One of my favorite jackets…I wore it here with a pair of ripped jeans. This version is certainly more appropriate for “dressing my age.”

Funny quote of the day….(found this on I read this out loud to my hubs…yep, I did…more than once!

Behind every successful man is his woman. Behind the fall of a successful man is usually another woman.

Jacket & Turtleneck: BCBGMaxAzria        Skirt: Ann Taylor

Boots: Elie Tahari     Bag: Gucci       Sunnies: Escada


52 thoughts on “Checkered…

  1. Such a stylish outfit… and yes …you my dear did carry off the ripped jeans…you look amazing (in everything) . But I do understand the dilemma with the age concept…but isn’t it great to know you Could if you wanted to!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog…because I found yours!!!

  2. Thank you for your comments! You look fabulous too! I LOVE your youthful, sassy style. I have a similar story w/ starting my blog. I’m many things and find fashion to be a consistent love, fun passion. It’s so nice to be growing older yet finer. I find heights exciting; so climbing is a perfect sport for me. Along with running the beach with Rio dog. Blessing at the holidays & into 2012.

  3. Thanks for your comments! You are so kind. And you look fantastic yourself! It’s such a blessing to be growing older and looking so great. I owned two Cavaliers for many years – never was there a sweeter dog. Now I have a protector, running mate: Rio – Black lab & Great Dane.
    I’m not afraid of heights; find them exciting so climbing is a perfect sport for me, along w/ my running.
    I can send you photos of my Cavs if you send me your email. My email is anniemedal followed by the symbol for at, followed by hotmail, then a dot followed by a com.

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