Oompa Loompa Sweater Dress

I purchased this cashmere sweater dress about 3 or 4 years ago, but haven’t worn it because my dear hubs said it reminded him of Oompa Loompas on “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”   For those of you not familiar, here they are….

Needless to say, I kinda agreed with him, laughed about it, and said I’d take it back. Well…couldn’t find the receipt, so it stayed in the back of the closet…til now.  One of the positive outcomes of my blogging is that it forced me to clean and organize my closet.  It’s amazing what you can find in the deep, dark corners.

I’m kinda glad I didn’t take this dress back cuz I’m thinking…it’s not so bad?!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Dress: Gianni Bini                    Shoes: BCBGMaxAzria

Bag: Dolce & Gabbana              Sunnies: Burberry


58 thoughts on “Oompa Loompa Sweater Dress

  1. The dress is really pretty – I didn’t think oompa loompa at all. If you hold it out like in that pic, maybe… But I think it was a good keep! And really digging the heels too! 🙂

    • I hope I didn’t offend anyone with the dog pic…I just thought it was hilarious when I saw it. Dog humor for a dog owner I guess.
      I can actually walk in these shoes…they’re quite comfy.

  2. I don’t think this looks like an oompa loompa dress at all. I love the color blocking of the sleeves and you make the dress look great. I could even see in the future a belt with this dress. The shoes you have and the leopard clutch really make the outfit shine. Looking good I say!

  3. Well that makes at least 2 of us who are REALLY GLAD you didn’t bring that gorgeous cashmere sweater dress back to the store!! It really works beautifully with your figure – I can see perfect soft, feminine curves, a little definition at your waist, & the loose, wider sleeves really bring balance to the proportions of the top & bottom halves of your slender figure!!

    Plus, the different neutral tones keep the look interesting, as does your brilliant accessorizing with the fierce leopard print clutch, cool shades & those amazing shoe boots!!! You have an absolutely amazing style – very refined & sophisticated, but with hints of glamorous, trendiness & a little dramatic flair!! Perfect fashion!!

    Absolutely stay as stylish as this 🙂

    The Image Mistress, xoxo

    • Hi Brett! Thank you!
      My only resolution this year is to laugh a little more…so my hubby sends me these funny photos to help me keep my resolution. I’ll be posting at least one funnies on every one of my posts….hoping to bring a little smile to everyone.

    • Haha…actually, my hub’s opinion is the only one that really matters in the scheme of things. It’s a good thing that his opinion is usually a nod, and a reply of “if you like it…”

      Thanks for stopping by Tracy! Nice to meet you as well!

  4. there is nothing “oompa loompa” about you in that dress – unless maybe you got a bad spray on tan sometime and turn yourself orange! looks great! and cashmere rocks!

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