same article on Kris Jenner and had to laugh at the comments…she looks great! I have a pair of bright red jeans and pair them with black peep toe booties….I get tons of compliments from friends and people I don’t know, my hubbs and his (our friends) say they look hot! FRUMPy is never an option! Love your Blog!

    • Oh my! Thank you SO much!
      Also, tell your daughter I said thanks! You know, my daughter actually asks for my opinion…says I’m the only one who would tell her the truth. 🙂

      Well, I’m sure you’re a hot momma! If your hubby loves it, that’s all it matters, right?
      I have a few colorful jeans for spring that I’m hoping to wear without looking too inappropriate…fingers crossed.

      Thank you again for your sweet comment!! 🙂

  24. Times have changed. I remember being a kid and all of the mom’s dressed much older than themselves-like they were resigned to motherhood and what it should look like.

    I’m 44 and I have a 16 year old daughter who sometimes borrows some clothes. Granted I don’t borrow her clothes, but sometimes a shirt or pair of pants of mine are perfect for an outfit she throws together (she also wears the items differently together than me).

    If you go into most of the trendy adult clothing stores these days, even Nordstroms has pretty much duplicate clothes as those seen in teen stores like Forever 21.

    Just because we are aging, it doesn’t mean we have to give up on being fashionable. I’m sure most older adults aren’t wearing crop tops and mini skirts. There is nothing wrong with skinny jeans or even a pair of converse. So what, it’s fun to enjoy yourself and what you decide to wear.

    • Hi Wendy!
      I, too, remember my mom and her friends, and how they dressed when they were my age…definitely a big change! I’m not sure what my mom would say is she were still here….
      On the other hand, my daughter approves… I think?
      I don’t want to shrivel and disappear…as I already think the time is passing by too fast.

      Thank you for your thoughtful response, I appreciate it very much!

  25. I’ve just recently started following your blog and I have to say that I think you always look great in any of the pics you’ve posted on here. Your post gave me a good laugh this morning (e.g. your dialogue with your husband). Love the orange high heels, by the way. I used to wear very high heels (and I’m 5’9″ barefooted) up until I had foot surgery in 1998 and can’t wear them that high anymore, although I still love to look at them in shoe stores. And, I think I’m a few years older than you (I’ll be 60—Egad, really??? How did this happen???) at the end of May. Maybe I’ll splurge and buy a pair of really high heels to celebrate. See, you’ve inspired me already!!! So tell your husband that . . . 😉

    • LOL! Do people still say lol? I’m always a little behind on tech lingo…teen talk?

      Hi Sara! I will tell hubby!!
      Thank you so much, and I hope you DO get a pair of sexy high heels! How I wish I was 5’9″!
      Oh, haven’t you heard? 60 is the new 40! 😉
      Happy weekend to you!

  26. I wanted to think about this post/topic a bit before responding so I decided to sleep on it. Then last night I woke with a sore throat. In between that and taking the zinc tablet that made me nauseated, I had a dream about Kris Jenner in this outfit. Weird. Firstly, when I saw the photo of her I didn’t think much about it because it is not that bad. Does it look good on her? I could see her is something more “figure flattering” not necessarily age appropriate. Secondly, I have yet to see you in anything less than lovely on your blog–I haven’t been following very long but so far so good! : )Thirdly, I am pretty conservative about dress and do hold certain views on what is appropriate and not–for all age groups not just women over 40. Frankly, I feel I have seen more than enough skin, cleavage, tattoos, piercings, underwear, butt cheeks, etc to last me well into the next life and beyond. Cover up people and have some self-respect and dignity. And no, SPF 70 is not a cover up–it is sunscreen…and unfortunately, does not screen you from my tired eyes.

    Maybe I should have had my morning coffee before responding? ; ) ~~Bliss

    • Oh Bliss! I so enjoy your comments!
      How funny that you dreamt about Kris Jenner…
      I really appreciate that you thought it important enough to sleep on the response. Sorry about the sore throat tho. 😦
      I might be a bit confused about “age appropriate” vs. “figure flattering” vs. “decency”.
      Ah, it’s just clothes…not worth stressing over it…until next time? 🙂
      Hubby liked your response of too much skin & such ~ butt cheeks! Hehe. 🙂

  27. Since I’ve been following your blog, I always think you look very classy with great style. As a professional designer, I would say we always walk the fine line of appropriateness – TOO whatever … shiny, high, low, tight, short, long, bright, young, old, out of proportion … I could go on forever. Personally, as a woman approaching 50, my comfort levels have changed a little. To me, your class and appropriateness (and fun!) shine through beautifully!

