The Versatile Blogger Award…Thank you!

I’m extremely grateful to two wonderful bloggers for this award.  I’m  humbled and honored…thank you!

AMSDaily  is an inspirational blog that’s uplifting and thought provoking.  It’s a daily dose of  life’s lessons. Thank you  Alpha!

Commander In Chic is also inspiring…she’s witty, young, beautiful and wise beyond her years.  Thank you Bailey!

The rules of  the Versatile Blogger Award are:

1. Add the Versatile Award photo on a blog post

2. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.

3. Share 7 things about myself.

4. Pass the award along to 15 favorite bloggers.

5. Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.


So, here are seven things about myself: 

1. I am a Christian, saved by His Grace.



2. I am a fierce mother…don’t mess with my kids…or else!



3. According to my hubs,  I’m high maintenance.  I would tend to agree.




4. I love spicy Korean food…the spicier the better!  SO grateful to hubby who’s learned to cook these dishes for me.  This leads to #5.


5. I’m a lousy cook.



6. I cry at the movies…like a baby!  It’s embarrassing…



7. I’m allergic to alcohol…one drink will usually do me in.




Now for my 15 nominees in alphabetical order:

1. 40 + Style

2. Bella Gets Real

3. the Bipolar Diva

4. Buckle Button Zip

5. Four Deer Oak

6. The Image Mistress

7. lady J’s musings

8. Not Dead Yet Style

9. over50feeling40

10.  psychevida

11. The Rich Life (on a budget)

12. The Style Confessions

13.  Style of Sam

14. StyleOnTheCouch

15.  Trailer Park Refugee

Thanks for coming by, and check out these blogs!! 


14 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award…Thank you!

  1. Congrats Jeannie on the win and thanks for nominating me 😉

    I’m with you on No 3 and No 4. I love Korean food too and the spicier the better.

    • Hi Lady J! I’m gonna keep nominating you when & if I get the chance! 🙂
      Wish we lived closer so I could come over for your home cooked meals and I can take you out for some hot & spicy Korean food!

  2. Jeannie,
    Congrats on receiving the award! You are a wonderful blogger and your good heart shines through each post. Thanks for nominating me and including me in your circle. I am so touched!


  3. Jeannie! You are very deserving of an award! I love coming to your blog for fashion, fun, AND inspiration! {Always love your cute pics at the end of the post!} Thank you so much for the award!!! 🙂

    xo, sam

  4. Thanks for nominating me.

    I love spicy Korean food too -thank goodness for H-mart nearby.
    My hubby cooks most nights and yes he has even learned to love Korean spicy soup. I too am allergic to alcohol, I wonder if its a Korean thing? Hmmm.

    Keep blogging and you’re bound to receive tons of awards – so deserved.

    • You’re welcome Bella!
      It’s a 2 hour drive for us to get to the H-Mart, but we make the trip at least once a month. I have read of Alcohol flush reaction, commonly known as Asian flush, that is common among
      Asian population. Guess you and I are among the lucky ones….haha. 🙂

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