in the mood for Spring…

Happy weekend to everyone!

It was quite dreary all day today…it seems a severe storm is close to our area tonight with possibilities of hail and tornado. I wore this purple & cream to brighten up the mood ~ yearning for sunny & breezy Spring days!

For those of you with keen eyes, I’m sitting on a piece of white paper ~ didn’t want to get any moss on my derriere. 🙂

What a cool pic! I think hubby’s getting quite good with his camera!

Blouse: Joe’s Jeans    Pants: Elie Tahari

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman    Bag: Louis Vuitton


One of my favorite song is Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley.  Hubby found this 8-year-old Rhema Marvanne singing this wonderful song….what an amazing talent! I had goosebumps throughout the the whole song!  If you haven’t heard….you must!

Be blessed!


31 thoughts on “in the mood for Spring…

  1. Absolutely divine!! That gorgeous shade of purple looks fantastic with your skin tone, as does the cream! Everything about this outfit suits you, your shape, and your skin-tone & features – and the result is incredibly chic & beautiful! Love this look on you Jeannie, it is so perfectly put together & looks superb! xoxo

    • Wow! Would you like to be my publicist?
      You have such a way with words…I’m blushing. It’s almost as if I knew what I was doing!
      Coming from you, I’ll take this as a super compliment…thank you so much!

  2. You look so pretty in purple and winter white. The wider leg pant imparts that easy chic and it looks great on you. Another beautiful outfit on such a pretty lady. Hope all is well for you and family.

      • My mom will be back in May, so I’ll lure her into the kitchen for another cooking session. Thanks for the push to post another recipe. I will!

        Glad to hear you’re safe and sound after the storms through your area. What terrible devastation.
        Be well,

  3. He is getting good with the camera! I love that second to last shot of you. I’m also dreaming of spring right now. I’m in Austin for the weekend where the weather is gorgeous and I’m not looking forward to returning to NYC…. Your post has reminded me to break out some of the white dresses in my wardrobe. White shouldn’t only be for summer, I love it in winter too, and it will remind me spring is almost here too. Almost 🙂

    • Yes, I’ve heard Texas is having a warm spell…hope you’re having a wonderful time!
      Spring in NYC sounds heavenly with all the stylish women walking around in their bights and pastels…
      I can’t wait to see your Spring inspirations!

  4. I’ve seen the news and footage of areas that have been hit by the storm. It’s the one thing I worry about with my daughter being over the pond. You look as fabulous as ever. Love the shoes. I must agree, your hub is doing a wonderful job with his photography.

    • Thanks Wendy!
      Yes, this destructive storm has impacted many towns, homes and lives along its path…
      The homes and towns can be rebuilt but the lives lost….can’t imagine the pain.

    • We survived! It was quite loud…the winds and the rain, but nothing major as some other places. I keep wishing for Spring to get here…but, I seem to be forgetting the pollens, sneezing, fleas, mosquitos…eeek!

  5. Have you heard Antony sing Leonard Cohen’s If It Be Your Will from the documentary? I think it’s so moving.

    You look beautiful. Love your smile in that last photo.

    • Thank you so much Sylvia!
      I’m enjoying the wide leg pants these days….have one in black that i’ll prob. post this week. When I was in college, I wore purple all the time…not sure why I stopped?

  6. Gorgeous as always. My daughter is a dancer and she dances a modern solo to that song in a flowing white dress. Every time I watch her it makes me teary!! xxxx

    • Hi Jenny!
      I took care of the extra comments…I should have kept it as I love hearing from you!
      I would SO love to see your daughter dance to this song….she is sooo gorgeous! I’ll bet it’s just beautiful, and I’ll prob. cry along with you. Do you have a video? YouTube?

  7. Your look reminds that spring is in the air! Beautiful!

    Don’t forget to “batten down the hatches” tonight…be safe!


    • Haha…we did “batten down the hatches.” It was quite scary to hear the strong wind and rain…I was just praying for our trees to keep standing! I hope you survived the storm as well!

  8. Oh Jeannie, do be safe and keep tabs on the weather all night! You, hubby and Tobi need to have a good place to take cover if needed.

    You look adorable!

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