    • Thank you so much Patricia!
      I love how you described “TOO” whatever! So true!
      I appreciate your professional opinion…I’m honored, really.
      Thanks again for your wonderful comment.

      Btw, your snapshots of the garden made me wish I was a gardener! 🙂

  28. Wow…I actually thought she looked fun and stylish and appropriate…it wasn’t bad at all, and you always look great! Just keep doing what you are doing…don’t worry about other comments…you have it looking so perfect…I wouldn’t change a thing!

    Honestly, would he rather Jenner be walking around in a tweed skirt down to her ankles!!?? I just shook my head when I read this!

    • Haha! I’d love to see the Kardashians in conservative outfits!! I’m sure that would garner just as much controversy!
      I guess I’m really enjoying the fun part of fashion at the moment with spring colors and all! And, that’s the reason I liked Kris’s pants! I have colored jeans…and I want to wear them! 🙂

  29. I think we all judge sometimes about the what is appropriate for what occasion, etc. It’s how we gauge and put boundaries on ourselves by expressing it about others. But ultimately … who cares what others think. If you think it’s inappropriate for you then it is. If not then it’s your style for the mood of the time. Often, like with the Kardashians, they don’t know the people who think these things so the only person who cares is the person with the opinion. I think you look fabulous in all your shots. Live out loud and enjoy yourself!

    • Hi Barbara!
      First, you have my utmost respect…I hope you know that.

      You are so right in that IT IS ultimately the boundaries that I set for myself. My comfort zone used to be much smaller than it is now… the blogging has encouraged me to experiment more. Maybe good, maybe not? For now, I’m kinda having fun…so maybe good? 🙂

  30. I think Kris looks fab! As a 43 year old, my husband reminds me about age-appropriate dressing and in his book, women over forty shouldn’t be wearing mini-skirts because the knees start to look knobby. I think this hinting at age appropriate dressing was inspired by the hideous Angelina Jolie pose during the Oscars’.

    • Haha! I hear you about the knobby knee! How about the wrinkles? Never worried about it there but by golly, knees wrinkle!!

      Loved your last post…esp #2. I read it to hubby, and he loved it!!
      Thanks for your visit and your comment!

  31. gracefully50. We are the generation. You got style. It’s your life. Enjoy it and feel good while it lasts. Life is too short trying to dress for others. It may hurt other people’s bloated ego but what the hell! We are not our grandmothers. I loved the blog. Very much and I am going out to buy a pair of shorts for a dancing date with my nieces and nephews. Lol..

    • Hi Omwa!
      Haha! You go girl! I hope you have a wonderful time dancing with your nieces and nephews in your new shorts!!
      I’m so thrilled your Happy is back!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I hope he’s okay and will be back with you soon!
      Wow…the rain!!

  32. Jeannie is not an error, it is one more option in your style. You look perfect, I told you in the post. I do not think it’s critical that person. People are free to dress as they like, that is not provoke. You look beautiful, as always.

  33. I think you look great in all your outfits, regardless. Your age does not factor for me. I’m approaching my 40’s and I think your style is timeless, modern and suits your figure.

    I think the Kardashian mother (in that pic) just doesnt wear it well. If she tweaked it by having jeans that better suited her shape (not age) she might draw less negative attention. Having said that I think the whole K family are “over the top” with their fashion choices but now it’s almost like their “signature” or “brand”!

    Ultimately I love living in an era where anything goes 🙂

    • Thank you!
      I don’t follow Kardashians much….what I do know, they’re definitely doing things to draw attention, which I understand because that’s how they make money.
      I do agree with you about shape appropriate…well said!

      Thank you again for your sweet comment!

  34. Love to check your website with your great, fun posts, along tasteful and beautifully put together outfits. As a semi-youthful over 50 lady, I find that is your jeans/leather jacket combo is well done. Even Mrs. Jenner looks great! Life is short and if we feel feel good and in shape enough, why not! It is fun sometimes to change into something more casual. I also enjoyed reading the article “10 things women after 40 should not wear”. I agree only on one thing: no matter how beautiful someone could be, but NO miniskirts after 40. Knee should be covered, unless we are at the beach.

    • Thank you!! I do wonder sometimes what people think of my little blog. Your comment really means a lot to me!
      I don’t expect everyone that visits my blog to agree or like everything…and that’s a good thing. What a boring world this would be if everyone liked the same things?
      Anyhow, thank you for your thoughtful words.
      Btw, what about the bikini? 🙂

  35. Grrr. this fashion police business makes me mad too. How would anyone know a woman’s age…if she wasn’t some sort of public celebrity? What does hubby want you to do–dress like a little old lady? I’ll bet if you did that for a week, he would change his tune.

