Black & White

Happy weekend everyone!

A simple black & white ~ appropriate for the office…except, this skirt is so tight I would have a teensy-weensy problem navigating up the steps or walking faster than a snail. Other than that, quite appropriate…don’t you think? Oh, no?  The heels are too elaborate for the office…yes, black pumps would do better.  Well, it’s the weekend and no office for me!  Please excuse the wrinkled shirt ~ it WAS crisp when I put in on ~ I promise!

Just a bit windy today…

Time to unwind ~ have a fabulous weekend!

Shirt & Skirt: BCBGMaxAzria   Shoes: Pura Lopez  Bag: Chanel


43 thoughts on “Black & White

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    • Hi Bella,
      Umm…how do I stay trim? The most important thing for me is a healthy diet. I rarely eat fast food or drink sodas. I don’t do fried foods, and I drink a lot of water and tea. I do have cheat days tho that I eat what I want without feeling guilty…including desserts!
      I also try to exercise on the weekends when I’m not too exhausted, although, I haven’t been too consistent lately. Have you heard of kettlebell workouts? My favorite!
      Hope this was helpful?

    • Muchas gracias daisyfae!
      Haha…to work in the fashion business…that would be nice! Well, maybe not…to be surrounded by 6′ tall models would not be good for my ego. Nah, I’m quite happy with my life. 🙂
      Have a wonderful weekend! Be safe!!

    • Haha…if you only knew how much I had to suck in my tummy for this skirt!! It’s made of spandex type material and boy, is it tight!
      Thank you for thinking I look sexy…that word left my vocabulary a long time ago.
      I hope you’re doing well?!
      Have a great weekend Jenny!

    • Thanks susiemae!
      The shoes aren’t too practical, but since when do I buy shoes for practicality? But, these are actually comfortable…just not your typical daily shoes. 🙂
      Have a terrific weekend!

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