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Fabulous Friday to you all!

It’s been an extremely hectic and stressful week for me. I’ve not had any time for new outfit photos for today. Hopefully this weekend…. In the mean time, I wanted to share these from last weekend. Boots look familiar? I only packed one pair of shoes and these were it. For the main attraction,  I picked up this ORANGE jacket last year to wear them to ball games (Go Vols! – hubby’s alma-mater) but haven’t really worn it outside of games because it’s so bright!

I didn’t plan on posting these photos…hubby just took a few while I was letting Tobi do his necessary business.  What do you think about orange? Do you wear orange?


You’re IT!

So, I’ve been tagged by Pam @over50feeling40. She’s a classy teacher from Texas who’s outlook on life is not only inspirational but educational. In the short time I’ve known her thru her blog,  I’ve come to respect her enthusiasm and her wisdom.

This is a “get-to-know-the-blogger” event. It involves answering 11 questions posed to me by Pam ~ then confessing 11 random things about me ~ and  finally asking my own 11 questions of 11 other bloggers.

Here are 11 questions asked by Pam:

1. Name one lesson you have learned from blogging?

I shouldn’t take myself too seriously.

2. What makes you smile?

A lot of things….but here’s one ~ watching Tobi (our dog) snore ~ too precious!

3. What do you enjoy most about being a woman?

Being a mom…nothing more challenging yet SO rewarding!

4. What is one thing you would tell young girls to remember when they get older?

To remember how wise their mothers are. 🙂

5. You wish you had learned to  ___play the piano.__

6. Your favorite place in the whole world is __home with my family!_

7. If you were stuck in an elevator, who would you like to be stuck with _an elevator mechanic, of course!_

8. The next book you want to read is__to finish the ones I ‘ve started.___

9. Hardwood floors or carpet?  Hardwood!

10. Coffee or tea?  Tea!

11. Dresses or jeans?  Jeans!

Here are 11 random things about me:

1. I’m an Aquarius…not that I’m into signs or anything.

2. I’m a Rat in Chinese Zodiac sign…not sure what that means either.

3. I’m not a morning person…so grouchy!

4. I love being around water….ocean, lakes, rivers, streams, pools, shower…

5. I’m the eldest of 4 siblings…two sisters and a baby brother, who’s now 44!

6. I’m NOT domestic.

7. I still watch all the CSI episodes…I make fun of Mr. “I’m Too Cool” Horatio of CSI Miami.

8. I love college football!

9. My favorite cocktail is an Appletini.

10. I’m stubborn.

11. Hubby is my best friend!

Since I’ve just nominated 15 bloggers for the Versatile Award, I’ll forgo the tagging of others at this time.

*** A shout out to Jenny in Australia…Happy 50th Birthday to you!

Have a terrific weekend!!

Jacket & Shirt: BCBGMaxAzria      Boots: Hollywould


55 thoughts on “Orange & Tagged…

  1. I LOVED reading all the answers to the questions! Jeannie, you are such a lovely lady!! And your orange is really bright and fun! I have some orange items, but they are prints so it’s not completely orange! Plus, my hubby would kill me because we are Texas Aggies {even though we both went to graduate school at UT} so I can’t wear anything too Longhorn orange! LOL!

  2. Fabulous, the jacket really suits you!! Great outfit! I do love orange garments & accessories, as long as they aren’t too garish, & for me personally I try only to wear softer oranges such as coral, Persian orange, & rich, muted shades like pumpkin, & burnt orange – as these shades suit my pale complexion!! 🙂 xoxo

  3. i don’t have orange – but this makes me wonder if i should! it looks great on you (dark hair helps, i think)!

    love your answers, too — always like the ‘getting to know you questions’ with new bloggy friends!

  4. I would say you are rifgr on target with your neon orange jacket for spring
    Neon is everywhere, i love this color and it is.great with your coloring.
    Wear that puppy all.spring

  5. I was not a great fan but I will give it a try now that it has become a trend.I wanted to ask something is it only a matter of money that allows you to have such a great wardrobe ,any tips apart from money.

    • Hi Angie!
      First, I was not a fan of orange either, but I shall also try to be a little brighter for this Spring. My motto when shopping for clothing or shoes is buy what I feel is versatile and flattering…not always trendy. I try to buy when they’re on sale because they ALWAYS go on sale. I hate it when I pay full price and the next week, it’s on sale…nope, don’t like that feeling. I also prefer to buy quality over quantity, even if it means one piece vs.several. Play in your closet to create flattering looks for you. If you look & feel good….that’s all it counts. It doesn’t have to be designer pieces…just something that makes you feel good.
      I’m so flattered that you would ask for my opinion. I’m really not a fashionista or anything close to it. Just trying to look nice and feel good about myself as I age gracefully…hopefully.

  6. Orange is one of my favorite colors, and you wear it well! I have a good friend who is Vols crazy, I have to tell her about your blog! Have a great weekend!!

    • Thank Elisa!
      Then you’re familiar with fanatic Vol fans! I actually graduated from Emory, we didn’t have I adopted Hubby’s Vols…we really enjoy going to football games! I’d love to hear from your Vol friend! It’s tough being a Vol in Georgia. To make things interesting, my daughter is a Dawg. Can you imagine this household during the football season? FUN!

  7. I love your blog, I look forward to every posting, it made me so excited and teary when I read your ‘Happy Birthday’ to me! Thank you so much, it made me feel so special. Had a lovely day celebrating my 50th with all my family! Wuv Ya so much Jen xxx

    • Hi Jenny! Glad you had a good birthday celebration with your family! I remembered your comment last week and wanted to make sure you knew I was thinking of you today! I want you to know that I consider you my friend! With much love, Jeannie

  8. Completely into orange and so happy it’s in fashion right now. Love your random facts and am happy to say that I’m an Aquarian too (I should have vibed that you were) and feel most at peace near water also. My hubby is my best friend too. Hmmm, I like you more and more all the time!


  9. i’m into orange! i used to hate it and started to really like it last year! especially in accessories! love your boots btw:)!

  10. You are so sweet…thanks for the kind words and for enduring the lengthy questions! It is fun to get to know all of the bloggers better through these questions!!
    The sherbert color is divine…what a great transition piece from winter to spring!
    Have a great weekend!

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