why I blog

I couldn’t sleep last night…thought about everything under the sun…including this blog. I’ve been wanting to update the About Me page so instead of sleeping, I took mental notes.

This is why I blog,  which will also be my updated About Me page:

For the past 25 years, my life revolved around my family, especially my kids.  I was a mom, first & foremost.  Although not perfect, I loved every minute of being a mommy to my great kids…but they grew up. Darn you Father Time!  Tick, tick, ticking away without regard or mercy…stopping for no one.

I started this blog on August 25th of this year in search of a fun hobby while begrudgingly accepting my future as an empty nester.  What a great way to focus my attention away from the sadness and changes occurring within and around me?!

As it seems, my love for fashion has emerged as the main theme for this modest blog. Could it be due to the fact that I have no real talent to speak of?  More than likely, yes.  This is my feeble attempt, while kicking & screaming, NOT to fade into a mere existence, as I’m constantly reminded of my “over the hill” status. You know you’ve arrived when  AARP & Long Term Care Insurance brochures frequent your mail box.

Seriously tho, our wardrobe doesn’t and shouldn’t define who or what we are, but I think of it as a small but an integral part of one’s self expression…good or bad…like it or not.  You’ve heard the old adage, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”… so true.  I’m striving to grow old gracefully and with style! I’m shooting for the “most chic granny award” (not that I’m ready to be a granny yet). I’m not a fashionista ~ FAR from it. I just enjoy & appreciate lovely things…small & large, cheap & luxe…I’m a woman after all…can’t help it…it’s in my DNA!

As for my fashion spreads (haha), if you haven’t noticed, I’m very awkward & uncomfortable in front of the camera, but I’m really trying! I thank my poor hubby for being a good sport and being my supportive photog. You have no idea how hilarious and ridiculous we look in these photo sessions/blunders. It’s a hoot & I’m having a ball!

I hope you’ll forgive my shortcomings…have a few laughs…and along the way, should you find a few helpful ideas…all the better!

I thank you so much for taking the time to read and visiting my humble little corner of the internet.

With love,



18 thoughts on “why I blog

  1. Jeannie!

    You are such a wonderful writer – so eloquent. I love visiting your blog! Besides the wonderful fashion, you have such inspirational posts. I’m glad you are finding your way and having fun at the same time! YOU are such a great inspiration!


  2. My start to blogging was very similar my daughter now in college and my son 15 I had so much more time on my hands, even with a part time job. I love your outfit post, I wish I could take a decent photo but having to use the timer and books to prop the camera up isn’t the best technique. I glad you started your blog and look forward to checking in with you regularly.

  3. I started this blog to get the many twisted things that go on in my mind needed to be releases. I have met a very awesome group of people. Love to come over daily – when I can to check out your daily outfits….I am to fashion obsessed however because I wear black 95 percent of the time and hate the camera I will not bore you. I however know my handbags and you have quite a collection. Love your Chanel…My mom used to work for them so I took advantage of her unbelievable discount…The last bag I purchased was an outrageous burnt orange Celine… best investment ever. Keep rocking your wardrobe girl :0)

  4. I’m all too familiar with restless nights. I enjoyed your entry, and, despite what you might think, I follow every post~ And not out of obligation I might add!

    Love you

  5. I enjoyed reading your blog and how you embrace ageing with grace and style. I love your fashion posts and can relate to how taking fashion shots in front of the camera can get rather uncomfortable as well. That’s why I rarely look straight in the camera.. hehe..

    Pls keep on doing what you’re doing.. I definitely come back for more 😉

  6. I started blogging for a particular reason but have found that these interesting stories and people I meet far outweigh the reason I started in the first place. Thanks for sharing this.


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