    Since I’ve been blogging, I’ve decided that NOTHING is off limits for women our age.

    • Haha! That would be quite funny! A little old lady… 😉
      Well, I have been trying to venture out of my comfort zone a little bit more since I started blogging, too.
      Why not! Right? Thanks Terri!

  36. I want to comment so badly, but I’ve already had my Friday night giant glass of red wine…I will return tomorrow! (I’m afraid I will slur my typing)


    p.s. you will look fabulous into your 100’s

  37. I think she looks great! She does not look her age at all. I was expecting something that looked very bad but she looks stylish in the outfit and she pulled it off.:)

  38. Ms. Jenner looks happy. WHO are these people who make the rules? Was there some sort of “Commission for Creation of Rules Governing Clothing for Older Women”? My opinion — wear what brings you comfort and joy! For you? This is a form of creative expression, using your body as a pallette and clothing and accessories as the paint.

    • Yeah! Who made the rules?
      I suppose if you’re a celebrity, people will talk….
      What a beautiful way to describe my daily chore of putting on clothes!! Daisyfae, you could be a poet!! 🙂

  39. If something is comfortable, fits well, makes you feel confident and isn’t beyond the bounds of decency, I say wear it with pride! You’re one classy lady regardless of what hubby says. My guess is that he loves the way you look and is just having fun getting under your skin.

    As for the ‘what not to wear’ list, I agree with Bonnie. We ladies of vintage can wear any of those things as long as we do it well. If I have to give up my 3/4 length capris and sleeveless tops in the summertime, I might as well shrivel up and die! In fact, in my youth I hated wearing sleeveless tops because my arms were so skinny but I’ve worked hard to put on some muscle and I will show it off with pride!

    • Thank you!
      Hubby IS having fun with me! He knows how to get “under my skin” as you say. He’s still grinning…
      Don’t give up your capris and sleeveless tops!! I don’t want you to shrivel up and die!! 🙂

  40. In answer to your question, I will quote a VERY wise and fashionable woman who said this on my blog:

    “I think you should wear what make you feel good…can’t imagine trying to follow some rules. Who made that up anyway?”

    Now, who was it who said that???? If only I could remember…. 😉

  41. I just found your blog a month or so ago…I perused at least a dozen over-50 blogs, but none as stylish and thoughtful as yours. Please don’t question yourself. I read the hubby’s “what not to wear” list and just laughed. Done stylishly with proper fit/proportion, every one of those can be worn by us post-50 ladies. I hope all your readers seek to look fabulous like you every day–it does wonders for one’s attitude and wonders for all around. Keep up the inspiration!

  42. Not only does Jenner’s outfit work for her but you are slammin’ in your look! I wouldn’t listen to the husband…maybe he is worried if you look too great he’ll not be able to keep up to the standard? Or that you may find yourself a younger man! 😉 Anyway, it doesn’t matter because you look fantastic.

  43. Well, I say you gotta know the rules to break them well. So break away my fashionista sister! We all truly know our limits. We just don’t always care.
    Life is to short to care what others think. If it makes you feel good then go for it!

  44. In the words of William Shakespeare, “to thine own self be true.” So, wear what makes you happy even if it slightly annoys hubby. Now if it seriously annoys him, you should go shopping for a new wardrobe at his expense. 🙂 Good luck!

  45. Hmmm, I actually thought Kris Jenner’s outfit worked for her! And I agree with the comment from intuitiveone, if you’ve got it flaunt it. I believe if a woman over 40 or 50 has maintained a fit figure and she has a healthly sense of self, and is in no way trying to compete with her daughter; then she should wear what fits her figure, lifestyle and personal sense of style. I just love many of the outfits you post! It is always an inspiration to me to see a fellow “woman of a certain age” looking great no matter if her style is same, similar or different than mine! This is a funny topic that has come up as we had a similar discussion at my yoga class last night and and one of the guys who takes the class (under 40) chimed in with the perfect male response! Maybe there is hope for hubby if the younger guys are getting smarter! I say… stay yourself Jeannie! (And keep blogging, it is too fun to check in and see what’s new!)

    • Wa! Thank you!!!
      I’m sure I’m not the only one who struggles with this topic…
      I feel as tho the time is just passing by fast, and soon I won’t be able to wear heels or the skinny jeans. But, I also want to be somewhat classy while doing it….that’s asking a lot, yea?
      Well, I sure do appreciate your wonderful comment! 🙂

  46. you are cracking me up tonight. If you’ve got it flaunt it. Nothing wrong with your outfits or Kris’s. Your daughter is beautiful., like her momma.

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