On the wild side….

There’s no question that animal prints have roared into the fashion scene strong and furious of late.  What are your thoughts on animal prints? Too trendy?

A few pics taken before going out to dinner with hubs…

And this is what awaits us when we come home…. 🙂

This is what he does when we leave…. 😦

Have  a wonderful weekend everyone!

Blouse: Ann Taylor           Pants:  Theory          Bag: Cole Haan

Coat: Burberry           Shoes: Kate Spade


28 thoughts on “On the wild side….

  1. I still love a great leopard print…as timeless and classic as a black dress for me:)
    You look beautiful here…just the perfect amount of print…anchored by the black. What a fantastic coat…and if where you are is anything like where I am…the weather just got frigid and coats are REQUIRED!!!
    Happy week to you.

  2. I love how you wear them…not too over powering but just enough print to give your outfit a little spark.

    Tomorrow I am having date lunch with my hubby, something we try and do at least twice a month. We eat and run a few errands together and (don’t tell) but sometime we even go and get our nails done together. (I am sure he will not like that I admitted that)

    • Haha! I promise not to tell. I think it’s important to make the time just for the two of you. It doesn’t matter what you do… I think it’s sweet that he would go with you…men should have nice nails, too! Have a great week Bella!

  3. I love animal print and I think you did a great job with it here. I just saw the most fabulous pair of Sam Edelman animal print booties today. Alas, they were not available in my size and I was so sad!
    I like both ways you have styled it. Rock on!!

  4. egads, you are drop-dead gorgeous! You always look so effortlessly chic! How do you do it? I always end up feeling constricted in some way, and that people will know that I am just trying to pull off an act (fake it till you make it!).

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