Cheap Thrill…

Femme Motorcross Jacket: We took the timeless motorcycle jacket and gave it a chic, modern twist by adding pretty pleating and embroidered sequins. It’s the perfect mix of edgy-meets-sophisticated. –  A designer note on my newly acquired  jacket from Ann Taylor.

I’m not sure that I would have given this jacket a second look under normal circumstances….even on the sales rack, it didn’t call out my name. It wasn’t until I looked at the price tag that my jaws dropped and eyes popped.  Grabbed it and on to the dressing room I marched.  By golly… this jacket looks pretty nice!

Ready to hear what I paid?  The original price tag was $298…on sale for $59.88…with an additional 40% off…the final price ~ 🙂 $35.93! 🙂
Isn’t that insane?  Believe you me, I bought it without a second thought…I would think of what to do with it later.

I found the jacket to be more versatile than I imagined.  It’s a great little jacket over a LBD (little black dress).  It also works well with a pair of black skinny jeans & boots for what I call an “elegant biker.”  Yep, I just made that up.

Today,  I wanted to create an understated & simple look… perfect for a nice dinner and a show.

What do you think? Worth $35.93 plus tax?  Heck yea!

It’s all about the thrill ~ Yeah, baby, yeah!

 Happy Wednesday Folks!!

Jacket: Ann Taylor     Shirt & Pants: BCBGMaxAzria

Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti     Bag: Chanel     Sunnies: Burberry


27 thoughts on “Cheap Thrill…

  1. It looks simply wonderful on you, whatever the price. Even better that you paid a song for it! I found a gorgeous red boucle jacket at AT on the sale rack once and I still wear it every season. Somethings are meant to be.

  2. This is why I’ve never been swayed by the argument that you shouldn’t buy something on sale that you wouldn’t buy at full price. I mean, I get the point. It IS easy to make big mistakes when dazzled by sales tags. But it’s also easy to find something that you wouldn’t have considered otherwise, only to discover that it’s just what you need! Sales are a great way to broaden our horizons in this way. And I LOVE that jacket on you. Enjoy it!

  3. Ok I want to see a picture. I love Ann Taylor and the Loft clearance sales. I have gotten so many great skirts and dresses over the years at ridiculous prices.

  4. Jeannie! LOVE it, especially for that price! The texture is what catches my eye first, then the beautiful color! Oh yeah, baby, yeah! That was a good find!! 🙂

    xo, sam

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