Blowin’ in the Wind ~

How many roads must a man walk down…..The answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind.  ~ Bob Dylan  

Love this song!

Oh my ~ the things I endure for blogging!

These photos were shot last Saturday when the cold front hit our area with freezing temperatures and even a few snow flurries.  I, being a dedicated blogger, forged ahead with our scheduled photo shoot.  Haha!  I mean ~ I dragged hubby outside in the blustering wind condition while I tried my best to look sexy for the camera.  Sexy?  Hah!  I meant  graceful ~ yeah, graceful!

This was the fastest photo shoot ever!  Hubby just set the camera on a continuous mode and we were done in a few minutes…no lie!  He couldn’t feel his fingers, and  I..I..I…c…co…uldn’t fff…eeeeel anything!  I needed my down parka that day, but who wants to see photos of  a person wrapped in a sleeping bag?

I’m loving the mini movies hubby’s able to make. I think it’s called Animated GIF if anyone’s interested.

Doesn’t this look fun?  Too bad you can’t hear me howling…silliness at its best!


I know the feeling!! 🙂

As of today, the temperature here’s back up to 50’s & 60’s…yay!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  I’m still trying to come down from my sugar rush. I had waaaay too many chocolate covered strawberries…Yum!

Thank you so much for being here!  Have a blessed day!

Sweater & Skirt: BCBGMaxAzria      Leopard Sweater: Ann Taylor

Booties: Giuseppe Zanotti        Bag: Louis Vuitton


35 thoughts on “Blowin’ in the Wind ~

  1. Wow that slide-show is really great! How did you manage to smile and still look so beautiful with that mad wind blowing at you? 🙂

  2. That’s a neat thing your husband did with the moving pics. Perhaps you could dedicate a post with him as the “guest” showing the rest of us how to do it? You look great as usual.

    • Thanks Sheila!
      That’s a good idea! I’ll ask hubby if he’s willing to share his geeky knowledge. I’m severely tech-challenged, so this will have to be all him.
      Hope you have a great day Sheila!

    • Hi Jen!
      You know exactly what to say to make my day! We get along pretty well…most of the time….when I’m not being stubborn and cranky. He’s really good to me…yeah, he really is.
      Have a fantastic day Jen!

    • Thanks for this! I’m really not a funny person, but I love it when someone makes me laugh, so I’m happy that I made you laugh.:)
      As for the bag…I love it, too! One of those limited edition piece from quite a few years ago.

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