Silver & fur, silver & fur ~

Ev’ryone wishes for silver and gold (fur)…. a Christmas song from the animated movie, Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer, sung by Burl Ives.   Just rambling again…

Wonderful Wednesday everyone!

One of the hottest trends for this fall/winter is Fur.  While I’m not a big fan of a total fur look, I do fancy fur detailed pieces either on the sleeves, collars, etc…  So to celebrate the fur craze, here’s my contribution.  A faux fur vest!

I prefer faux to real…the only genuine fur I have is my mother’s mink coat that I’ve not had the heart to give away.  One of only few keepsakes that I have of my mom’s…. 😦

Well…back to my outfit…this little silvery sweater is a size larger than what I normally wear.  I wanted a relaxed look with a longer length ~ for when I’m feeling frisky to wear it alone as a dress ~ a very short dress!

Fur is the latest vogue…it’s glamorous and fun ~ I’m just wondering if this is a fleeting trend or something we’ll enjoy for a few more seasons to come.  What do you think? To Fur or Not to Fur?

I’m linking with Silverstyle: Trending Through the Decades ~ Stripes. Check out the ladies in Stripes!

This is about how I’m feeling today. Hope you’re having a better day!

Sweater: Ann Taylor     Vest: BCBGeneration      Skirt: Ralph Lauren

Boots: Michael Kors     Bag: Cole Haan     Sunnies: Chanel


35 thoughts on “Silver & fur, silver & fur ~

  1. Beautiful skirt, it looks so comfortable. I’m happy to see those lovely silver accessories with this outfit – it looks great! Like you, I prefer faux fur as well, however I do have a few vintage family furs that I love and wear.

  2. Jeannie!! You look so glamorous in these photos!! That silver sweater and black maxi skirt are divine on you. 🙂 I love faux fur too, and I’m hoping it’s here to stay for awhile!

  3. I think fur will be “in” for a while. It never really goes out, at least for winter, and I think with the new faux fur a lot of women who couldn’t afford the real thin(or won’t wear it for ethical reasons) will consider it. I have a short faux for coat I love and wear all the time.

    Love your outfit too! Those colors are really pretty on you.

  4. love, love love! you know I have an old mink coat that was my grandmother’s and it so out of style. I’ve worn it a time or two but what I’m thinking is having it made into a teddy bear with the inside embroidered name on the paw. I’d like to see it more than occasionally hanging in my closet.

  5. great long over long look
    the short fur vests just adds a certain something! 🙂
    so fur has been around for 2 seasons now, how many seasons do things usually last???
    I hope at least one more

  6. I know a lot of people feeling that way…it must be the winter blues…it is even cold and dreary in South texas!! But, on the happy side of life, you look awesome as always…I am so envious of your great figure and how clothes look on you…fabulous!!

    • Aww…thank you Pam!
      My stress is work related I’m afraid…but I can’t and shouldn’t complain. I know so many people around me who’s sufferings go beyond anything I can imagine…
      As for my figure, you are too sweet. I do watch what I eat and exercise when I can, but I do tend to get lazy in the winter…

  7. Such an elegant look. I do like the silver and black!

    I noticed you might be feeling like your deflated doggie friend – I hope you feel better soon!

  8. I hope the faux fur trend stays awhile because I to have a fur vest. Mine is longer in length, to just past my waist, and looks like mink. Wearing real fur is a personal choice. I think I’d feel too guilty wearing the real thing.

  9. I love the combination of silver and black! you look great in that outfit! I have a silver dress that I was a little torn about how to fashion it for work but I might take inspiration from your outfit and pair it with a black blazer or some black lace. I’m not a fan of fur myself (faux or real) mostly because It’s just too warm here in NC. Cute doggy by the way 😉

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