bring on Christmas ~ plush sweater dress

Now that Thanksgiving and the black Friday shopping is over, I’m looking forward to Christmas! It’s my hubby’s favorite holiday season. He had our Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving and decorated the house all by himself! Thank you! Now he’ll be wishing for a white Christmas as he does every year. What a kid!

I love this sweater dress for its versatility and comfiness. For a colder weather outfit, I’d add a faux fur vest or a jacket and warmer boots.  It could also be paired with skinny jeans or jeggings for a casual look, or I could dress it up with opaque tights, heels and a dressier belt.  Maybe for another post?

Thank you for visiting and happy weekend everyone!

Dress: Theory   Belt: Ralph Lauren    Boots: Costume National    Bag: Louis Vuitton


37 thoughts on “bring on Christmas ~ plush sweater dress

  1. Wow hubby putting up the decorations, that’s really nice. I love putting up decorations, such a wonderful time of the year.
    Your outfit is so fab. The sweater dress is so pretty on you and versatile and I love your boots. Tobi is so cute, he’s smiling.

  2. Jeannie! You look fab in that sweater dress! It looks so cozy and is such a pretty color! Can’t wait to see you dress it with heels! (I love sweater dresses too! They are so versatile but comfy!)

    Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! And your husband is so sweet for doing all the Christmas decorations! (Love the last pic with Tobi in it! Tee hee!)

    • Hi Sam, Thank you! I need to find a red one for Christmas. Did you venture out for black Friday shopping? What a mistake that was. I’ll never do that again! (I say that every year) Haha. Have a wonderful week!

  3. So cozy and beautiful! To answer your question, I don’t think I have anything that is quite so versatile as that. If I had to choose, I’d probably say my suede jacket — simply because it can dress up a casual outfit or “casual up” more tailored items.

    Love your dog, by the way. So cute when they want to be in the picture!

    • Hi Anne! I love jackets…any type really. Absolutely agree that they are very versatile. Tobi is always around me and yes, he does like to be included, and he makes the pics sooo much better. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Awww, what a sweet hubby you have. We have no chance of white christmas’ here, but I do miss the magic of snow. The way the world goes quiet when it starts falling, even if in the middle of the night.

    Love your sweater dress, i wore one similar, but with much shorter sleeves this week.

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