Zigzag & knit

Good Monday!

The weekend here was mix of thunderstorms and sunshine…I think the spring has sprung!  St. Patty’s day came and went…no green beer for moi.  I’ve never liked the taste of beer, although, that didn’t stop me in college.  I’ll take an appletini or a margarita over a brew any day.  Oh, those of you not familiar….my limit is one drink…I’m kinda allergic to alcohol.

Hubby, being so into fashion (NOT!), asked if this dress was crochet? Huh? How do you know that word?

A very comfy dress with all the happy colors of spring!  I think I’m doing well here with my promise to be colorful!


Rice Fields of Japan

Looks ordinary enough…but scroll down to watch as the rice grows!

Stunning crop art has sprung up across rice fields in Japan, but this is no alien creation. The designs have been cleverly PLANTED! Farmers creating the huge displays use no ink or dye.

Instead, different color rice plants have been precisely and strategically arranged and grown in the paddy fields.

As summer progresses and the plants shoot up, the detailed artwork begins to emerge.

Aren’t these incredible?

This is how it looks from the ground level.  I’m impressed, aren’t you?

I’m linking up with Pattie @Visible Monday and Kristin @Monday Mingle, and Tammy @Silverstyle: Trending Through the Decades ~ Pastel.  Go check out the lovelies!


Have a super week everyone!!! 🙂

Dress: BCBGMaxAzria    Shoe: Jean-Michel Cazabat   Bag: Chanel


64 thoughts on “Zigzag & knit

  1. Oh my gosh Jeannie!! I was LOL at so many things in this post!! First of all, how does hubby know “crochet”?! And that dog bopping the cat on the head – I wish my dog would do that to the cats once in awhile. They can be so ugly to the dog!!

    And those rice fields are AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

    Oh yes, how can I forget?!! I LOVE your “crochet” dress!!!

    • Haha! Thanks Sam!
      I called him “metro” after that comment…he didn’t care for that much!
      Glad you enjoyed the bopping….these pet photos just make my day!
      I’ll tell hubby you loved my crochet dress! 😉

  2. Jeannie you look sublime – this dress is absolutely beautiful, & you’ve styled the whole outfit so well! Just looking at these pictures is making me feel so Summery 🙂 And I’m a real margarita girl myself – love ’em 😉

    So impressed by the rice fields in Japan – those are awesome, would take a lot of painstaking attention to detail to create these!! Amazing, xoxo

    • Thank you! You’re always so thoughtful in your comments.
      There’s nothing better than a frozen margarita on a hot summer day!! 🙂
      Glad you enjoyed the rice paddy art…it IS pretty amazing!

  3. That dress is just PERFECTION!!! And you look stunning in it! Husbands can be surprising sometimes when you realize that they notice more than they let on! Hugs! ~Serene

    • Thank you Serene!
      He’s doing a great job of surprising me these days…I almost think he might be enjoying women’s fashion…okay, maybe not. But, he IS getting into photography because of my blogging…that’s a good thing!

  4. Looking good ‘Soul Sister’, funny how we are so much alike, hate mornings, cheap drunks on one glass and love our family to bits!!! xxx Send you an email soon.

    • Thank you sis!

      So, you’re a light weight, too! Hubby used to say that I was a cheap date…who’s paying now? 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to…
      Talk to you soon!

  5. You look sooo good! There’s a quote, attributed to ? that goes “Flaunt what you’ve got left” or something like that. You look fabulous. I love Diane von Furstenburg because she always looks great, enjoys showing her gorgeous legs in a tasteful way. She’s got her look together. I would say the same for you!

    I also thoroughly enjoyed the art photos. I love being taken out of my own little world and being transported someplace else. Thank you!

    Love, Jean

    • Hi Jean!
      I woke up to this sweet comment this morning…thank you so much!!

      It is quite wonderful to see such artistry, on rice fields much less…glad you liked it.
      Have a wonderful day Jean!

  6. I’ll bet your husband has learned a lot about fashion with you as his muse!

    Love the dress, and the rice patties are amazing! Another interesting form of art…..


    Hey cat, I’m gonna boop your head! So funny!

    • Yeah, he’s picking up fashion lingo from me. It’s quite funny. I know when he doesn’t like my outfit….he’s really quiet. He’s a smart man! 🙂
      I thought the the rice field arts were so amazing…hadn’t heard of it until now.
      Hey, I hope you have a super week!!

      • Funny, my husband got really quiet like that just this weekend when I asked him if the jeans I was wearing gave me a “muffin top.” I think it took him a little too long to answer….
        you have a great week too!

  7. Great dress – you have stunning legs, and shouldn’t be afraid to show them off!

    The “rice field paintings”? Absolutely amazing — thank you for sharing that! Had never seen it – and am in awe of it!

    • Haha, thanks daisyfae!
      I can promise you that my legs don’t look this way…I’m not sure why they came out looking like they do. Mind you, I’m not complaining. 🙂
      Glad you liked the art…isn’t it amazing?

  8. Hi,
    I’m blown away by the rice fields pictures. Art is everywhere and creativity abounds. It makes me smile way deep down to see communities doing something like this. Thanks for sharing it.

    Love the dress and I’m impressed that your hubby takes such great pictures of you. My husband has learned a phrase that does him well. When I’m trying on clothes, he’s learned to say, ‘I’ve seen better on you.” and he leaves it at that. We both know that means ‘it’s horrible, take it off immediately!’

    • Yes, I was so impressed with how creative they were!

      I’ll tell hubby you said that…he’ll be happy. He’s really trying.
      Haha, I like your hubby’s phrase…he’s relaying his message without being too blunt?! Mine just gives me that “blank” look…like don’t ask me about your outfit cuz I’m saying NOTHING! I can read him like a book! 🙂

  9. Sweetness, you got the legs!!!! Cute dress, fun too. Aw, that hubby, what a man. Mine says I brought color into his life….that his way of saying wife spruced up his wardrobe. So, the men folk DO pay attention, maybe limited in fashion talk…so to speak. Now, go show off those legs, make the 20 yr olds jealous!

    • You are just too funny and sweet Judy!
      Hubby is actually paying more attention now to my wardrobe…maybe because he’s taking photos! He didn’t really care for this one tho…said it wasn’t sexy. OMGosh! What is he thinking? Told him I wasn’t 20 something victoria secret model…for goodness sakes!!

  10. I really like that dress, Jeannie – the details are wonderful. My husband’s new phrase is “that looks retro” (no matter what I’m wearing) But we have to love them for trying : > Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday!

  11. Very pretty dress! It will be very nice to wear for Spring/Summer.

    Isn’t it always a shocker when the dear husband(s) says something about fashion/clothes that is actually on point? It doesn’t happen often here either. My husband’s catch phrase with almost any type of shoe I find is, “Oh, those would look cute with jeans.” I think it is time he learns a new phrase. ; )


    • Haha! That’s too funny!
      Mine says, “hey is that new? Looks good.” Yeah, I wore this last weekend, thanks for noticing.
      Hubby is doing well with my photos…I’ll give him kudos for that….don’t know how long I can bribe him! 🙂

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