Wonderful Wednesday to you!

Okay…so when I first looked at these photos, my first thought was “I look like a tree!”  I’m a huge fan of neutrals and earth tone colors ~ but a tree?

Blending harmoniously with the backdrop of nature…like a chameleon.  Colors of nature…God’s creation…perfect harmony….need I say more?

Hey, I just made that up…doesn’t that sound like the beginning of a poem or something?  Haha!  Yeah, it’s quite funny because if you knew me, you’d know writing is not exactly my strong suit. I need a lesson from Daisy Fae on how to write side-splitting funnies.  Oh, but you’re not here to read my ramblings…

If you thought this jacket looks familiar…

Are you getting the gist that I LOVE this jacket?


Where’s Waldo?

I think Waldo and I did a superb job of blending with our surroundings…don’t you?

Thank you so much for being here, and have a wonderful day/evening!

Jacket: BCBGMaxAzria     Beige ShirttRalph Lauren

 Jeans: Work Custom Jeans      Boots: Bruno Magli

Bag: Louis Vuitton      Scarf: Missoni


18 thoughts on “Camouflage….

  1. You look amazing!! Not even a remote resemblance to a tree as far as I’m concerned!! Love how you’ve mixed the earthy, neutral tones in such a beautiful way & created a chic, interesting outfit!! Gorgeous!! xoxo

  2. the dog picture is cracking me up
    i love that jacket, it was the first thing my eye was drawn to and let me just say at tree??? no ma’am you don’t look anything like a tree.

  3. i happen to enjoy your ramblings! i like to know how you’re thinking as you pull the ensembles together – gives insight into who you are, and that’s a good thing! please keep rambling! and i gotta say, this outfit (and that JACKET) are spectacular on you! i’d look like a WWII Army General, but on you it’s gorgeous!

    • Hehe…give me a glass of wine and I’ll show you rambling…one glass, that’s all!
      I wish I had the talent to make people laugh, cuz when you’re laughing, the problems or worries seem to dissipate. You have that gift! Thx!

    • Hi Daisha! The boots are few years old…online order I’m sure, but can’t really remember where. Sorry. This is a great time to buy boots on sale…check out or Hope you find one!

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