Can we turn back the clock…

oh, say couple of decades? I feel as tho this outfit maybe a bit youthful for my age ~ can you hear the argument going on in my head?  Too young! ~ live a little! ~ dress your age! ~ who cares?   Well, the “live a little” side won out this time.

Lets just pretend I’m in my 30’s ~ okay?

I love menswear-inspired looks ~ so when I saw this pinstriped shirt and the tuxedo style vest, I knew it was meant for me!  I could have paired it with a wide leg trouser or a pencil skirt for a more polished & mature look, but I didn’t…maybe next time.

If looks could kill…my “James Bond” moment.

The bag is a Christmas gift from hubby….love it so much!

And why is my shirt so wrinkled?… and where is the other half of my necklace?

And to bring a little smile to your day….

Please check out the lovely ladies at Visible Monday @ notdeadyetstyle blogMonday Mingle

Thank you for dropping by, and have a great week!

Shirt & Vest: BCBGMaxAzria     Pants: Sanctuary

Bag: Chanel       Boots: Tapeet by Vicini   Sunnies: Ray Ban


70 thoughts on “Can we turn back the clock…

  1. You not only turned back the clock, you broke it! You look fantastic! I still haven’t figured out what age-appropriate dressing means yet. If it looks good on you, that is all that matters. The necklace is fantastic and I love vests! This is a great outfit and completely something I would wear too.
    Thanks for visiting my “Shoesday” post! I appreciate it!

  2. Why do we need to pretend…first of all you LOOK 30 in this outfit..LOVE IT! Super chic…but regardless of your inner turmoil, this is totally appropriate and trendy for any age…you aren’t showing any scandalous skin or anything…just fitted to your body which is rocking!!!
    Kudos, outfit well done.

    • Thank you Alida! I see that you are in Belize…we were there on vacation last October and loved it! Totally understand what you’re going thru…empty nest is not pleasant! Not the first word that came to mind… Thanks for visiting!

    • Hi Gracey! Thank you so much for your visit and your sweet comment! I really like your name…my sister’s name is Grace and my blog title is Gracefully50! And of course, only by His Grace…

  3. You look amazingly beautiful. Your black and white ensemble is classy and stylish, and your acessories just right. well done! Age doesn’t matter when you have a great style.

  4. You look absolutely fabulous … and I agree with the comments, you look age appropriate and you’re so vibrant that dowdy clothes simply would not suit you.

    • Hi Cindy! Tell me about it. I used to think women in their 50’s were old and here I am. I’ve had a great life…no complaints here….just don’t feel like I should be in my 50’s yet. I appreciate your visit and hope you come back.

  5. I love it so much on you. It looks good on you and I don’t know if it does look good on me I might try it next time had to find a vest and that look would be my inspiration, will see. And yes a 50F in Michigan in winter time is like a heat wave hehehe. Thanks for the visit. ^_^

    Kim, USA

  6. Jeannie my dear, you look gorgeous as always…and …completely age appropriate…you are a beautiful, fit, vivacious women…and should dress accordingly…as you have so successfully done!
    Kudos my friend!

  7. I think you dressed for your age here, because I think as long as something looks great on you then you’ve dressed for your age. You look great and I love those boots!

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