a hubby’s point of view…

Since my hubby is the official photog, proof reader, tech adviser…I’m constantly asking  for his opinion, especially on my outfits.  So today, I’ve asked him to do a guest post on his point of view of my blogging & fashion. You should have seen his face! But after much persuading/demanding, here’s what he had to say:

A husband…..as a guest blogger….on his wife’s blog.  Is there anything more intimidating? 

When my wife asked me to write for her blog, the “no” was instantaneous.  Really, what man in his right mind would agree to such a thing? When she asked again, the answer was still a resounding NO! She then asked a third time, and something in my brain misfired and instead of a “no”, I hear “when do you need it” leave my mouth.  Where did that come from and how could I possibly agree to something like this?  My father gave me good advice some time ago.  The key to a happy marriage is keeping one’s mouth shut and the ears open.  How did my brain reverse that?  

So here I sit….a husband typing a blog post for his wife and her fashion blog. I’m supposed to give my perspective, but my brain has already betrayed me once on this frightening path so I’m far from inclined to trust it to see me through this safely.  Every man has been placed in that precarious position of being asked something akin to “honey, does this look good on me” or “dear, does this make me look fat”?  It’s one of those moments that men learn to avoid, stay quiet or somehow/some way turn the subject to something else.  In this case, I was, obviously, unsuccessful.  Write a guest blog post for you wife to present to other women.  Why do I suddenly feel like a raccoon on an LA freeway during rush hour?  I know it’s coming….just don’t know when or from where. 

So where to begin?  What do I think about my wife and her blog?  I suppose it comes down to one simple thing….does it make her happy?  Does she enjoy it?  She’s continued to do it, so I would think the answer is obvious.  Anything that gives her joy is something I buy into.  She’s as much a part of me as my arm so when she finds joy in something, I find joy as well.  When we marry, it’s for better or worse.  Well….I’d like there to be a lot more better in the equation so I’m all for her blogging.  Look, I know nothing about fashion, but I can answer one question from a man’s perspective…..do I like what she’s wearing?  That’s easy, but not always safe especially if she likes the outfit. For me it boils down to one thing….if I see a woman on the street in that outfit, would it catch my eye?  Are you kidding me? You think I look at other women on the street?  Are you nuts? I’m a happily married man!

My wife is a terrific gal, and I’ve been in love with her since the day I first laid eyes on her.  My goal was to make her happy….have a family with her….grow old with her.  I wouldn’t change a thing except I wish I were growing more graceful with each passing day as she is.

May 1984

April 2011

Whew….glad I made it through that.  That’s my first and ONLY blog post. Next time the answer is still NO!!  Love ya babe!!

…..pssst….how’s that for changing the subject?!?!

Silly goob…that was so sweet!

I think he should be a permanent guest contributor, don’t you?


26 thoughts on “a hubby’s point of view…

  1. This is so sweet!

    I’m glad you found my blog, because now I found yours! I think you start blogging for a very good reason. AND, didn’t the Bible say that older women should give example to younger women? If all older women dress like you, I’m sure the younger generation will be less afraid of getting older because you’ve shown that like wine, one can get better with age! If all Moms pay more attention to looking good, I doubt daughters will turn and idolize celebrities and how they dress.

    And come to think of it, my Mom started learning using laptop and internet when the nest was empty also, and her children left to study in the US. ^__^

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I hope you’ll visit again soon!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  2. Oh my gosh, Jeannie! That was so sweet! Hubby did good!!

    I always ask my husband his thoughts on what I’m wearing, blog posts, etc. He is such a good sport about things too! It’s so funny what our husbands will help us with!

  3. Amazing! so sweet… you can easily see true love through this! and just the fact that one lives for the happiness of the other!:)

  4. HAHA! I love it, tell him he did an awesome job 🙂 My husband would NEVER blog for me nor does he read my blog, he thinks it’s all my thing and he spends his time watching sports… all the time… even when all they are talking about is boring things (wife’s perspective, Lol!)

    I can already see his response when I ask if he could contribute, just comical. But I might talk one of my younger sisters into make a guest appearance…

    • Hi I, I told my hubby what you said…he’d rather watch sports all day, too. He’s just humoring me so I wouldn’t bug him all the time. Haha He said he’d never do it again! Wanna bet?

  5. That’s so sweet. My hubby is also my photog, proofreader, idea spin offer and encourager.
    The pictures of you and your hubby is really nice. It’s wonderful that he supports you.

  6. How adorable is this? Bravo to your husband! Mine would never in a million years write a guest post…but maybe he’d let me interview him. Maybe.

    You two are such a stunning couple. It’s easy to see how much in love you are with one another.

    I really enjoyed this post…your mate is an entertaining and talented writer!

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