Tobi & Me

Good Monday everyone!

Tobi: A 6 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ~ our 3rd child.

We had to go out of town Saturday to take care of a few things.  On our way out, we stopped to pick up some treats for Tobi at our favorite pet store.  They carry human grade treats for dogs…hubby actually tried one and said it was delish.  What we do for our fur-kid!

Our Tobi HATES to be left alone. How do we know? Well, we’ve installed a camera to monitor him while we’re gone…he howls and cries for at least 15 minutes when we leave him…it’s so painful to watch.  Hubby and I have actually discussed purchasing an RV for vacations so we wouldn’t have to leave him.  Have we gone crazy? Do any of you feel this way about your pet?

Btw, he goes to work with me everyday…my office is his second home. 🙂


A face only a mother could love…  

Meet Elwood, a 2007 winner of World’s Ugliest Dog competition. A Chinese Crested/Chihuahua mix. He was almost euthanized by his breeder because she deemed him “too ugly to sell.”

A quote from his owner Karen Quigley who rescued him; “I think he’s the cutest thing that ever lived.”

The beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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Thank you so much for visiting, and have a wonderful week!

Sweaters: Ralph Lauren    Pants: Ann Taylor

Boots: Michael Kors       Bag: Chanel


66 thoughts on “Tobi & Me

  1. What an adorable dog. My dogs are spoiled so I’m definitely no expert but I’ve observed pet owners who have tried to accommodate separation anxiety by rarely separating from their dogs — and then separation becomes increasingly traumatic. I know people who can’t go on vacation because of their dogs! That seems undesirable….

    I did have one dog with separation anxiety. He couldn’t come to work with me so he just had to live with it. He eventually improved on his own though I’m not sure that would be true for other dogs.

    • Well, I think my anxiety is greater than his! I don’t cherish the thought of leaving him for more than a few hours. We’re really picky about who keeps him when we go away for vacations….usually a family member. I would still take him over a vacation…he brings that much joy to my life.

    • Thank you!! I’m like a proud momma when it comes to him…this is what has become of my life after my kids have left home. That’s okay tho…Tobi never talks back and never asks for money!

  2. I feel the same way about my fur-kid, Sparky. So hard to leave him behind and we installed a camera to keep an eye on him too. Wished we could bring him here to Geneva with us. He will love it here but well, we’re heading home soon. 🙂

  3. I’ve seen a pic of Elwood so many times – make me smile always! 🙂

    And it’s so hard when you see your little furkid sad. 😦 I know what you mean – you would do anything for Tobi! You are so lucky that Tobi get to go to the office everyday!

    LOVE that Chanel and the matching boots!

    xo, sam

    • That’s exactly what hubby said…I won’t repeat his exact words here tho.
      Yes, I am very fortunate to be able to take him to work with me. I can’t imagine leaving him alone all day. Okay, I am crazy!

    • Thanks for that Pam!
      I can tell that some people (family/friends) don’t quiet get our love affair with Tobi…heck, I don’t understand it. I just know what he gives me…an unconditional love!

  4. Yes…I have two mini doxies who are like 2nd and 3rd kiddies…they howl for a bit everytime we leave too! Heartbreaking:(

    Love your easy casual chic here…those boots are FAB!

  5. I actually find “the ugliest dog” adorable!! I’ve been wanting a Chinese Crested for the longest time – I find them hillariously cute! Think about it, if you’re having a bad day and you look at that little funny face, he’ll make you smile every time 😉 lol love your Tobi though! My husband and I both grew up with dogs – they’re certainly part of the family. Love love love them, I don’t blame you guys for thinking of getting an RV! I could never watch footage of a puppy crying after we leave 😦 If i saw one, I’d probably never leave him at home LOL !! Love your Reissue btw 😉 Gorgeous color!

    • Hahaha…that’s a good point!
      It’s extremely hard to leave him. We can actually check on him via iPhone or iPad…it really is heartbreaking to see him howl for so long. 😦
      He’s my stress reliever, a cuddle buddy, a happy companion, and a world’s best beggar! I can’t imagine my life without him.
      Thank you! I’m enjoying the brown reissue very much.

  6. That is very normal ^_^ I have a mama hen pet I call her “Esther” she died because our neighbors dog went to our barn and massacre the tribe of chickens who live peacefully. I never cried to an animal but that time I did. I have a video with Esther talking to her and it is really cool I can’t bare to erase it and still get teary eyed. What did Ester do, when I get home even if I am still in the driveway she runs towards me, flapping her wings. When I am outside she follows me everywhere. When I talk to her she talk back. One time I asked her she had to go to the chicken coup it’s getting dark and she can lead the way, she just turned around and walk ahead of me until she is inside the chicken coup. I missed my chicken mama. So I don’t blame you if Tobi gets spoiled we like spoiling kids hahahahahahaha!!


    • Oh my gosh! What a sad story…I’m sorry!
      I had no idea hens had such personality…like a dog?!
      There’s no question that Tobi’s spoiled…he’s the only kid who’s still at home! 🙂

  7. great outfit, on both you and tobi! my hubby told our fur babies he works hard to keep food in their stomachs and fur on their backs!

  8. Sweet little Tobi doesn’t understand why his people leave him behind, he wants to go too so he can feel the wind in his fur and smell things! Maybe he needs a little puppy friend to keep him company…..

    I love your weekend outfit!

    • Yeah, we should have gotten two pups when we got Tobi so they could keep each other company…Now, I’m not sure I can handle two as he’s very spoiled and high maintenance. I’m gonna have a house full of pups when I retire tho! 🙂

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