I got the blues ~

“Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest — Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!”  ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

Ahoy, Mateys!

How about some Blue today?  The color of ocean and sky…blue is calm, cool, friendly, spiritual, serene, restful…what’s not to like?

A nautical inspired outfit ~ sort of?  🙂

This scarf is my late mom’s….a very special reminder of the most amazing lady…my hero….my mom.

Soooo NOT gracefully50!

No, I did not fall…almost! 😉

Speaking of blue, have I told you how much I love being around water? Dreaming of ….

St. Thomas 10/2011

Yep! That would be me!


A few photos from our trip to St. Thomas last October. I’m not a morning person, especially when on vacation, but I wasn’t going to miss this beauty.

It’s about that time ~ itching to get away for a little R&R ~ hopefully to the beach!


Thanks for dropping by, and have a good one!

Shirt: Ralph Lauren     Pants: Theory

Shoes: Kooba (sorry didn’t get a pic)  Bag: Chanel


59 thoughts on “I got the blues ~

  1. Love the stripes and the red scarf. Would you believe my hubby and I went to St. Martin, St. Marteen, St. Thomas and Tortola last year. Wonderful cruise on the Oasis of Seas. I have posts on my blog too about our trip.

  2. Jeannie!! Absolutely adore this outfit!! {In fact, I may copy it soon!} And it’s so special that you are wearing your mom’s scarf. Those pics from St. Thomas are beautiful! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

    xo, sam

  3. I totally love your outfit, and colour blend here ma’am. Plus I love all the other pictures too, especially the ones of the sunrise, and water side. 🙂

  4. Oh, that last photo of the chewed up shoes gave me pause. Beautiful pics of St. Thomas–it was fairly overcast the ONE day of my life I was there. I love nautical looks and find myself searching in the thrifts for honest-to-goodness sailor pants with the button front and everything.

    • Hi Terri,
      I’m not sure if I could get mad at the doggie with those eye…
      I do love St Thomas…sooo beautiful!
      I hope you find a cool pair of sailor pants…I used to own one of those pants…back in the 80’s! 🙂

  5. Ooh, I like! I might have to copy your outfit, if I can find me a brightly coloured scarf! I love the water too… I work by the river Thames and whenever I hear seagulls flying over I close my eyes and pretend I’m by the sea…

  6. Your outfit is fantastic and I would wear it in a minute! I Love beaches, water, sunrises and of course sunsets! Spent some time last fall at Tybee Island, Ga. Watched the sunrise almost every morning. I only had to walk 10 minutes. I get up early but, by the second day my husband and brother in law were toting coffee and going with me………..In the early evening we walked 10 minutes in the opposite direction (this time with wine and beer) and watched the sunset! To me that was heaven on earth time!!!!
    Thanks for linking up!

    • Thanks Tammy!
      I live in Georgia but never had the pleasure of visiting Tybee Island. I hear it’s gorgeous there.
      Sunrise reminds me of the song “How Great Thou Art”…just an amazing feeling!

  7. Very nice. How wonderful to have a special scarf from your mother. And the photos are lovely, but I’m with you about mornings. (I think I’ve seen one actual sunrise over water in my LIFE. That’s why I gravitate toward West-facing bodies of water!)

  8. I have always wanted to go to St. Thomas. On one of our snorkeling trips we were only 40 minutes away and still didn’t make it there.

    The pug reminds me of Bella….she has gotten a pair or two of mine

  9. I also wear scarves that belonged to my mother. For the longest time they sat in a drawer and never saw the light of day. Then scarves came back in style and I could wear them. I feel a connection to her every time I wear one. Personalizing your outfit like this is one of the fun things about fashion!

    • Oh, I know exactly what you mean…I can almost smell her perfume on it, although it’s probably just my imagination.
      Enjoy your mom’s scarves! I’m sure they’re just beautiful! 🙂

  10. This outfit is so perfect for summer. I live near Vancouver, BC and in summer, days are often spent at ocean-side and then maybe a drink at one of the water- side cafes. I always think purses and shoes top things off don’t they?

    • Ooooh…can I come over? What a way to spend a summer day! I love waterside cafes!!

      Yes, I always say a pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. A bonus if you have that perfect bag to compliment the package. 🙂

  11. I am not going to be able to concentrate today, my mind will be in the tranquil caribbean, envisioning myself by the lovely sea……waiting for my frozen drink!

    (and I’ll be wearing your great outfit on the flight to the islands!)

    Haha, what a dreamer!


    Beautiful pics!

  12. Very nautical yet chic! Well done, dahling. Love the bag…Chanel in red–ooo la la.

    I love the water too and feel fortunate to live so close to Lake Michigan and some gorgeous beaches. Your trip to St. Thomas must have been wonderful. We were in Dominican Republic in October…it was not as wonderful as I hoped it would be. Still, beautiful landscape and a friendly people. ~~Bliss

  13. Aw, wearing mothers scarf, that’s like having her arms around your neck! All so very cute! The doggie chewing the shoes, my CAT, George does the same thing!!! Never thought I’d need to hide shoes from a cat!

      • Me either……until I found a few pairs with definite teeth marks…and found HIM, having a good time with a pair of heels!!! So, George was the guilty party……and to think I was blaming the hubby…lol

  14. I have been crazy for the nautical look every spring for my whole lifetime. Nice job with that; love the little flare in the pants. Can’t wait ’till spring is a little more entrenched around here so I can channel my inner sailor.

      • It’s 75 here alright; it’s just that I always think it’s a bit odd to get into the summery outfits until the leaves are coming out. Nonetheless–I’m sure due to having seen your gorgeous look–I did put that nautical look on yesterday and it just felt GREAT. Looking to break an all-time record for the hottest day ever in March in the Toronto area today, so more spring dressing is definitely in the cards around here. Looking forward to seeing your next “look”!–Leslie

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