From his closet to mine!

Happy Weekend everyone!

I was looking for a comfy outfit for the weekend and had a brilliant idea to shop in hubby’s closet. I love oversized sweaters for they are versatile as they are comfy.  So while in his closet, my eyes fell on this soft gray cashmere heaven….bingo!

You should have seen hubby’s face when I showed up for some pics with his sweater on ~ he said he’d never be able to wear the sweater again. 🙂  Good for me ~ I’ll keep it!

I could have added a belt for a little structure…

I could have paired it with heels and colored jeans for a little oomph…

I could have paired it with a skirt, tights & boots for a night out…

But I went with a “walk in the park” casual.

I’ve got to confess, this sweater is just SOOO soft, it’s going to be extremely difficult  to return it to his closet.   All it needs is a small alteration to the sleeves,  and it would be perfect!  For ME! 🙂


Who me?

Have a great weekend, and thank you so much for dropping by!

Sweater: Burberry      Jeans: 7 for All Mankind

Shirt: Ann Taylor        Boots: ZiGiny       Bag: Prada


24 thoughts on “From his closet to mine!

  1. Fabulous outfit and I’m a little envious, I can’t wear anything out of G-mans closet this well … he’s so much taller than me it’s just not fair 😦 however, I’m curious now if the denim shirt he has may well work … here i go.

  2. Great styling and accessorizing. You know exactly what shoes to put with your looks, I wish you lived nearby so I could always check with you before leaving my house-lol

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